Sweden Follows Germany In Withholding AstraZeneca Jab From Over-65’s

Sweden’s Health Ministry has just announced that it will not recommend the AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine for over-65’s. It follows Germany’s decision to do the same. French President Emmanuel Macron said that the jab is “almost entirely” ineffective in the elderly.” Just as the German’s claimed last week, Sweden has now declared that there is not enough data to show how the vaccine affects OAP’s.

Here in the UK, the government has repeatedly claimed that AstraZeneca’s Jab is effective in all age groups. But European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen today accused the UK of compromising safety by approving the vaccine too quickly.

 In an interview with French newspaper Le Monde, von der Leyen was asked about Britain. She said:

“Some countries started to vaccinate a little before Europe, it is true. But they resorted to emergency, 24-hour marketing authorisation procedures. The commission and the member states agreed not to compromise with the safety and efficacy requirements linked to the authorisation of a vaccine. Time had to be taken to analyse the data, which, even minimised, takes three to four weeks. So, yes, Europe left it later, but it was the right decision. I remind you that a vaccine is the injection of an active biological substance into a healthy body. We are talking about mass vaccination here, it is a gigantic responsibility.”

It is a gigantic responsibility. Trialling, testing and rolling out a vaccine normally takes a decade. These vaccines went from the drawing board into people’s arms, in a matter of months. Months. Reports of serious adverse events and deaths, particularly in older people, are coming in day by day. Is it possible, just possible mind, that governments are covering their backsides, in withdrawing this vaccine from the list of those scheduled for seniors? I wouldn’t rule it out. The Swine Flu vaccine gave people narcolepsy. When it comes to coronavirus vaccines, narcolepsy might be the least of our worries.

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Dr Fahar Qureshi

In the interests of balance. With respect to Richie, he is not a scientist, so I wish to address 2 issues that the community fears. 1. The virus will change your genes and 2. It can harm you. I will be Frank and honest.

Genes are small bits of DNA which code for a protein or polypeptide. For example, the insulin gene coded for the insulin polypeptide in cells of the pancreas. Some viruses such as HIV which can cause AIDS can insert DNA into your cellular chromosomes.
The Oxford team claim that they have genetically engineered a virus from chimpanzees that causes cold, called an adenovirus. They claim to have removed genes that would cause the adenovirus to multiply in humans.
Further, because all DNA from all species is the same, they have snipped out the spike protein gene and have done a ‘cut and shut’ into the chimp adenovirus, similar to a car I once bought which was two cars welded in the middle.
The team claim that the virus will deliver the spike protein Gene to a large number of cells. Then inside the cells, bucket loads of spike protein only head to the surface of the cells sticking out in the bloodstream where our defense white blood cells spot the spike proteins and warn the immune system. They claim no genes will be changed in humans.

Dr Fahar Qureshi

2. I am not sure if the vaccine could harm you. Remember that 8 years of following people up after a vaccination is a short period and these vaccines were churned out in months. Further, who is to say that other genes in the chimp adenovirus are harmful or not?

Some scientists in the Lancet have urged caution because men given adenovirus vaccines containing HIV genes were at increased risk of getting HIV infections due to the Adenovirus.

These guys warned against Adenovirus vaccine rollout against Covid 19 because it could increase HIV risk but reading between the lines warned that scientists are unsure about the dangers of the AZ Oxford vaccine. Personally, as a former scientist, I would be reluctant to take a vaccine that has not been tested in the long term because the effects are just unknown and is the health risk worth it for people under the age of 80? I don’t know.

Zac Baled

In your *professional opinion* why would a vaccine that would normally take 10 years to roll out after all the forensics and research has been thoroughly done why have they rolled this virtually untried and untested vaccine out in less than 10 months?

A few weeks back the British government upped the second dose from 3 weeks to 3 months – then they said a pick n mix of different manufactered vaccines were safe meaning you could have a pfizer vaccine as your first jab and then a few weeks later you can take a second dose from a different company. The US for one said this was wrong (mixing of two different vaccine company’s) the US called people to take 2 doses from the same manufacturer – what exactly is going on?

Zac Baled

I cant remember which social media channel I heard it on but the person who was talking about the vaccines was very clued upon on the subject of new vaccines. She went onto say how these vaccines (im sure it was about covid – however I could be wrong) were tested on animals and every single animal got a reaction (could have been cancer) and how they all died. The company who was experimenting the vaccines and testing it had to quickly abandon the experiments.
To think theyre using humans as guinea pigs with these experimental vaccines is a crime against humanity.

