Telegraph: “Unvaccinated Are Already A Global Underclass”

Anne Gulland is The Telegraph’s Global Health Security Deputy Editor. Writing on the newspaper’s website today, Gulland said that, “vaccine passes are gaining traction around the world as countries introduce greater freedoms for those who are immunised, risking the creation of an unvaccinated underclass.”

Gulland referred to New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, who shamelessly admitted yesterday, that by restoring freedom only to those who have been jabbed, she is effectively turning her country into a two-tier society.

It might be about to get worse in Austria though, as Gulland writes for The Telegraph:

Perhaps one of the most eye-opening vaccine mandates under consideration is in Austria, where the number of cases is climbing again – and those who are unjabbed risk being confined to their homes.

On Friday, Alexander Schallenberg, the country’s chancellor,warned that if the number of Covid patients in Austria’s intensive care units exceeds 600 – or a third of the country’s total ICU capacity – those who have not been vaccinated will be forced into lockdown and will only be able to leave their homes under specific circumstances. 

This is one of the more extreme options under consideration, but other countries are also becoming less afraid of interfering in their citizens’ lives in a bid to ensure high vaccine rates.

She’s not wrong. Irish Deputy Prime Minister Leo Varadkar has spoken of hiring private security forces to enter Ireland’s nightclubs to ensure that everyone inside has a valid vaccine passport. Only the jabbed can party in the country’s nightspots.

UK Health Secretary Sajid Javid said today that he is “leaning towards” attempting to mandate jabs for NHS workers. A jabs for jobs policy is already up and running in the US. The nation’s Federal employees have been told that if they cannot prove that they have been jabbed, they will be fired.

It’s what we call lock-step. It is unbridled totalitarianism. I had to read the news about Austria twice though. The Chancellor there really did threaten to lock the unjabbed in their homes if cases continued to rise.

What a guy. It’s easy to talk tough when surrounded by a bunch of goons who are armed to the teeth.

The question remains. At what point will people rise up, or is it already too late?


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The lunacy of any kind of jab passport segregation, when they openly admit the jabs don’t prevent anything, is just mind blowing!

Clayton waters

People are completely missing this. They are stealing the funds in the estate in trust and by doing so crashing the system. They will then set up new estates in trust and start again. Only you will be a willing party to it. Everytime you accept their offer you fall deeper into the trap of an animal. Remember, you are supposed to wake to yourself, your one and be one with it. But they an the churches have and are doing a great job in keeping this away from you. Reclaim your inheritence by completing you existence of life. This will take you out of their jurisdiction but you have to not take their injections. You and your children are I serious trouble if you do.

Clayton waters

They have you down as dead human beings which means animal being when infact you are Living Beings…. Genises 2:7

Clayton waters

It’s all about keeping hold of the estate held in trust and your Inheritence.


The Pushback Rolls On!
Justin Trudeau’s personal sniper detail has put the PM on blast over his mandatory vaccine plan, calling the scheme “authoritarian.”

Corporal Daniel Bulford, an officer in the RCMP speaks with journalist Keean Bexte over Trudeau’s “first step” to tame the national police force and what his plans are for the rest of the population.


Another gem Jake and I almost missed it.

A very honourable man is Corporal Daniel Bulford.

I think he chose his words wisely and for obvious reasons, but for me, the vaccines are all about totalitarian digital enslavement (on many levels!) and absolutely nothing to do with anything else.

Covid flu or any other flu cannot be stopped and they know it.
So, all other “lockstepped” psychological operations being instigated by participating nations globally using mandated injections for a disease that cannot be stopped, are nothing but smokescreens for the “ze great rezet” and the Agenda.

But good to know that people like him are wakening up to this agenda now and we can only pray that there are many more just like him…

Great intelligence Jake and thanks for sharing.


how soon before they start penalising family members in order to bring pressure on unvaxx relatives ……first they came for etc


So who’s the overall title holder for the new Führer??

I reckon Australia’s currently leading the field myself…🤔

I’m thinking Daniel Andrews or Scott Morrison with Brad Hazzard in the running too…..

