Sunday Morning Melodies Is LIVE At 10am UK Time This Morning


It’s great to be back! I hope you’ll join me for Sunday Morning Melodies at 10am. The show is live, so do drop me a message over at “Comment Live.”

The show will be repeated at 1pm, 3pm, 5pm and 7pm.

Don’t forget that The Richie Allen Show returns tomorrow January 10th at 5pm. I’ve enjoyed my break but I’m excited to be back.


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Urban Fox

Thanks Richie,

‘Something inside so strong, i know that we can make it.’

Wonderful song that Richie mentioned earlier, with film footage of the resistance.



Urban Fox

Thanks Gerry, pleased some people watched.



Took my eye off the ball and missed this live melodies show…
(I had a suspicion you might surprise us, but forgot to check!!)

First time I’ve missed it “live” since the Christmas morning show of 2020!!

Ok ok .. there’s still the repeats…

I’ll get by.

I will survive…

But for now and as an expression of loss…

It’s over to you Colm:

Urban Fox

Blessed day, wondered where you got to. Had loads to do today, but have been reading David Ickes latest book. Most excellent it is as well.


By his hand Fox!
That sounds like good reading.

Yes… I’ve been overlaoded with data these days and I’m trying to keep pace.

But l shall prevail.
There’s a battle to be won here..

Onwards and upwards!!

Urban Fox

Praise be, by his hand we shall prevail, if he so chooses to bless our endeavors.



Giuliano Maiorana

Happy New Year to you and yours Richie. And to you all

Last edited 15 days ago by Giuliano Maiorana

This mornings show was a real treat!


Wishing Richie a great new year, and glad he enjoyed his Christmas break.


Good to hear you back Richie – love the shows


Welcome back Richie xx

The Glaswegian’s are finally rising up, it took them a while, but the big RISE UP is happening!!!! Anti-lockdown protest kicks off in Glasgow as anger at Nicola Sturgeon’s Covid curbs boils over | Daily Mail Online


C’mon guys, 2 weeks to flatten the curve, AYE right!!!!!!!


Great to hear you’ve had a good break with your wife and dogs BBG!! Happy New Year to you all 🙂

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