(Probably will not happen in my lifetime) but I wait for the Nuremberg trials part 2 for these greedy, power hungry, psychopaths to have their day and justice to be served for their crimes for what they have done in the past one year. This biggest fraud in the history of mankind.

If I can recall the video I will post it on here.


i think it Professor Dolores Cahill. Richie interviewed her recently. It was ferrets, i believe, and she was referring to the use of mRNA, and yes, they died. Peace to all of you. 🙂

Zac Baled

Yes it was Professor Cahil. Below is a little snippet of her explanation. At 35 seconds she mentions 20% 50% all of animals dieing.

May our elderly be protected from this madness.


Let is remember that these are not “Vaccines” and lets try to call them by their real name. Maybe people will think twice about rushing out to get one if they understand what they are actually are which is a “SYNTHETIC PATHOGEN”.

mRNA is a synthetic pathogen and not a Vaccine.
To induce an immune response and cause illness.

Welsh Gregg in china

I teach in china. I will avoid the vaccine (ironically enough) like the plague. Not sure where I stand in terms of mandatory Vax, but it’s certainly not in my contract, and I’m sticking to that.

Urban fox


Anyone who tells you vaccines are safe and effective is Lying.

Please encourage anyone you know who believes in this massive covid hoax to read the downloadable books of Vernon Coleman on this site at the bottom of the page.
And to read his amazing book about vaccines and vaccination. Let’s spread the truth to all of those still in the Matrix, in any way possible. Thanks for listening,
The Urban Fox


These vaccinations are not even tested,..and people shouldn’t be used as a testing ground. It is not humane!!! All research I’ve done, shows these vaccines will change human DNA! WHY DO THIS? SAY NO!!!

mark hilton

Insanity is thinking a cheap ill fitting face mask will protect against a virus which escaped from a level 4 biosecurity lab.


Exactly. And look at how the professionals protect themselves against diseases: they where hazmat suits.
At best, masks are nothing more than placebos.

Delroy Murray

I’ve not read this article, but Richie you have stated on numerous occasions that you like Colins…. I just want to offer him out …… Talk radio, Rupert Murdoch mouth piece is very very nasty indeed….. What can we do apart from say Fuck “wicked media” and call them out from time to time…… Your next Bacardi is on me big man ……. Take Care

Urban fox

Hi you read my mind. 27 years ago , Collins used to do a show which I loved. But for years now i ‘ve seen him for the worm he is. This excuse of a human hates Richie , you And i. And anyone else who does not fit in with his narrow minded ,bigoted,status Quo, woke view of the world.
He is the evil twin of o’brian.


Does he hate? Or does he just do as he is told and read a script so that he gets to keep his job?
The latter is more likely, as this is how most people behave (companies also expect it).

Stephen Hardy

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed the BBC seems to have stopped displaying/mentioning daily case numbers and deaths “for any reason within 28 days of a positive test”? This could be to get everyone fixated with new variant case numbers and start from scratch, gradually building up numbers to alarming proportions to start the whole covid con trick all over again, only this time with an even deadlier new variant! Another reason may be to hide the increasing number of deaths after the vaccine, because it’s likely that some, if not all, of these deaths would have occurred within 28 days of a positive test.


Of course. Welcome to the party.

Zac Baled

My Mums gp surgery sent a letter out last week to her congratulating her that her surgery has secured a number of covid vaccines and that luckily she is one of a number of patients who have been chosen to get vaccinated and that she should get in touch asap for a home visit – She threw the letter in the bin (this was last week)

Then today at about 10.30 in the morning one of the health practitioners from the surgery rang. On the phone she was very persistent on my Mum to take the vaccine and saying things like how safe it was and that she had nothing to worry about etc and whether if tommorow morning was a good time for her (the health practitioner) to come round. My Mum told her politely that she did not want it as she was fine. The health practitioner told her that she was a vulnerable person and that by taking it she would protect her and others (lol) again me Mum said she did not want it then the health practitioner went onto say that it will only take a few seconds for her to give the jab and will only be in the house for a few minutes implying as not to inconvenience her (lol)
My Mum stuck to her word and kept on declining it however the practitioner was very adamant – she was on the phone for a few minites wasting time on how good the vaccine was and that she might miss out on her jab or how her vaccine might go to somebody else and maybe regret it later.
My Mum thanked her for the phone call and put the phone down.

