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– From journalist and filmmaker Jacqui Deevoy:

Playing God

A new film – an investigation into medical democide in the UK by the maker of the groundbreaking Ickonic documentary ‘A Good Death?’ – is set to hit your screens this year. The film’s producer freelance journalist Jacqui Deevoy explains how that’s going to happen.

“Over the last few decades, thousands upon thousands of people have died unnecessarily – not from a killer virus but from a killer government.

Medical democide (death by government policy) is – shockingly – alive and kicking in the UK. Secret medical trials, deliberate negligence, and the use of protocols and medications that are known to cause harm are practices that are all too commonplace. Most of us haven’t been aware of these murderous government policies. Those that are seem to accept them.

The government may argue that these policies are in place for “the greater good” but this is highly debatable. Drugs have to be tested, they might say; terminally ill individuals need a helping hand as they pass away, they say; withholding food and water from frail or elderly hospital patients is fine in certain circumstances, they state; rolling out life-threatening injections while they’re still in the trial stage is something that just had to be done, they insist.

The list goes on.

But why is all this happening, what are the reasons behind it and how are they getting away with it? This is what needs investigation.

That’s where my new film ‘Playing God’ comes in. In the film, I’ll be taking a deep dive into the horrors that lurk within past and current government protocols and policies and expose the damage they are causing.

I’ll be speaking to doctors, lawyers and medical ethics experts and giving a platform to people who’ve lost loved ones to sickeningly dangerous government policies.

I aim to bring the truth to you, no matter how unpalatable it might be, and this film, like my last will do just that.

If you’d like to support this project, please donate and share the link far and wide.

Thank you.”

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She’s a good woman. Call me cynical but I don’t believe the ones behind the covid fraud, the manufactured war and the CO2 causes climate change hoax are doing anything for the greater good.


Jacqui Deevoy, quite interesting on the show, would like to see what she will put together, a sorry subject that needs telling.
Now the economist might say otherwise when it comes to disaster. If you take the human beings out of the calculations and emotions, count them as numbers. Then the activity created by disruption generates income in other areas, providing opportunity for job growth, which is beneficial because it goes back into the economy and trickles down to others.
That’s what economists do they take the life out of everything they do, so how is that any kind of economy? “In other words, the economic domain is a social domain of interrelated human practices and transactions that does not stand alone.” Wikipedia. 
John McMurtry, say’s something like: within the word economy lies the word economic. To be economic is to conserve to get the most out of something or to only take what is needed but in today’s economics the only numbers that count are financial, everything else is squeezed out.
The News-Benders 1968 on pootube, interesting worth a watch, I liked Donald Pleasence as an actor in my time. “We save a lot of money you know?” Donald Pleasence.


What you say is very true. We should have an economic system that suits the needs of the people not have people manipulated to suit an economic system. I agree about Donald Pleasance, he was a good actor, not heard of that film before.


Thanks, it’s not a film, it’s only about 30mins, it’s an old TV drama series, very interesting.


I have donated a little bit to this. I hope others do Jacqui works hard, and is making a film of issues which need to be addressed.

I give to Richie as well.



The religion of Science, in whatever guise it chooses, is historically the biggest mass murdering machine this god forsaken rock has and will ever see. It truly is a serial killer of massive proportions…do you have the “faith” in science?


Since we are on the subject of playing God, I’ve just been reading this little article from 2015:

‘In 2015 the new eugenics is pursued with the language of choice, and by abortion, embryo destruction and, prospectively, genetic manipulation, rather than by compulsory sterilisation or euthanasia…’

It’s odd that Professor Jones should write this. He makes no mention that the Wellcome Trust (or foundation) is merely the new name for the British Eugenics Society. Perhaps he did not know; just as he seemed unaware of this:

‘It seems that eugenics, to be useful, should be voluntary’.
Alexis Carrel, Nobel Prize Winner –Man the Unknown’, 1939


While I’m on the subject of Eugenics, there has been quite a few cases like this is recent years:

This is nothing more than a form of Confessional, where the sin is acknowledged and absolved, freeing the sinners to continue as before.
The names and the statues are being removed, but their legacies continue unabated, largely hidden from the masses through the simple expedient of changing a name or a word.
For example, in 1968 the publication of the American Eugenics Society had its name changed from the ‘Eugenics Journal’ to ‘Social Biology’; and in 1973 the Society itself changed its name to the ‘Society for the Study of Social Biology’. But neither change reflected a change in interests or policies.
And then, of course, there is the British Eugenics Society changing its name to the Wellbeing Foundation.

The UCL – of which the London School of Economics is a part. The current Director of the LSE is Baroness Nemat Shafik. She is also a Member of the Supervisory Board of Siemens, a company that exploited the labour force in German concentration camps, the female labour force at Ravensbruck, and owned a plant at Auschwitz.


Correction. I should I have put Wellcome Foundation, not Wellbeing Foundation.


‘The greater good’. We are about at the centenary of the Progressive Era when Eugenics was widely promoted and taught in schools – and Eugenics (as the tool of Authoritarian Socialism) has always been about ‘the greater good’.
One of the authors of that period was Frederick Taylor. Here is a link that summarizes his ideas:

Does anything look familiar?

Beyond the obvious, I would somewhat disagree with the statement:
‘”In the past the man has been first; in the future the system must be first.”’

It is a valid statement about America, but not pre-Capitalist, Vatican controlled Europe.
Back then the Vatican was an integral part of the system and nature culled the masses – especially the weak, the infirm, and the old.
Eugenics is simply science replacing nature.

Playing God? Yes. But no one has a problem with defibrillators, pace-makers, open heart surgery, brain surgery, and a slew of other medical practices – all of which are also ‘playing God’. It’s what doctors do.

Karen m

Thanks, that looks interesting. And long, so will read later.


Not anywhere near long as it could have been.

Karen m

Ha ha, well it’s good you’ve made it as short as possible then!

I don’t have much knowledge about this stuff, just picked up snippets here and there, so will take a lot to get my head around it maybe. But will be good to do so.

I just know there is evil afoot and that Jacqui Deevoy is working hard to expose it.

Karen m

Thanks Richie. What Jacqui is doing is hugely important. Vitally important eh. Yes, there are probably lots of drugs they use to end the lives of the elderley, not just Midazolam. It’s evil, beyond comprehension, and they’re getting away with it. I have a suspicion about a drug called Haloperidole too, though at the moment I have no basis to know anything for sure. I’ll donate what I can afford and will try to get a few others I know to also.

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