Teacher: I Won’t Force Kids To Wear Masks & I Won’t Wear One Either

The Telegraph newspaper, to its credit, has published an opinion piece by a secondary school teacher who is based in Essex. The teacher believes that forcing kids to wear masks in the classroom is “Dystopian and abhorrent.”

The teacher has been reading “The Handmaid’s Tale with Year 11’s and described a class full of masked children as “like something out of Gilead.” Expressing concern that masks would make it seem to youngsters that schools are not safe when they desperately need some normality the teacher wrote:

They are already being flooded with messages in the media and the outside world which fill them with fear on a daily basis. The government’s whole campaign is built on fear and children have absorbed that. They have also faced a year of disruption to their learning and been kept apart from their friends. What sort of message does it send to them if we then make them wear a mask in the classroom too?

As well as being physically uncomfortable, it’s going to be almost impossible for them to communicate with me as their teacher. It will have a detrimental impact on their confidence, make them even more reluctant to put their hand up in class to ask questions and engage in the lesson. Many of them, especially those who were already struggling, have fallen massively behind during lockdown and will find it difficult or even impossible to catch up.

I’ve also seen very little evidence to suggest that masks are effective anyway. I am cynical about this idea of asymptomatic transmission. Schools aren’t necessarily the cleanest places in the world but children are meant to be exposed to a few germs to build up their immune systems.

The teacher is absolutely right. It’s dystopian and disturbing in the extreme. Of course it will unsettle children but it will also do them serious harm. Wearing masks for eight hours a day may have a seriously detrimental effect on their physical health. Dozens of studies have found that masks make breathing more difficult, especially for children.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) found that:

inhaling high levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) may be life-threatening. Hypercapnia (carbon dioxide toxicity) can also cause headache, vertigo, double vision, inability to concentrate, tinnitus (hearing a noise, like a ringing or buzzing, that’s not caused by an outside source), seizures, or suffocation due to displacement of air. 

Parents wise up and wise up fast. You must not allow your children be forced to wear a face covering when they return to the classroom.



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Teachers have already done the damage all through this as in wanting the schools to stay shut etc, so what does she want, a medal? No, it is too late the damage to children is already done. No matter what this teacher said can reverse anything, or stop peer pressure from other children who will wear them, thereby causing more stress and anxiety to children who have suffered tremendously through this total fakery.


I totally agree with this teacher and my children will not be wearing masks on their return to school. My eldest is anxious about it and I want him to feel happy and relaxed at school. Especially as it is GCSE year. This graph below shows the mortality rate and confirmed cases by age. Total insanity haven’t they been through enough this year.


Well done to the teacher for speaking out! I agree 100% children need normality in this mad world and should not be made to wear masks! I have a child returning to high school and we have agreed as parents if he is made to wear a mask he will not be returning! I hope they dont make this compulsory for children its absolutely disgusting!

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Let’s hope other follow your lead. Good luck.

Scott Davidson

Fantastic stand by this teacher utterly brilliant where is the HSE checking out the safety of all this mask wearing….. Another utterly useless government agency too scared to speak out..


I am prepared to eat my hat for even saying it. but are we beginning to see trickles of truth from the mainstream? this alongside Bel Mooneys recent article in DailyMail. and (arguably) an interesting dig at the government in Dispatches: Lockdown Chaos…

surely these journalists will begin to become personally affected soon enough throw caution to the wind and end this

or am i wishful thinking.


I will never forgive or forget these spineless sods.



Urban fox

Hi Kathy, disgusting what they are doing to children. They will be mentally damaged for life. And the masks could damage there physical health permanently we well.

Agree about the journalists. But Peter Hichins has written some good articles each Sunday, for the mail. This weeks was particularly good.


Yes when I speak of journalists I don’t mean people like Peter Hitchens. He definitely one of the good guys. Frankly speaking many of them don’t know the craft of journalism.


Just maybe these dumb mockingbird presstitues have begun to realise that the fascist totalitarian state they are actively cheerleading and helping to build will also imprison their families and children. Very late in the day the turkeys have realised its almost Christmas and they’d better stop voting.


my thoughts exactly


Spot on. Let them feel how many have felt this past 11 months and the anxiety this has caused. I’ll have no pity for them if they ever admit they didn’t know what was happening. How the mighty fall. Bring it on.

Marissa Oatley

Bless this Teacher for speaking out I hope they dont make them, it’s really devastating to the children.
In Texas ALL schools have been making children wear them 6 years of age and up! Since the beginning of school year 2020. My child does NOT attend public schooling I think you can figure out why lol


Your children have a brave mummy. It’s not easy being the one to instigate actions. Well done you.

Marissa Oatley

Thats so sweet! With all my heart, thank you so much❤ Its not easy, but it’s definitely worth every second of everyday knowing they do not have the power over us🙏


More of this please!

We need to start some type of anti mask campaign!

I’m thinking “BURN THE MASK!!” or “STICK THE MASK UP YOUR ***”
(where the sun don’t shine!!)




I could on all day with this one!!





They’ve been made to wear masks in schools here in Ireland since last September. I find it incredible that the parents have just accepted it. They should be outside the school with placards, making a fuss to their TDs (political representatives) and keeping their children home until this is stopped but sadly none of that has happened.

172 tests on the efficacy of masks to prevent the spread of infection (where there actually is any) since 1981 show that they don’t work but as Richie says in the article they are very harmful to the wearer.
Well done the teacher for standing up to it. If this teacher was named I hope they manage to keep their job.

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