Supermarkets & Face Coverings – Know Your Rights.

As you’ll have heard this week, the nations supermarkets declared that they will refuse entry to anyone not wearing a face covering, except for exemptions. That’s how it was phrased by the way. “Except for exemptions.” Within hours of the announcement on Tuesday, people were taking to Twitter to complain that they had been interrogated by heavy-handed store staff and security guards after they’d explained that they were medically exempt from wearing the proffered mask. They were being asked to show evidence that they were indeed exempt. Sportswriter Gary Chappell Tweeted that he’d been turned away from his local Tesco for not wearing a lanyard to show that he was exempt. As Gary pointed out, he is not required to carry any evidence of his disability

Here’s the government advice on exemptions:

Exemption cards

If you have an age, health or disability reason for not wearing a face covering:

  • you do not routinely need to show any written evidence of this
  • you do not need show an exemption card

This means that you do not need to seek advice or request a letter from a medical professional about your reason for not wearing a face covering.

However, some people may feel more comfortable showing something that says they do not have to wear a face covering. This could be in the form of an exemption card, badge or even a home-made sign.

Carrying an exemption card or badge is a personal choice and is not required by law.

It couldn’t be clearer. Nobody has the right to ask you why you are exempt or what your medical condition is, under any circumstances. You should expect (sadly) to be asked to wear a facemask, as the media, SAGE and the government ramps up the propaganda about cases and hospitalisations. But when you politely say “no thanks, I’ve got a medical exemption”, the conversation should end there. The government website also makes it very clear that no member of the public should ever challenge another as to why they are not wearing a mask. This guidance has been available since last Spring, but tellingly the broadcast media never mentions it. The BBC in particular has no excuse here. The beeb is well aware that tension is rising, particularly around the issue of masks and that there have been some very ugly incidents where non mask wearers have been attacked. When criticising the maskless incessantly, as the media is doing, it has a responsibility to point out the above.

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Peter Donovan

How ridiculous that now people are being coerced to wear a face nappy, and be treated as a weirdo if they don’t. I have said this a lot and no moronic face nappy zealot has been able to respond. If masks are not bad for people, then why are there so many exemptions for not wearing them? Obviously they are not so harmless.


Also what have we come to, that we actually need a dispensation or exemption, for exerciosing our natural right to breathe the oxygen in the air? Its not even as if covid were a real threat or that the muzzles were effective (except for remind us to be obedient dogs !).


Printable face mask exemptions from the UK government via

Plus some information regarding the Discrimination Act

It only takes a little bit of time to debunk and repudiate the government narrative on the covid19. For example with regard to face mask efficacy see the Danish mask study. In particular Dr Andrew Kaufman explaining the findings via and of course a free book regarding masks

Legatus non violator.


I would implore people to keep out of the supermarkets as much as possible… and use the small shops that are struggling to stay afloat ; We should have been doin this already


Hear Hear. I just challenged Tesco, by email, giving the wider implications of this lunacy; their only answer was that they’re sticking to forcing customers to wear muzzles “to keep everyone safe;” Pathetic collaborators in the creation of a totalitarian state. Avoid.


PS the Tesco customer services rep’s name was Karen !!!!!!!!

Marissa A Oatley

Wonderful information! Thank you! Much love like always ????

For the ones getting harassed by mask wearers…..well the mask wearers should just happily mind there own business as of course it isn’t their body???????? people today…. omg.. lol

Keep the truth coming its always welcomed????

Last edited 13 days ago by Marissa A Oatley
Roger Wilcox

I can access live shows. I’m using a safari browser. I’m not IT wiz so I may be doing something wrong.

Alex Romero

Stasi bus driver asked if I had an exemption card. I said I didn’t need to show it and he quickly backed off, but at my journeys end he lectured me about standing behind the line before I got off, and I replied ‘remember when bus drivers used to drive the fucking bus?’

Denise Day

Brilliant answer 😂 👏 and that’s harassment as you are leaving the bus.


