Tesco Is Criticised For Vaccine Propaganda In Christmas Ad

So-called anti-vaxxers have taken to social media to call for a boycott of supermarket giant Tesco in protest at the company’s Christmas ad. In the ad, Santa’s Christmas present delivery is threatened by covid quarantines.

However, Santa flashes a vaccine passport to a border guard, showing that he has been double-jabbed and everyone lives happily ever after.

Activists have launched a #BoycottTesco campaign on Twitter in response to the ad.

According to The Independent:

One woman from Loughton commented underneath the ad – posted to the official Tesco Twitter account – saying: “This is absolutely sick. Jab passports and quarantine are not jokes. Leave it out of Christmas please.”

The supermarket giant made its position clear, though, when it responded to her message directly, saying only: “This Christmas, #NothingsStoppingUs.”

Some of the responses were more dramatic, with one man posting a picture of his Tesco Clubcard – through which the supermarket’s rewards system operates – cut up into three pieces. “Nope,” he wrote alongside the image. “I spend £500+ a month with yourselves. Not anymore though. #BoycottTesco.”

One woman, who describes herself as a “proud anti-C19 vaxxer” on her Twitter profile, asked: “Did I really just see a Christmas TV ad on ITV for Tesco to Queen’s “Don’t Stop me Now” hit with families having fun / flying abroad etc & then a guy flashing up his smart phone with a Covid passport on it??”

The propaganda is hardly surprising. The UK’s daily soaps are full of pro-vaccine and pro-facemask wearing sub-plots. EastEnders is particularly egregious in this respect, not that I watch it…ahem.

Vaccine passports, jabs for jobs, jabs for travel, jabs for unemployment benefits, mask wearing, protect the NHS and all that jazz, is to be the norm. The Tesco ad is merely another slice of propaganda.

Here in Salford there are pro-vaccine messages on billboards, on bus shelters, on the sides of buses, in shop windows, in the post offices and in the banks. It’s in the newspapers. When you get home, it’s on your TV and radio. It’s death by a thousand cuts.

It’s hardly new. Nonetheless, it’s fiendishly clever.



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tesco – #nothingsstoppingus

the state – #wewilltryifwecan


Arguments for the Elimination of Television.
Jerry Mander, author of “In the Absence of the Sacred” and “Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television”, describes the drawbacks of television. An excerpt from the extended interviews of What A Way To Go: Life At The End Of Empire. A middle class white guy comes to grips with Peak Oil, Climate Change, Mass Extinction, Population Overshoot and the demise of the American Lifestyle.


One of my favourite Xmas Films.

Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale.
Recommended viewing.


Last edited 21 days ago by Jake
Marty Hopkirk

’Adverts’ like these are precisely the reason I always reach for the mute button every time an ad break comes on the TV.

If it’s not wall-to-wall ads for junk/fast food, gambling and charities begging you for £2 a month for this that and the other, it’s ads like these pushing the vaccine propaganda.


This thing has become a like a cult.


Indeed Adam


We all need to do this…


See photo (if it attaches)


I can guarantee you that what the characters in EastEnders say and do will be mirrored by millions of gullible weak minded people. This and many other shows are essential tools for the agenda.

Aldo Bennedetti

I find screens wither phone, television or cinema in scale are mirrors for people’s narcism.


I have been boycotting them on and off for years and I will start the boycott again.

Neil James

Disgusting, false, no integrity and by association /almost/ sullies a much loved song by one of the best rock bands ever to record music. Detestable creation! Not surprising, though, at this point, what with the human race apparently experiencing a return of the cycle of Sodom and Gomorrah. Interesting times to be sure.

Urban Fox

This is absolutely sickening. Even though as you rightly state Richie, the propaganda is everywhere you look. Several months ago, they painted posters on the pavements in London promoting Jabs for teenagers. But in this covid era we have seen that there is no level that can not be stooped to, in order to push through the agenda at all costs.

‘This Christmas nothing stopping us’ , I would like to ask Tesco how that applies to the Un Fake Vaccinated, who have not succumbed to the fascists coercion. Or to those of us who have been cut off from there family and friends for most of the last 19 months, because they have a different point of view that doesn’t fit the narrative. Those who are most likely spending this Christmas alone once again, such as myself and many others.

