Surgeon: “No Booster For Me – Covid Is About As Risky As Flu!”

An NHS consultant surgeon has declared that he will turn down the offer of a covid booster jab as Covid-19 is “about as risky as the flu.” Dr. Tony Hinton was speaking to Talk Radio’s Kevin O’Sullivan. He said:

“I’m not having a booster because I know what my antibody levels are and I might check those again in a few months time. Eventually, I won’t check them anymore because we have to start to live with this. 

At the moment I would say that we should live with it like flu. It’s about as risky as flu. In another year we’ll have to live with it just like the common cold.”

Hinton went on to say that ordinarily, there are four coronaviruses circulating and that Covid-19 now makes it five. He said that as time goes on the virus becomes easier to transmit meaning that more people catch it. However he said, it becomes progressively less severe.

The government would have you believe that covid-19 is somehow capable of mutating into variants that are far more dangerous than the original virus. This is nonsense, yet it goes unchallenged by the media. It’s a scare tactic to increase uptake of the useless and dangerous jabs.


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Well said that surgeon. Essentially we have to accept that Covid is here to stay, as was mentioned from the outset. Sheer hubris when Man/Woman thinks they will beat a virus/bacteria natural or otherwise.
The virus escaped from a lab, it was developed to target weak immune systems that’s it, no need for anymore drama. The best take away in this whole scam is to ensure one looks at their lifestyle, make necessary changes and crack on with living.


Ha Ha Ha, that tweet about the booster being part of the definition to qualify as being fully jabbed. Have I read the tweet correctly, it appears to mention a top up dose. What on earth constitutes a top up? half a syringe? qtr of a syringe? The fun never ends. I sense panic, they know the fear porn is not selling as much. I hope the most ardent of followers are realising how ridiculous the whole thing is.


I am waiting for the double jabbed to turn on the triple jabbed and the single jabbed to turn on the quadruple jabbed, and then the 5th jabbed being the only ones out on the streets….


Good for him to be in a position to have them checked. Should be standard practice for all, especially those who had Covflu pre vaccine.
Reply to Paul We stand together sullied and unsullied for the (GOT) fans out there. The unvaccinated should wear a mask ha ha.


Booster will mandatory at some point for NHS and Care Home staff

M T Hadi

The good professor will soon be castigated by the mainstream media, for being an anti-“REAL FEAR PORN” science, scientist – not playing ball and speaking the truth..

Paul G

I know about a dozen people who are double jib-jabbed and say they have no intention of getting the booster, people are beginning to wake up hopefully and we need the vaxxed with us to fight these tyrants, we can’t do it alone and we must stick together, although being careful at the same time with the alleged shedding haha. The will use these booster uptake figures as a reason to lock us down again soon, we must not comply, lockdowns are illegal as proven in a Spanish court.

Tony K

Bang on.

Alex Romero

Let’s shout from the rooftops. It’s not about Covid, it’s not about money. It’s a bio weapon to decrease the population. All else is theatre.

Tony K

For anyone that hasn’t seen this, it’s worth a look.


Scroll to the bottom of the page, check box.

In the search box type “covid-19 vaccine”

There have so far been 2,500,000 reports.
If you add up the separate injuries (obviously many people have more than 1) it totals more than 6,000,000.

That’s more than have been labelled as dying of covid – and that’s less than a year of vaccines.

If you open the section that says reports by year, you’ll also see that people were having adverse reactions to the covid-19 vaccine back in 2015. How do you explain that?



Great post mate!

Here’s a couple of screenshots Tony to verify.


2nd screenshot


3rd screenshot


Let’s not forget that the study done by Harvard Uni which was funded by the CDC showed that less than 1% of injuries including death by ‘Vaccines’ were captures by the VAERS system.

Tony K

Yup, so by their own numbers there have so far been from 60,000,000 to 600,000,000 adverse events.

Safe and effective that.

Caroline McHale

Good morning Richie & to all the Great listeners. Yes, no one is talking on having ANTIBODIES which you can acquire NATURALLY from having the virus & EVEN not knowing you had the virus. Some of us are Thoroughbreds, we ooze health while others are always seem to be sick all the time(sick notes hypochondriacs).Chris Whitty as said”having your own natural immunities against covid is far SUPERIOR than any jab). Also if you can show you have antibodies with ANTIGEN test it will be allowed as PROOF of travelling
I have research some sites on Web offering The ANTIGEN test for checking to see if you have antibodies, Yes offering the TEST but will NOT offer any PAPER cert permitting you to travel if shown you actually have antibodies against covid, SO what is this GOVR talking about. They just want more PEOPLE enslaved to being jabbed

Alex Romero

My local hospital dismissed my antibody positive status out of hand.

Caroline McHale

Very interesting
Which ONE will override the virus
Having a PCR/L. flow test
Having ANTIGEN test showing you have Antibodies

Here’s a Question
What happens IF you pcr test positive
But YOU also have ANTIBODIES confirm by ANTIGEN test
I think it would DISMISS the theory of asymptomatic transmission
How COULD A HEALTHY person with antibodies transmit a virus

These JABS are failing in efficacy & causing total wipe out of natural immunity protection
& destroying own healthy immune systems thus leading to auto immune deficiency to deal with any other illness that comes along
Gibraltar with the highest uptake in the jabs ANY thing that walked was jabbed, gone back into LOCKDOWN

WE are going to see huge number of very sick people with break out from other illness besides covid
Very concerning times


Agreed Caroline. The worry is we will be blamed. It seems impossible to convince people that the vaccine does not prevent transmission. There seems to be this “We jumped off a cliff now you have to as well” attitude. Apparently there is a 4th shot being proposed for the immuno compromised.
I suppose Easter will be cancelled unless the immuno compromised bend the knee. It’s all getting so boring.
That said. I think the house of cards is starting to shake.Will have to get a few drinks and the popcorn when the hearings begin.

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