I have a mask exemption but I’m often subject to bullying especially on public transport. I’ve been banned from a shop I’ve been using for nearly 20 years despite the exemption and when I tried to explain to the owner about the many tests over the past 40 years all of which showed that masks don’t work but are very harmful to the wearer he was not prepared to listen. I’m increasingly being treated like a pariah round where I live because I don’t wear a mask.

Here in Ireland the mainstream media is just continual fear porn with very little else discussed. They are an utter disgrace.


Remember we can sue people and firms that treat us like that,under Discrimination laws (discrimination against people with disability. They can potentially end up with a big fine. See Law or Fiction website.
I’d love to strike back.


PS Wrote this firstthen saw commentsbelow saying same thing but better !


Pleased you’ve also found that website Cass. I’d like to see Richie hold a phone-in for listeners with one of Simon Dolan’s lawyers so that we can all arm ourselves with the facts about all these so-called laws, rules, regulations and ‘guidelines’ and consider how we can challenge or use them to our benefit… knowledge is power.


Law or Fiction website is very helpful :

To digress a bit, I was utterly shocked that Salisbury Cathedral is being used as a “vaccination centre” with the organ playing in the background. It has been turned into a temple of Mammon .


Yep, Law or Fiction is the website I put links to in my original posts below.

They’re laughing at us. These creatures and those who control them are dysfunctional psychopaths and satanists.They know what they’re doing when they use places like Salisbury Cathedral. It’s an inversion of everything that is good. It’s how psychopaths get their kicks.

Denise Day

That is so bad, totally disgusting & disregard for the church & any who do want to worship or say prayers in time of need.

Germaine Egan

Thank you for posting this.. i was unsure about the so called ‘law’ but this has helped me massively!! New site is great!!


Richie, as an addendum to this article, please also publish the Equality (Discrimination) Act law that states very clearly that if a business actively refuses you entry because of your disability (which prevents you from wearing a face-nappy or similar), then BOTH that business AND the person refusing you entry are subject to a hefty fine up to £9,000.


Further to my post above, here’s a couple of very useful articles from Simon Dolan’s site: (Click on the ‘Tool Kit’ button)

Both articles confirm that the individual (wrongly) denying you entry is personally liable, so don’t forget to get the full name of that nice security man at Morrisons or Tesco when he stops you! (I’d recommend taking a photo as well, even though it might be on or inside the store premises, as you’ll want something to identify him by as I’m sure many of these brave boys will give you a false first name once they realise they’re heading for some legal trouble).

However, the articles also state that the employer is also liable to be fined. This is slightly ambiguous in relation to the above, probably it’s to allow for the fact that although personally liable, the security person would no doubt try to hide behind his employer if you decided to take further action.

Important things to note:

You must of course be sure that your satisfy the definitions of having a ‘disability’ under the provisions of the Equality Act, 2010 in relation as to why you can’t wear a face covering;

You must be prepared to follow any formal complaint all the way through to an eventual court hearing if necessary… it’s not just a case of filling in a form and getting some compensation, it’s a long process, though I would think most businesses would cave in and settle well before a court hearing which would be very expensive for them; and

In addition to the business being liable to a fine of up to £5,000, there is a further allowance of between £900 and £9,000 for the additional reasons given so make sure being denied admission for not wearing a face-nappy has hurt your feelings! This compensation is in the bottom tier for compensation that can be awarded by a court for minor matters but it is in addition to the fine to the employer.

If you do choose to pursue a claim for discrimination under the Equality Act… good luck and I hope you succeed magnificently!

Charlie Burton

Hi Richie. Love the new site! As for face masks. I am exempt from wearing one because of breathing issues. I have a lanyard and card and wear it as reqd. I have never been challenged in my local shops (although a few ‘Karens’ have scowled at me…I just smile at them!) or even the GP,s or local hospitals. I do expect the potential of being challenged to increase now though due to the MSM ramping up the fear.

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