Or perhaps Tesco would like to explain to families who are going to find themselves homeless for Christmas, due to losing there jobs, or who are amongst the thousands that have been murdered by the poison jabs, the sentiment of nothing is going to stop them.

Rather than responding to protests, by smugly using there advert line.


And the sign said smile it could be worse. And I did. And it was.

Urban Fox

Hi Adam



Dark days my friend.


I love that song, how dare they. I’ve been using Tesco because they never approach you about not wearing a mask whereas the Irish supermarkets have been behaving like the gestapo over the masks. Basically they are all as bad as each other, all government toadies.


I spend very little money in Tesco these days it used to be my supermarket of choice. I have become weary of the automated recording telling us all to wear face coverings and even educating the customers on how to wear them correctly so booooooring now.
I support small retailers now even though it is time consuming, way superior quality, my local butcher shop produces its own meat none of your factory farmed produce. I can really taste the difference as well.,It is worth looking after them, these supermarkets have it their own way for far too long.


Max Igan posted this to his Crowhouse channel yesterday.

As always, it’s an excellent presentation packed with detail.

But right at the end commencing at 39 mins and 27 seconds (for those who are pressed for time to watch it all!), there’s a little clip which sums up what’s happening here to a tee.

The difference is freedom versus privileges.

By taking the shot to achieve freedom, you are not gaining freedom, you are only potentially gaining a limited privilege.

Thus any perceived freedom from yielding to this tyranny, is simply an illusion.


Tim in Brazil

Ignore the government and they become irrelevant. Just like switching off the TV and throwing your mobile in the bin..


Agreed Tim, but they’re still pushing hard with this tyranny.

Sooner or later, we’ll have no choice but to ‘push back’ with similar determination.


Evening Gerry.. I hope that you are well.
Have to agree with you.


Evening Jake.
And you too my friend.

Re determined pushback.

I’m not living out the remainder of my life controlled by granted privilege assigned to digitally manipulated tyranny.

I will fight fair to preserve my freedom, but I will fight to my dying breath if needs must.


That is the spirit


So agree. I spent months telling people that the way to freedom is non-compliance, the more you comply the more they take. I don’t bother much now because people are going to realise eventually but by then so much of our freedom will be gone.


It’s gone already Jennie.

We’re on project ‘deep slavage’ now I feel.
But I’m still quietly optimistic this ship wreck can be retrieved and sailed once more!

There’s hope.



Hi Jennie.Like any cult those who follow it are deaf to logic.

Aldo Bennedetti

You’d nearly believe that the Gov, media and Corporations like Tesco are all in bed together but that would just be a conspiracy theory.


This made me chuckle – for a few of reasons:

1] Follow the history of Santa Claus back and you find his origins tied to Odin. That deity would occasionally wander the land as a bearded and robed man who would judge people based on their attitudes towards guests (did they show the expected customary courtesy or not). They of the land who pleased him received gifts; they who did not would lose something (sometimes children). The tradition of mince pies and brandy for Santa probably originated from that, as well as the giving of presents.
Odin was not a particularly ‘nice guy’, and especially not towards those who displeased him (what God is?)

2] History lesson aside, Santa is a myth. Ironic, then, that one myth should be promoting another myth (a ‘safe vaccine’) while wearing the red and white attire of a fizzy drink brand (before Coca Cola, the figure of Santa was associated with various colours trimmed with white).

3] From a puritan perspective, Santa Claus (like Commercialism) has sod all to do with the Christ Mass.

Aldo Bennedetti

Santa used to be green and white until Coca Cola changed it.


Green and white. Purple and white. Blue and white. And, sometimes, red and white.
Coca Cola took that last and linked it to their brand. Effectively creating ownership over Santa.


Greta will insist on a green Santa filling her stocking this Christmas. There will however be absolutely no climbing down any chimney as this only encourages the burning of fossil fuel.


I would speculate Greta has had her family block up the chimney. They will soon be unblocking it when there is a reduction in electricity supply.Then she will realise what a load of blah blah blah she talked.

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