Sieg Heil

Last edited 9 months ago by Gerry

This is fun but the analogy is all wrong. We need to look at someone who deliberately went out to kill his own people. That would be Stalin, Mao or maybe Pol Pot. By contrast Hitler during the 1930’s gave his people their biggest ever rise in living standards, free holidays, the opportunity for every family to buy a subsidised motor car, high quality schooling for all children, a massive building project to upgrade family homes, cheap sea cruises for workers on state owned liners and fast travel via the new Autobahn and a much improved railway system. Unemployment in Germany went from almost 3 million in 1934 to around 460,000 in 1938. I could go on.
How about…..”Zahawi is the new Stalin” for a change!


But only if you were a German and had the correct “papers”.

So.. ‘his people’ would be analogous to ‘the vaccinated’ during the current paradigm.

All fascists, tyrants, globalists, marxists, communists, scumbags or whatever else you want to call them..

It makes no difference to me!!



There were over 40 million people then who ‘had the correct papers’ and whose lives were improved! An astonishing achievement!
My point was that as an analogy with what the evil bastards are doing to us around the world today it is always, always Adolf and the Nazi’s. That is because of the constant pressure from powerful Zionist groups over the past 70 years to brainwash every man, woman and child. It never stops. Freeview TV channels would go bust without their daily Nazi output, most of which is bollocks.
I’m not having a go at you Gerry…’s the same with everybody including Richie.
Lets have some Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot for a change. After all, they did kill arguably 50 million of their own people!


Fair points Robert and I get what you’re saying.
I’m just using good ol Adolf, as he’s got quite a legacy.
A different time to now though and assuming many or most of his particular destructive achievements are actually true, then he’s a good reference point for an esteemed and distinguished example of a maniacal tyrant (to anyone who didn’t do as he asked — which in essence is the global standard of all of these nutters!!!)

Bet yes, in modern times, our Zionist friends are not any better and may very well have been scheming away in the background since so called civilization began!! (To include the engineering of their own people’s slaughter for the greater good!!??)

But I say 🤬k em all!!

And awaken everyone up to it!!

And the sooner the better… As if we don’t, our modern day tyrannical psychopaths are going to run amok with us to levels you or I and our children have not bore witness to in our lifetimes..

Of this you can be certain!!

If they win, I’m not looking forward to it mate, so my goal is to try and do all I can to stop it, or at the very least put a spanner in the works at every available opportunity.

But l’ll try find a decent gif (or similar!) for one of the others you mention next time.
When I went looking, that one stood out from the rest, so that’s the primary reason I chose it in this instance!!

Anyway… Here’s my fresh start from today..

& I hope, at the very least, this raises a laugh!!



Isn’t this a slight tweak of the social credit system, where citizens are blacklisted and punished for their inconvenient behaviour whilst the more compliant are rewarded? So, a social credit system isn’t on its way … it has already arrived.

The product is different, but the sales pitch looks very familiar.


Would take a bullet in the head before I submitted to that satanic scum and their poison.

Clayton waters

If you have just conditionally accept their offer. They cannot proceed when you do this.


In Australia the Police are passing off a Security Firm called Predator Security as their own. So this does not shock me what Ireland is going for. The sooner this Cabal is brought down the better, but I fear the Sheep have been dumbed down so much, they are going to drag us all under with them. I hope to God something happens in our favour very soon.


The Sheeple have really made the whole matter of resistance much harder and added another few years to our eventual victory. I’m getting tired people ‘shrinking away’ from one another. It’s silly. There are still plexiglass screens up at work and visitors DO NOT LIKE THEM and ask that we remove them for their meetings.


I fully expect to lose my job soon, I think they want a civil war, i also think they might get one.


Bloody Hell GazBob…WTF? Do you have any confederates at work?

Clayton waters

Go to the Bernican for the conditional acceptence form for your boss. Or


Big Pharma to Earn $124 Billion on COVID Vaccine Sales in 2022.
COVID-19 was the most lucrative virus in perhaps the history of pharmaceuticals. After receiving government (taxpayer) funds through Operation Warp Speed to develop these mRNA vaccines, the main players are raking in billions.


For some it’s about the money and for others it’s about control so they’ve joined forces to screw us all.


They were sending people from the HSE (Ireland’s health authority) to check that everyone in the pubs and cafes around where I live had their vaccine passports several weeks ago. So they are already doing this as Leo well knows.


Large corporations and their subsidiaries aka governments don’t announce policies so much as actual actions. Whenever they mention something; we know they’ve already started it.


Jen will post this link see if it works the fauci puppet


Yes it worked this time. This is great and he’s got the voice down pat.

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