Telegraph Journalist: “I’d Take A Microchip To Go On Holiday!”

Writing in The Telegraph today, journalist Judith Woods claimed that she’d be prepared to take a microchip, if it meant she could get away this Summer. Woods writes;

“I’d like to stress how willing I am to be a vaccine-passport guinea pig. I’d even be microchipped, if necessary, if it means that, come the middle of May, I can joyfully take to the skies.”

She also says that those who opt out (of the vaccine) can expect to be left out. In the article, Woods refers to refuseniks as “crackpots.” Wood wants us all to be jabbed, so that we’ll all be safe, saying;

“I believe everyone should have their jabs to keep society safe and allow us to return to normal life. If a vaccine passport, short term, makes that happen sooner, then it’s a necessary evil. People who can’t have the vaccine for medical reasons should be given a passport stating their exemption.”

She goes on to say:

“Those who refuse to be vaccinated for whatever crackpot or look-at-me reason are allowed make that decision. Those with concerns deserve to have those concerns allayed and be educated about the safety of injections.

But the truth is that opting out will mean, on occasion, being left out. All communities, however advanced or primitive, are predicated on shared values.

Ought a vaccine refusenik’s right to participate in an event take precedence over the medically exempt person’s right to be safe? I think not.Dressing their exclusion up as some sort of discrimination or victimisation is fatuous, it’s a simple consequence of a free choice.”

Woods believes that those of us who refuse a vaccine, should expect to be denied access to events, lest we infect someone who cannot receive the vaccine for medical reasons.

What has become of journalism? Woods and her colleagues could end this scam in days, if they did their jobs.

Rather than hold the government to account and dismantle the junk science that has been used to destroy our way of life, Woods prefers to advocate for microchips, vaccine passports and apartheid. How dare she call herself a journalist.



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She will be taking the coming Mark of the Beast, most will and most will burn in hell.


aye were all fooked richie ?, cant see a way out of this ?, where is vernon, after all it’s the truth we seek, is vern a shill ?, maybe he is, tell us.


Everyone needs a break


train spotting- lol


Her attitude sounds like that of the Pharisees in Jesus’ time. She knows she’s right and nothing will convince her otherwise.

Ronald Templeman

If she has the vax she may go to the skies another way


Clearly the jab should have been rolled out to journalists first.


Demand of any representative of any Governmental organisation that they produce their Passport and Medical History before you will interact with them. (see how they like it )


The UK Government announced this week that ‘Carbon Emissions’ were to be reduced by 78%, when you take the prediction by Deagelcom web(dot)archive(dot)org/web/20200824061426if_/https://www(dot)deagel(dot)com/country/United%20Kingdom the UK Population is predicted to be 15 million, The UK currently is approx 68,174,839 so 68,174,839 – 78% = 14,998,464 (15 million) replace the (dot) with .


Thank you for sharing, I hadn’t heard that. I’m sure the percentages will be very similar everywhere. I feel the cold really badly so if my heating is restricted I probably won’t be around too long.

Well if they are so keen on reducing emissions what they should do is start off by bringing down the lifestyles of the wealthy to the average lifestyle as they create more emissions in a week than most people in the west in a year and most people in poorer countries in a lifetime. This seems an eminently practical step.

Of course I don’t personally believe that co2 does affect the climate, in fact it’s essential to the growth of plants and trees. Also I think that we are heading for a global cooling not warming as we are approaching the grand solar minimum. We are going to need all the types of fuel we can get.


78% of what?? How did they work this out?

Melanie Howd

Reduce carbon emissions by 78% = a 78% population reduction by 2025 to 15 million exhaling CO2


But what is the initial figure that they want to reduce by 78%?
Pie in the sky modeling bollocks it seems.

Melanie Howd

@ present population of 68million souls


Just as I thought, pie in the sky fancy looking waffle graphs.


The UK Government announced this week that ‘Carbon Emissions’ were to be reduced by 78%, when you take the prediction by UK Population is predicted to be 15 million, The UK currently is approx 68,174,839 ( ) so 68,174,839 – 78% = 14,998,464 (15 million)


What a silly cnut- I’d bet my last penny she’d never accept a chip – just poisoned journalism. I gave up on The Guardian and pretty much all MSM years ago – all just cogs of one machine.


as a side – I saw a placard on some demo rally recently that read “I’d tell you a joke about COVID-19 but 99.69% of you wouldn’t get it”. Golden!


Nice one. Ditto got rid of the TV years ago. I did used to enjoy listening to Radio 4 on my computer as at one time it was brilliant, nothing like it in the world. I just can’t bear it now, such a shame.


Judith Woods claimed I’d take a male chicken up the rectum.

Wiley e Coyote

“Those with concerns deserve to have those concerns allayed and be educated about the safety of injections.”
Educated in a special camp no doubt.


A must see interview. Dr. Stefan Lanka just conducted control experiments without specimen from a sick patient and the result of breaking down of tissues are exactly the same as claimed by “virologists” to be a proof of a virus. The virologists never conducted control experiments. The “virology” completely debunked. It’s a fraud on a grand scale and you’ve been had …


Great link Herb and a great discussion between Tiamara Williams (NZ) , David Kurten (UK), Dr. Andy Kaufman (USA) and Max Igan (The true “Wizard of Oz!!” 🧙).

And indeed it does highlight yet another applied con job!! (plus a few more besides!!)

Well worth a look and listen this!!!

Thanks for sharing!



Thank you for the link, just watched it. As Dr Kaufmann said the big problem is getting the truth out because of the disgusting censorship. Max Egan said we should share the real science, which is true, but I find it very hard to get people to listen so after a year I gave up trying to wake people up. They have to seek it out for themselves and for those that won’t there’s not much we can do really.


I hear you Jennie. It’s hopeless because they’re hopeless 😩


know about stefan, and the the germ or terrain theory, stop making it out as something you have discovered, if they have eyes and ears they will see, people know what they will know, gies piece, as we say in jockland


You may know, the most folks don’t know, i did discover it a year ago


only became aware of it this past year myself herb, meant no offence mate.

Marissa Oatley

Im pretty sure shes been paid up to her head in filthy money to lie out her ass and make more people “get on board” with the whole public slavery, tracking, covid, jab bs. Like all the sell outs……

Patricia Deakin

What a numb skull. How dare she advocate a trial gene therapy for everybody. You can tell she has not done any research herself. She should give up her job as a journalist and stay at home watching the kardashians with all the other stupid twits, preferably on a remote island where we don’t have to read her stupid ramblings


Please somebody microchip that brainless twat and send her joyfully to the skies.. Never to come back..


you might think that she would have noticed that the vaccinated have not been granted permission to travel…..


This last 14 months has been like the opening scenes from a Stephen King film. Dark days ahead.


She’s obviously part of the campaign to discredit those who far from being look at me crackpots are the ones who’ve looked at the evidence and used their brains. Will they have us going around with a little bell crying “unclean”, “unclean” as the lepers used to have to do in the middle ages?

Hermione Granger

we know they own the PRESSTITUTES


This is pure Operation Mockingbird journalism and this pseudo journalist Judith Woods and the Daily Telegraph ought to be ashamed of themselves. The irony is that even after being vaccinated and chipped she still wont be able to fly because that sort of activity for the masses will be no longer allowed under the guise of saving the planet from climate change. Just look at what the Joe Biden puppet was being directed by his handlers to say at yesterdays world leaders zoom meeting. The Daily Telegraph has become the British Pravda.

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