Supreme Court Blocks Texas Governor’s De-Platforming Law

The US Supreme Court has blocked an attempt by the state of Texas to ban social media companies from blocking users based on their views. Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed the bill into law last year.

He said at the time that his intention was to prevent bias against conservative viewpoints and protect free speech. Yesterday, America’s top court agreed to a request from the tech giants to temporarily block the law from coming into force.

According to The BBC:

The legislation would have prevented larger tech companies from banning or censoring Texas users for their views.

Republicans in the state said it was necessary to combat what they claimed was social media’s liberal bias.

But tech groups argued that the law was a violation of the private companies’ freedom of speech rights.

In a rare 5-4 ruling, the US’s top court agreed on Tuesday to a request supported by tech giants to temporarily block the law from coming into force.

Industry groups suing against the legislation argued that it violated the right to free speech, which included the freedom of private companies to decide what content to publish on their platforms.

Without the ability to moderate their platforms, Silicon Valley campaigners claimed that the state legislation would have turned Facebook, Twitter and YouTube into “havens of the vilest expression imaginable”.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who signed the bill into law in September last year, said at the time that the opposite was true – that the measure was intended to prevent bias against conservative viewpoints and protect free speech.

Social media companies are “our modern-day public square” where debate should flow freely, he argued. “There is a dangerous movement by social media companies to silence conservative viewpoints and ideas”.

The law stated that social media platforms with more than 50 million users could not ban people based on their political viewpoints.

Facebook, Twitter and Google’s YouTube all fell within its scope.

On Tuesday, an unlikely group of five Supreme Court justices – appointed by both Democratic and Republican presidents – joined forces to block the law from taking effect while lawsuits over its legality continue.

This is a smokescreen. In reality, the tech giants couldn’t care less whether users are conservative, liberal, religious, atheist, gay straight or trans. All they care about is their hegemony over the internet.

Their algorithms are carefully designed to create a sense of injustice in every one of the thousands of identity groups. Every now and then, Twitter will kick off a conservative commentator just for the hell of it and to create a bit of outrage, but it doesn’t really care about your views on immigration, nationalism, sexuality or gender identity.

Twitter (and the rest) are in the business of distorting reality. You and I know that there is an expeditious agenda to utterly transform life on this planet.

Its architects are using manufactured crises like climate change and fake pandemics to change people’s perceptions so that they will accept a new reality where everything they do is controlled to the nth degree.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok have only one purpose, that is to hide this agenda from their billions of users and to keep them bickering over matters of little importance.


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And this ruling just so happens to come at a time when Texas law enforcement (and, by extension, the politicians who control law enforcement) has been the focus of reasonable questions regarding a mass shooting and their handling of it.

Urban Fox

Conservative, Republican, Labor, Liberal, Communist, Capitalist, Left, Right, are just labels that dont mean a great deal. The agenda and those behind it, are above such things, all they care about is total, complete control over every facet of peoples lives on this planet. Why does having a particular viewpoint, mean that one is automatically categorized under a particular banner. All that sane people want is to live in a society which is as fair and free as possible. Which is the exact opposite of what those in power want for us. Who as Richie says want to utterly transform life on this planet.

None of the giant social media company’s and organizations responsible for the internet care about free speach. As they are all controlled and funded by the global cult as David Icke would say. Or as i prefer to call them the Cabal or hidden hand. They may make noises to the contrary on occasion, but there actions always reveal the truth. This includes that great promoter of freedom himself Elon Musk.

In order to bring about this ”not so great reset”, this hell on Earth. Its imperative that any inconvenient truths are deleted. Whether they be about covid, climate change, Ukraine, gender or race. There is no room for anything in this brave new world that doesn’t fit the official narrative. No room for dissenting voices and opinions. It is only a matter of time if those pulling the strings aren’t stopped. Before it becomes impossible to see, hear or read anything that doesn’t fit the official narrative, the slave agenda for our lives. This is the real purpose of the rapidly increasing worldwide censorship. Its not about protecting the people from harm, its about protecting the agenda.


Spot on.

Urban Fox

Thanks, did you get my last private message by the way. i know you have probably been busy.

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