Talk To Richie – Phone-Lines Will Open In Hour 2 Of Today’s Show

Richie will be taking your calls from around 6.05 pm this evening, Monday February 22nd.

The numbers are on the image below. Before that, he’ll be speaking to former professional football player Gary Dempsey. Gary posted a video about the financial and health consequences of lockdown. It has gone viral. It should be a fascinating discussion. The show begins as usual at 5 pm UK time.






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I see Jeananne C is well-informed.
I logged-in to confirm everything Claire in Belfast is correct.
I myself became aware of *Bitcoin* a few years ago, when it was well under $300.
When I then heard it was ‘designed’ by a guy named Sachomuhi Katanooki or somthing like that, I figured…ok.
Some ‘anonymous Japanese guy’, who no one knows who he is.
I thought, yeah. Sure.
Let me tell you’all a dirty little secret, which some of you know.
There are 0, ZERO, absolutely positively 0 electronic secrets.
I repeat once again, 0.
The NSA has a new underground computer-central in Utah that stores ALL electronic communications.
That’s just 1 of them.
The izzrealis have a direct transfer of ALL communications from the Usa.
The Britts have surely the same stuff.
Actually I’m sure they have 100% same stuff.
And, 1 thing absolutely nobody talks about or perhaps don’t know is…the Australian outback is probably where the most sophisticated stuff is for the Anglo-American intelligence agencies. Yeah.
Now you know Folks! Let that sink in.

Anyway, about 2-3 years ago, I read an analysis of the *Bitcoin* base ‘sequence code’. According to the ‘nerd’ who had some insider knowledge of the code-sequences used by the amercan NSA & similar super secret ABCs at the time period when *Bitcoin* suddenly appeared out of nowhere….
Well, the nerd said it was the same/very similar to its format….you-got-it!
Bitcoin. BINGO!

I just read the following Swedish financial article :
TRANSLATION with bing –
“FI warns against investing in crypto assets
Published 22/02/2021 10:00
 Cryptocurrencies Think carefully before buying a financial product that contains crypto assets. The risks are great and the protection for you as a consumer is weak. That warning comes from the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (FI) today.

This is not the first time that FI has warned against investments in crypto assets such as bitcoin. But now the agency has mapped the market for financial instruments that have crypto assets as their underlying asset.

“Products based on crypto assets are unsuitable for most consumers, if not all. Consumer protection is inadequate and crypto assets are difficult or impossible to value reliably. Therefore, we turn to all consumers with a warning about the risks surrounding these financial products,” says FI’s Director General Erik Thedéen in a press release.

FI believes that there is a high risk of consumers losing invested money. This type of product is also not subject to the same consumer protection rules as apply to several other types of investments, FI points out.”

It’s general knowledge for those like Claire, Jeananne, i.e. those that follow financial blogs that ‘warning bells are ringing’ loudly now.
If you don’t know much, may I suggest you try looking at ZH-Zerohedge for starters.
Good Luck.

Jeananne Crowley

Was pleased to hear Claire from Belfast last night. She’s spot on btw. ‘Build Back Better’ their present mantra can only occur if ‘Destroy Society First’ succeeds. The Baddies well know what’s approaching with the collapse of present fiat money system. Backed by nothing solid since Nixon took the U.S. off the Gold Standard …which at the time he called ‘temporary’ if I recall aright.


Fantastic show tonight. I was enthralled and scared by Claire from Belfast all at the same time. Definitely one to get back on the show. I think we’ve all felt the isolation that the retired nurse Julie feels. I asked my husband tonight to really reconsider taking the second jab…..why do I bother? There was a time last year when he seemed to wake up a bit. I realise it’s a fight I can’t win and feel sad so I must shut up now.


The Irish government doesn’t care, this is what they want. They should be on trial the lot of them. I roll over and stay in bed because there’s not much to get up for so I know what that’s like but the most digusting thing is what they are doing to children. They make them wear masks which damage their undeveloped immune system, they stop them playing with their friends, stop them getting an education and are destroying their futures.


Christ Jenni..

The kids!

Possibly the most heinous crimes of the whole circus $h1t show taking place right here!

And parents are “overseeing it” on behalf of the slave masters instructions..
(No argument.. no questions asked!)

And supposedly ‘highly educated’ school teachers going along it with it too!!

Jesus Christ!!

Anyone who endorses this should be publicly flogged!!

Then locked up!!

But NO… They’ll lock you and me up just for speaking out about it!!

They have truly done and are continuing to do the ultimate number on us!!



Last edited 7 months ago by Gerry

“Crown Jewels of Titanium”

And there is NO VIRUS.. NO COVID-19..

Tis 2021 now..

All gone!!


And any “coronavirus that’s left” (common flu or f**king colds!!) is fully treatable with many different therapeutics that are widely available!

But the BASTARDS don’t want to use them!!

No sir!!

Cos they don’t serve their f**ken vaccination health passport and ID2020 AGENDA!!




Well said Gerry.


Thanks Martin.

I was in a bit of a moment there..

I could feel that mans pain!

Had to let loose…



With all that has happened this last year, never even knowing about germ theory or the alternative theory called terrain theory, my opinion and that is all it is my opinion, all they have done is rename flu covid 19 and used the media to scare and convince the public there is a deadly disease going about, not sure if it was Mark Twain that said ” it is far easier to fool people, than to convince them they have been fooled “, whoever said it I think that’s where we are.


Yes it was Mark Twain Martin.


Still trying to work out how to use the my page Kathy, will get there in time, Clare made me think about a very, repeat very strange experience i had with the bank a couple of weeks ago. i think she is talking truth.


Oh dear, maybe I haven’t explained it very well. Lol


Did you click on the message box too?


That’s exactly where we are Martin..

I posted this yesterday in the social thread after giving it at least six hours of study..
(And that’s how long it takes to get through the first pass!)

It spells it all out from A to Z!

But who’s going to give it, or more accurately, how many might possibly be able to afford it this kind of time??

In the social thread I’ve called it the “Mother Lode!”

And it is… It’s all here!!

I dunno if you spotted it yet..

But give it a go!!

I promise you, once you start, you won’t be able to stop untill you’ve read it
(All ten chapters of it!!)

See… Watch.. or as I’m highly recommending anyone else who spots this to go and “READ” it all!!


Christopher Young@X_YankSweden

Great Catch Gerry! Excellent!


Cheers Christopher!



Michel has been on to these monsters for years, used to be on the global all the time not as much lately, not sure why but will check in more often.


He nailed the bastards down with this masterpiece!

I’d say Klaus and “The Stakeholders” are foaming at the mouth sucking up this one!


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