Teacher Fired For Preventing Trans Student Becoming Head Girl

A French teacher has lost her job after she attempted to prevent a trans student winning an election to become head girl. Susan Field said that the student wasn’t representative of the student body and that it would be inappropriate for him to be head girl.

Field has an unblemished teaching record stretching over 35 years, but she was dismissed from Ash Manor School, in Surrey for gross misconduct after a disciplinary hearing into her remarks. She lost the appeal.

The boy told the school at the beginning of the academic year that he identified as a girl and that his pronouns were female. He also said that he would be using a girl’s name. As the boy is too young to be named, he is being referred to as “Pupil I.”

She told the boy that it would be inappropriate for him to stand for the position of head girl. According to The Telegraph:

The disciplinary hearing in Coventry was told that, during the 10 to 15-minute conversation in May 2019, various pupils described Pupil I as “disgusting”. Other “hostile and derogatory language” was also used – which Ms Field failed to challenge, the panel said.

During the investigation, she admitted telling her tutor group that it is “not appropriate for a member of the LGBTQI to represent Ash Manor School”.

She also admitted that she felt at that time that “children as young as 11 years old might be confused or uncomfortable with having Pupil I as a role model”.

The teacher should of course have challenged the pupils who referred to the boy as disgusting. I certainly would have. I would have encouraged the children to be kind to the boy, include him in their social groups and show him some empathy, irrespective of whether or not they accepted that he was now a girl.

Where’s the harm in indulging Pupil I by calling him by the name he chooses and referring to him as she? There’s no harm so long as it ends there. He’s not a girl and should not be considered for a role that has been reserved for female students.

That would seem to me to be a reasonable approach. We used to apply compassion and common sense when dealing with gender dysphoria. A sinister ideology is being imposed on children. It’s anti-female or anti-women. A few years ago, when feminists began to claim that women were being erased, I thought they were being hysterical. I was wrong.


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Anwen Appleby

I am quite an old lady and I go to ballet class with old ladies. We all think that we are Swans in a Lake. But only for 45 mins.

Anwen Appleby

However, by the logic of the time, should we all take our middle aged tummies, our saggy bums, our stumpy legs, (encased in the obligatory leggings from Sainsburys) and matronly bozzums down to Covent Garden’s Theatre…. with a view to rushing the stage and yelling “WE ARE SWANS COS WE THINK WE ARE….? Should we do this? Will the homosexual Dance Critics rise up to a man and kill us, to the sound of the Odette/Odile music?
I can think of worse ways to die….
I will suggest it to the girls. “We are Swans…. We are Swans… We should be recognised as such… “


Knew a few Tomboys growing up and they eventually moved out of that phase as they got older.
Not sure if today’s children even know what a Tomboy is?

Anwen Appleby

Does anyone remember the Famous Five books by Enid Blyton. A girl called Georgina convinces her cousins that she is a boy and must be called “George” at all times. This went on for several books until at the end of the series, she admits she has “grown out of it”. I think that Enid Blyton must have known about gender dysphoria and known that people do just grow out of it.
I remember being convinced that my sister was dropped in from an Alien Spaceship and was part Nephlim.
I’m still growing out of it.


I was told that one of my brothers was found under a Gooseberry Bush in the garden.


The boy is nuts and should be placed in a nuthouse… probably no father in his life.

Last edited 1 month ago by Breas

Moreover, the boy still has his nuts.


When he grows up he will join the New Zealand weightlifting team.




All these utter nutters should be turned upside down and stood on their heads and then stood down!!

Increasingly we have people employed to ejudicate selected from an enlarging pool awash with ‘twisted twerps’!!!

Alex Romero

Comment deleted, by the ‘passionate supporter of free speech’. You really couldn’t make this shit up.


Repost it Alex….


Would be easier just to drop the boy / girl label and just have two head children, or as many as they want, but then I always over simplify things 🤷‍♀️


Why on earth would you subvert your will to encourage this gross behaviour?


‘The boy is too young to be named’

Maybe this time next year he wants to be something else.

Lets face it, at his age he’s probably confused as to what the duties of a head girl entails !






As per a post I put up on the 26th, I don’t think women are being erased; I think the efforts of the Surrogate and Feminist movements are being erased. Part of a Reset to reintroduce old, traditional conservative values under the deceptive guise of something else.
These are just my thoughts, of course, and they are compatible with the transhumanism agenda.


Yes. The split of the Feminist movement happened with lgbtq(wxyz) and was well planned.
Now we have two camps of those who believe that a man is a man and those who believe in fluid genders.
Divide, cause chaos and conquer.
Even in the so called “truther” movement we see this happen if you disagree with someone’s opinion.
I was accused of being homophobic when I disagreed with young children being taught sexual education including lgbtq(wxwy), was ostracised and labelled with the above.

Anwen Appleby

The non-private leisure centres are putting in “Unisex Villages” – means that males and females will both be deprived of their own changing rooms, and will have to face the horror of both male and female changing rooms.
Strange that this trend is happening around the same time that children are being told about Sexual education/trans/gay/etc at a very young age.
Too much of a co-incidence.
Mumsnet is full of the battle that Mums are fighting against the organisations that are getting rid of Female only changing rooms.
It can’t be much fun for men either, to have some small girl pointing and howling with laughter at something she’s never encountered before.

Alex Romero

There’s nothing feminine about feminists.

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