Tesco Shopper Tells Company: “Stop Replacing People With Machines!”

A Tesco customer has started a petition calling for more cashiers on tills. Pat McCarthy from West London said she launched her campaign after visiting one Tesco store where three quarters of the tills were self-service.

According to the BBC:

Pat McCarthy, 69, started a petition calling for more cashiers on tills because “you can’t speak to a machine”.

She is one of the many who complain self-service tills are too slow or hard to use, and her petition has been signed by more than 100,000 people.

Tesco said staff were always on hand to help at either type of checkout.

Ms McCarthy, from Brentford in West London, said she began her campaign after visiting the Tesco Extra in Osterley where she said three quarters of the tills were self-service.

“These new tills are not accessible for people who don’t have credit cards and can only use cash or those with little confidence to use these self-service card-only tills – myself included,” she wrote on her Change.org page.

The volunteer, who helps people with disabilities, told the BBC there were five or six staffed tills but she faced a 30 minute wait due to queues. “You do need some self-service for the people who find them more convenient but just fewer,” she said.

Ms McCarthy said she loved chatting with checkout staff as she lives on her own, but “now that experience has been taken away from me”.

A Tesco spokesperson said: “Our colleagues and the friendly service they provide are absolutely vital to our stores and will always be on hand to help our customers, whether they are checking out at one of our colleague-operated or self-service checkouts.”

To support Pat’s campaign, sign up here:



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Signed the petition


Here in Australia, our two largest corporations, Coles and Woolworth, have now established a ‘transgender worker quota’ with 10 days paid leave, in addition to regular leave, for ‘gender reaffirmation leave.’ How’s that for discrimination?


That is an absolute disgrace…


Well that settles it…my tackle will be staying attached 🙂


Time consuming I know! But try shopping at local independent retailers? Definitely get some human interaction, but might have to pay a few more pennies.


Had more people ‘taken the hit’ of slightly increased prices, we’d perhaps still have a car industry worth mentioning in this country.


Same happening here in Japan … They “are” convenient to use ( the benefit ) however they are destroying the souls of the workers and customers ,,, awful things


I cannot think of a worse place to roll this sort of protocol out, there are so many single men and women in Japan who’ll further isolate themselves whilst doing the weekly shop. The global birth-rate is dropping the world over; not least in Japan.


The reason ‘self-servitude’ tills are preferred (at a guess) is companies do not pay wages or national insurance and there is NO employee to pay income tax and also national insurance which is a loss of income to governments (cough) creating an extra burden on social security/unemployment payments, a SMALL part of the depopulation/mass murder of society .

Last edited 1 month ago by sven

Good shout Sven. Well said.


I have never used a ‘self-servitude’ till


Good on you mate…


Signed on principle alone, as that is how Skynet happens. Save Sarah Conner.

Marty Hopkirk

A well known clothes retailer I recently visited have replaced several of their ‘manned’ checkouts with ‘self-service’ ones since the pandemic, one of which I had the misfortune of using to pay for my goods.

The experience was…well…frustrating beyond words and on no fewer than 3 occasions we had to summon a member of staff for assistance due to the checkout not functioning properly.

Leaving the store I couldn’t help but think surely it would be so much easier and more time effective to keep them all as manned checkouts with actual cashiers in the first place.


I won’t use them can’t stand them, and it’s high time they REMOVED ALL THE PERSPEX CONJOB SCREENS in all supermarkets


Some of the larger shops and supermarkets here in Ireland not only have the perspex up but they are making their staff still wear masks even though the mask mandate was lifted here in March. Absolutely disgraceful.

How can anyone not see the pattern? Wear masks, Socially Distance, don’t visit Granny, during the “Pandemic”. Human Beings are being conditioned to forget how important it is for us, mentally and spiritually, to interact with other people. We are not robots, but it seems we are being conditioned to be one. Good Luck, Pat McCarthy!


