Tennis Player Faces Wimbledon Ban Unless He Denounces Putin

Daniil Medvedev has been told that he will be banned from playing Wimbledon this Summer, unless he denounces Russian President Vladimir Putin.

According to The Telegraph:

Sports minister Nigel Huddleston revealed “discussions” were taking place with the All England Club over preventing “supporters of Vladimir Putin” entering the sport’s biggest tournament…

Unprecedented sporting sanctions have been imposed on Russia and Belarus over the Ukraine invasion – including being thrown out of tennis’s Davis Cup and Fed Cup.

But individual players have so far been allowed to continue competing as neutrals, including world number one Medvedev.

Giving evidence to the Digital, Culture, Media & Sport select committee, Huddleston said: “It needs to go beyond that. We need some potential assurance that they are not supporters of Vladimir Putin and we are considering what requirements we may need to try and get some assurances along those lines.”

Asked whether individual Russian and Belarusian athletes wanting to come to the UK would be required to “denounce” Putin’s invasion, Huddleston said the details were still being discussed, including with other countries.

He added: “It would be better if we can decide some broad global consensus on this.”

Medvedev removed the Russian flag from his Instagram account following the invasion and posted an impassioned call for peace in the world after replacing Novak Djokovic at the top of the men’s rankings.

This is sickening and it sets a terrifying precedent. The ATP Tour should stand firmly behind Medvedev and tell the UK government that they will not allow players to be used as puppets in a propaganda war.

And where does it end? If a government can get away with threatening to ban athletes unless they publicly swear allegiance to that government’s policies, they’ll eventually do it to you and me.

Imagine a world where you are banned from participating in society unless you make a series of affirmations.

Do you believe in the climate crisis? Do you believe vaccines are safe and effective? Do you believe that someone can be born in the wrong body?

It’s not much of a stretch is it?


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yeah well thats stupid as well, why should any normal citizen I.e. the tennis player for example be forced to denounce a person he does not know just because? he is entitled to his opinion although to be fair I would rather no politics be brought into sport, as was seen with taking the knee etc.


Any takers on a bet on how long it will be when we will have to stand outside our homes at 6am and shout “Hail Doris” ?

Banning people, for whatever reason, makes a mockery of the whole friendly competitiveness of these games. I know it will never happen, but wouldn’t it be great if all the competitors refused to take part which means the competition wouldn’t happen and therefore no tickets sold and no money made. Did any Brits get banned from anything when Blair invaded Iraq? I’m sure there must have been several people that thought what he did was OK.

The stink of hypocrisy is overpowering.


And at the same time ‘war leader’ Johnson is sucking up to the Saudi’s who have just executed 81 men in one day and continue to bomb Yemen. Perhaps they will agree to supply us with increased oil in exchange for yet more weapons of mass destruction.


Everything is an inversion of reality .Surly sport is “non political” and a beautiful way putting aside human differences .A way of showing we are all one and can work and play together regardless of race ,religion and ideologies. It must be in the interests of our “caring world leaders” to want to include Russian sports players and show how united and harmonious we can all be…..hmmm….no hang on my reality is an inversion of an inversion …i think i might have just committed a thought crime …i had better report myself then ban myself and plug myself back in….!


From The State’s perspective (whether that is a nation state or a global state), unity can only be achieved through the forced mass compliance to whatever notion or idea it defines at any given time.
Those people who do not comply are given derogatory labels relevant to the moment: blasphemer, heretic, occultist, witch, unpatriotic, mentally ill, terrorist, racist, xenophobic, anti-Semitic, trans-phobic, traitor, Satanist, conspiracy theorist.

So, it could be reasonably argued that when applied by The State and its associative interests the words do not have to make sense or have objective reasoning behind them. In effect they merely symbolise the non-conformist, who the masses are persuaded to reject at all, and any, cost.

Tony K

The UK is fucked.

The hypocrisy is deafening, and the entire system and media now belongs to the US/Zionist/KM slave masters.


“Imagine a world where you are banned from participating in society unless you make a series of affirmations”….
It’s not too much of a stretch to imagine. There are certain “communities” where you’re definitely unwelcome unless you go along with their skewed views.
LGBTQRST+ is one example. They’ll be looked after by the state because they’re playing into the hands of Government by perverting society and our traditional values.
Government have already tried to implement banning certain people from society with covid passes so anything is possible.


Would I be correct in thinking that Medvedev is the tennis world champion because Djokovich was banned from competing over vaccine refusal?

The Pied Piper plays his tune and the masses behave like the children and follow.


I wondered that too, as I thought Needle Nadal won the OZ Open and became No1 over Novax Joke,Ya,Bitch with his shares in pending covid pills!

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