Telegraph: UK Needs “Vaccine Force” To Produce Jabs “On Tap”

Yesterday’s Sunday Telegraph editorial focused on vaccine production. The newspaper claimed that the UK should set up a “Vaccine Force” in the same way that we maintain a standing army in peacetime.

According to the editorial:

One of the big lessons from this crisis is that vaccines are essential, one of modern civilisation’s greatest inventions and must be deployed far more efficiently and ruthlessly than Britain’s public health establishment had previously fathomed.

Ruthlessly? I’ll come back to that. The Telegraph claims that the country needs to be better prepared for pandemics and flu-seasons to come and that vaccine work and human challenge trials should begin immediately. The paper says:

We need to be much better prepared next time a new virus emerges. Like this time, vaccine work must begin straight away; but the difference must be that we need immediate human challenge trials.

It was a remarkable achievement that it took just 11  months for vaccines to start being injected; but next time the target should be closer to three.

We need massive production and distribution capacity on tap, at all times, just as we maintain a standing army even in peacetime. Never again should an epidemiological challenge lead to the country being locked down for months on end. 

The Telegraph’s message is pretty clear. The paper wants the country to set up a vaccine army that will run mass-production facilities and human trials forever more. It wants this new army or “force” to be ruthless in its endeavours.

This, says the paper, is the only way to avoid lockdowns in future. Lockdowns are intolerable and devastating for the economy and health. The only answer, says The Telegraph, is to have vaccines “on-tap.”

By ruthless, the paper might mean that there should be little or no red-tape to prevent these vaccines reaching our arms. Maybe the paper means that the UK should be ruthless in dealing with refuseniks, because after all, refuseniks delay the end of restrictions.

I’m betting that The Telegraph didn’t come up with the idea of a “Vaccine Force” all by itself. But then again, what the hell do I know? I do know this. We really are here now.

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When 2023 arrives, you just know that the vaccines will be declared safe and the experimental label will officially be dropped.

Harry Derriere

We will have two winters under our belt at that point. If what is predicted, does happen, denial of the dangers will be very tough. Lots of people gon be takin dirt naps.


The push for every man, woman and child to be injected experimentally will continue to be ramped up as any unvaccinated will remain the ‘test’ group. If, as Luc Montagnier predicts, the vaccinated start dropping like flies in the next few months and the unvaccinated dont then there is a clear correlation that deaths, shall we say, are ‘enhanced’ by vaccination. .


Well said. Already happening and, of course, they’ll blame the jab “side effects”, including deaths, on convid variants.

Far from essential as they (vaccines) could possibly be. Vaccination is and has been the number one health destroyer of all time. The latest Luciferian jabs are taking genocide to a new level.


Excuse the starwar reference but you Darth Boris, Darth Hancock, Darth witty etc. Who is DARTH SIDIOUS?


All hale Sir Gates, sir witty,sir valance, sir tampon sorry I meant van tam, true knights of the realm and saviour of mankind. The knights who are prepared to kill the many to save the few.


No smoke without fire, plant the seed to convince the public that it would be a good idea and the zombies will accept it in the same way to nudge people to go cashless.


Britain has been infiltrated, occupied, subverted and defeated by the Temple of Usury, a death cult, which now enslaves the Nation with a counterfeit currency pyramid scheme of created debts. The people are imprisoned like the Palestinians in Gaza and relentlessly attacked with debasement and inflation. The country has given up its real assets for the chains of a Debtor’s Prison, relinquishing wealth and power in exchange for increasingly worthless paper tokens. Under a bombardment of propaganda and misinformation, the debtors have surrendered hardwon inalienable rights, freedoms and liberties for an illusion of safety provided by an authoritarian tech panopticon surveillance State, guarding its victims in perpetuity. Through the use of inversions and programming, universal truths have been corrupted so vice appears virtuous. People have been taught that greed, debts, usury and materialism are good. Unanchored from moral certainties, the debtors have been coerced into enjoyed their servitude and are drifting rudderless into the abyss. Truth is the only saviour that can defeat the enemy, which is why the state broadcaster exists to suppress it.


Perhaps they could get Hugo Boss to design the uniforms for this wonderful new “Vaccine Force” after all they did a pretty good job for the Schutzstaffel (SS) back in the day.
This could become the elite unit of the British Reich Covid security industry and their designer uniforms should reflect this status. Bill Gates would be their Supreme Commander.


What do you mean ‘would be’? I thought he was already.


The Queen has yet to perform the official anointment ceremony and Bill in return will then throw a few Bucks into the pot for a new Royal Yacht.


Billy hasn’t been; but Schwab has. Knight Commander since 2006.


I didn’t know that, wow,,? Respect for the intel


The Telegraph following in the footsteps of Gates’ TED talk from a few years ago.


I was thinking exactly the same thing and that little separate interview with himself and the ex smirking at the camera thinking about how people will definitely take notice come the ‘next pandemic’.

And that target of “3” months will be vital come the next ‘outbreak’…

Lots now ‘pathogenically primed’ and ready for … Injections!!!

For if they don’t??


How terrifyingly Agenda convenient!!

Last edited 21 days ago by Gerry
Urban fox

left you message




The final solution?


No. Just a solution.

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