At my local Aldi a few days ago there were half a dozen staff standing around doing seemingly nothing, while all manual checkouts were closed; and of the dozen self checkouts only one was taking cash. It isn’t always just a staffing issue…sometimes the staff just don’t give a monkeys.


Checkout are open or closed based on managerial decisions. And it is just so easy for the basic staff to do as they are told, rather than running the risk of being replaced with someone more obedient.


Here is a little thought exercise.

How do you alleviate concerns about an exploited workforce? Get machines to do the work and introduce a Universal Basic Income.
How do you alleviate concerns about wealth inequality? Centralise the wealth to provide the UBI.
How do you alleviate concerns about exploited animals and plants? Replace them with synthetic foods (also applies to concerns about famines), and synthetic clothes.
How do you alleviate concerns about climate change? Create an artificial climate.
How do you alleviate concerns about crime? Track and trace, and facial recognition software linked to implanted hardware.
How do you alleviate concerns about illness and disease (without exploiting animals or plants)? Use synthetic medicines and, where possible, stop those conditions before they happen.
How do alleviate concerns about over population? Utilise various institutions, including the education sector, to persuade people to stop breeding.
‘St Victor offered a coherent and structured approach to learning through the cultivation of personal virtue rather than the requisition of knowledge for its own sake.’
How do you alleviate concerns about conflict? Utilise the cooperative method among various organisations with influence (aside from the obvious WEF and Fabian Society, look up ‘SIGNIS’, ‘Initiatives of Change’, and the ‘Oxford Group’).

Every concerned group gets its wish, but I very much doubt that anyone will get what they want.
But then, that is the moral of every tale involving wishes.

Last edited 1 month ago by Craig

I don’t think that they are interested in alleviating anyone’s concerns. I think they just want all the wealth, all the resources and all the power for themselves and their ‘special’ group and to hell with everyone else. Or maybe I’m just an old cynic.


The two points are not mutually exclusive.
There is an old adage: be careful what you wish for, lest you get it.
Every culture has old tales about the dangers of making wishes (some of which, like the Midas story, have been distorted) because very few people fully consider what it is, exactly, that they are wishing for and what the outcome might be.


It’s not just Tesco it’s all of them. The best thing people can do is ignore the self service and go to the tills where there are people, that’s what I do.


Hi Jennie,

I totally agree with what you say, I too do the same, okay it may mean that i spend a little longer queuing to pay for my goods, but the satisfaction of engaging with the till assistant and avoiding the automated tills with cctv on each till monitoring the purchaser, which most of the time require an assistant to rectify issues which the purchaser is unable to overcome. I questioned this one time with a supervisor for the checkout in a nearby sainsbury’s who asked if i wanted to save time and use the self service checkout and politely replied i was happy to wait and that i felt it was my way of protecting the staff instead of cutting staff levels. But she replied that there wasn’t enough customers to verify having more tills opened. But yet again when the plandemic is ramped up in time for the autumn, all the tills may become self service to cut the interaction between staff and customer, thus creating a way to eventually turning them into internet shopping experiences only, who knows ???


You are 100% right. Now they want us to do everything online and on the phone and not only are we spending hours trying to get through but there are a lot of errors occuriing because the systems are rubbish, at least that’s what I’m finding.


Unfortunately, I think it’s too late. Has anyone noticed more and more supermarkets installing facial recognition cameras?


Ha, ha, will we soon be back to wearing masks to protect ourselves from supermarket snoops? I did a search and it seems like all the supermarkets are at it or soon will be.


Hi Anth,

Oh yes I noticed Sainsbury’s were one to jump into this very quickly, as soon as you walk into their stores upon entry. Simply a way to eventually scan the identity who can and cannot enter the store and for those who don’t comply to the measures will be escorted out of the store, time will tell.

Sara D

Good for Pat. Have signed.

Patricia Braunschweiler

Yes! Good luck Pat, and thank you for seeing the value of Human Beings over Machines.

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