Sturgeon’s Care Home Restrictions Caused Deaths Says Major New Report

A major new report has concluded that severe restrictions imposed on care homes by Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon are likely to have contributed to emotional decline and deaths.

The report also claims that the legal basis for confining residents to their rooms and banning visitors was unclear.

According to The Telegraph:

Research commissioned by Scotland’s independent public inquiry into the handling of the pandemic found that the legal basis for confining residents to their rooms and banning visitors was “unclear”.

The 143-page report, produced by Edinburgh Napier University, found there was “little evidence” in the early months of the Covid outbreak that the human rights of residents and their families were considered.

The research acknowledged that the need for some restrictions was “understandable” given the vulnerability of care home residents prior to the vaccination programme, and “the large number of deaths in the sector.”

However, it concluded that they were arguably discriminated against compared to other citizens.

A second report commissioned by the inquiry, from Edinburgh University, said half of all Covid-related deaths in Scotland between March and June 2020 had involved care home residents.

It said Scotland had the highest rate among care home residents in the UK during the first wave of the pandemic and a lack of testing of hospital patients discharged into homes contributed to outbreaks…

The High Court in England ruled this week that UK Government policies on discharging untested patients from hospitals to care homes south of the border were unlawful. Bereaved families in Scotland are now considering legal action.

The Napier report was compiled by a team from the university’s school of health and social care, led by Professor Colin McKay.

“There is substantial evidence of the harm and distress caused to residents and their families by the restrictions imposed in care homes,” it concluded.

“This includes concerns that, particularly for people with dementia, being unable to maintain contact with their family exacerbated cognitive and emotional decline, potentially hastening their death.”

The research concluded: “Overall, there is convincing evidence that while public health measures were brought in to protect the Scottish population, the impact of these changes on the daily lives of some vulnerable populations and people involved in their care were not fully considered.”

Sturgeon is evil incarnate. I remember her cackling her way through the covid briefings. She could barely contain her glee as she laid down her devastating lockdown laws.

She’s a cancer. They all are. But don’t hold your breath waiting for them to be charged for their crimes against humanity.

They’ll do it again too. Maybe even this Winter.

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This is my opinion. Drawing from my own experience, research, gathered facts, reflection and critical thinking.

It is unlikely that Sturgeon and her minions will face any consequences because Scotland is a banana republic that has to import bananas.

On the basis of her track record:

She was found guilty of breaking ministerial code by a panel, (the Salmond enquiry and case which wasted millions of taxpayers money on a fishing expedition for victims) but James Hamilton QC cleared her of the panels verdict. (Why bother having a panel when a QC can get you Scot Free?)
The Scottish Shipbuilding industry is over budget and years late for certain contracts whilst a fall guy/girl is being prepped to take the blame to save her.
The drug deaths in Scotland is not a record to be proud of.
There’s two tier homelessness in Scotland, hotels for the asylum seekers (Park Inn stabbings) and the native homeless the street. If that isn’t a shining example of actual racism or discrimination then please prove me wrong.
The money wasted on the PPE, “vaccines”, economy down the toilet because people were paid (if they were lucky to be furloughed) to watch their livelihoods self destruct.
The Scottish Government is with-holding the “vaccine” data, which for anyone with a functioning brain would conclude that a massive cover-up to save the skin of Big Pharma.
COP 26 during 31st October – 12 November) and the cancellation of thousands of hospital screenings and appointments to ease up traffic in Glasgow. Absolutely £ucken sickening. (I apologise for the swearing to those of a nervous disposition.)

I don’t expect for Sturgeon and co to face any form of disciplinary action for the harms that lockdowns, “vaccines” and the hellish mistreatment of the elderly suffered, as we only have to witness that a War Criminal like Tony Bliar is still a free man. Granted a lot of the media were willing accomplices in banging the drums of war for politics. Dr David Kelly you are not forgotten.

There are lakes of blood on Bliar’s hands.
Sturgeon with her minions are equally culpable of the mass culling of the elderly.
Not forgetting the suicide data which will be highly fudged and very dubious as Coroner’s jury (post mortums) are a rarity.

We don’t live in a just world, we only live in just a world.

In agreement with toney that the Midazolam murders in the care homes is one of THE biggest and most blatant cover-ups in the nefarious covid fiasco. The current government in particular those that voted for lockdowns should be thrown in jail and tried for crimes against humanity, medical battery, genocide and democide under the Nuremberg Code.

The elderly in Scotland are not even second class citizens. Especially those in need of medical assistance or long term care. Life expectancy in Scotland is particularly low in many deprived areas (who’d have know that poverty and deprivation would have a direct influence on life expectancy). Two of my brothers-in law passed away, one in 2022 and the other 2020 both were just 60 years of age, by cancer.

Regarding Sturgeon and the joke that is the Scottish Government, corrupt Police Force and compromised Legal System (nearly forgot the absent NHS Scotland (with their obese nursing staff) which is too busy sending ambulances to the Ukraine, GP appointments preferred to be phone or zoom only, as they had two years of practically paid holiday leave with the I’ve tested positive for the PCR test so I can take a fortnight off, fully paid (where does the money go?)) makes me ashamed to be Scottish. Of course the lowering of the voting age and lax criteria for voting eligibility in Scotland only serves to keep those scumbags in office as they (the newly assigned electorate namely, refugees barely in the country are unlikely to vote against the current administration) also the 16 year old voting age is beyond absurd as they do not have the benefit of experience nor the faculties to question state sponsored/endorsed media outlets owing to the rampant indoctrination that is apparent in Scottish schools and aided and abetted via social media.

God Bless you Jacqui Deevoy. The mainstream media is derelict in their duty to report the Midazolam murders (and breaking the Nuremberg Code), but at least the alternative media such as Richie Allen and Ickonic et al have the integrity and decency to publicise such crimes.


She is a disgrace and everything you say about Scotland is also true of here in Ireland.


Sturgeon is a NAZI And just like Johnson and Drakeford is guilty of mass murder in care homes and hospitals due to the INSANE CONVID PROTOCOLS that they put in place and the use of MIDAZOLAM

Dean Smith

I hope she pays a severe price. Some real time but that won’t happen. I also wish that registered managers had some balls. We had the same “guidance” the same rules……. I worked out the risks of closing the home to visitors vrs the risk of a “deadly virus”. I ignored the rules and the powers that be and kept my home home open throughout. It was a popular decision for my staff, residents and their families but It was very unpopular to the commisiiners. I trusted in my heart that it was the right thing to do.


Good for you, if only more people had your courage.

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