Just becareful of your eldely loved ones, friends they (the health practitioners) are very manipulatively coercive towards the elderly – sometimes its easier for the elderly to give in and just say yes. Let them know of the side effects so our elderly loved ones can make an informed choice for themselves.

the leveller

crikey…thats literally drug pushing wether they are unaware of it or not


This has already happened to my very vulnerable 85 year old parents in Scotland. A nurse appeared at their door unannounced to explain she was there to give them their vaccines and within 10 minutes she had persuaded them to have them done. We are absolutely disgusted with this as we look after our parents health and care with great importance, they had no right whatsoever to do this. No elderly person is capable of making a proper decision with a medical professional standing in their home environment telling them they’re on the list. We are taking this further with complaints to GP, council and MP’s its absolutely disgusting! how many others is this happening to?


That is hardly an attitude of respect from the health practitioner. What happened to ‘no means no’?

Stephen Farrow

Very professional website. Real News that I cannot find on the MSM.
Keep it up Richie and your web-designer too. First Class!


When the masses finally wake up, the fans will already be dripping and clogged. They will be angry and have no idea where to turn to. Maybe that is one of the reasons so many refuse to come to terms with how easily they are being misled and lied to.
They feel embarressed and upset and it’s easier to keep eatng from the trough that feeds them. Even though they know deep down, it is poison


That is certainly a possible explanation. A bigger (and the best) motivator, however, is fear – and so very many are afraid. And that fear is so deeply rooted that it has become a cult-like belief. Under those circumstances, it is highly unlikely that many will break with the programming – even if unarguable proof was laid before them.

Wes Baker

The first human trial in the US was in mid-March of 2020. Yes, you read that date correctly.

So are we to believe that Moderna, in this case, simply had a “vaccine” lying around the lab…?

From my reading, they’ve been working on these mRNA gene “therapies” for years. They simply plugged in some details of the Sars-Covid-2 strain (no one has isolated the virus, btw).

Instead of jabbing these seniors, can we see all of BoJo’s children (do we even know the number?) and his cabinet’s offspring, randomly interspersed in a queue, for the Frankenshot?


Similarly SKY NEWSshowed vials of frozen vaXX that were dated March, even though this had only just begun. The whole delay and lockdowns was just a cover story to ramp up demand. They had the tech, if not the real vaxxes ready way in advance of this scam. A Chinese lab screamed at Trumps warp speed plans as madness as it takes at least 8 years to make a vaxx. That was March 20th. By end of May the same lab showed SKY NEWS round their lab with a 99% effective Chinese Covid Vaxx already boxed and ready to go. The first of 4 Chinese vaxx and he 1st in the world, although apparently the Chinese are reluctant to take it. Cant say I blame them. The whole mRNA tech is indeed plug and play though, simply dropping in an aspect of genome within the Adenovirus or similar carrier rings structure. Hence now they are planning VARIANT based booster shots to be in peoples arms within 2 weeks of any variant…..WITH NO HUMAN TRIALS OF COURSE!! They are all INSANE PSYCHOPATHS that have lost sight of the Hipocratic Oath and any medical ethics. They are basically WAR CRIMINALS now. In future we the people will hang them all lawfully for their crimes against humanity.

Urban fox

I agree entirely. Anyone who still believes vaccines are a good idea. Even to treat something genuine,, that’s been proven. Should read Dr Vernon Coleman’s fantastic book about vaccination and vaccines. It was written a few years ago. But is informative, shocking and so up to date, it feels like it was written this week.
And covid 19 has never been isolated useing Kochs postulates by their own admission. Until now, this has always been done, before officially calling something a new virus. In fact since the late 19th century. The Canadian authorities have now admitted in an official document that they are unable to produce any evidence of the virus being isolated anywhere. It can be found on David Icke website.
P.S Thanks for your reply to my post regarding Lidl. Very much appreciated. I left a reply, to your reply. But wanted to mention again. To make sure you received it. I want as many as possible to know about it.
Best wishes


I did a quick wiki check on Moderns too and you are absolutely right. A very shady and secretive organisation indeed. One thing I came across was that in 2013 if memory serves me Astrazeneca invested some £240,000,000. It was the largest investment of its kind as the time. Go figure.


Merck stopped the trials and said that their research showed that herd immunity was the way to go. This must be one of the few pharmaceutical companies that Bill Gates does not have shares in.


mRNA drugs were created years ago; but because they are – or were – classified as experimental gene therapy, they were not given the green light for roll out.
All that research time and money spent and then red tape gets in the way of profits to be earned.
So, what to do? Create an hysteria and rebrand the gene therapy as a vaccine. Job done.


It’s like watching a car crash in slow motion…. Anyone who thinks rationally knows the s..t is gonna hit the fan with this one…


History is written by the victors. So, you’re not watching a car crash; you are witnessing a road traffic incident…

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