Test Yourself Twice A Week To Get Out Of Lockdown – Government

Every adult in the UK is to be asked to self-test for covid twice a week to help end lockdown. According to The Times newspaper today, an advertising campaign will urge adults “to play their part” by regularly checking that they are not infectious.

According to The Times:

Testing chiefs hope that isolating more infectious people without symptoms, alongside vaccination, can drive the virus to low levels this summer.

Nationwide sewage monitoring will then be used to check for areas where Covid-19 clusters are emerging with the aim of using “surge testing” — currently targeted at dangerous variants — to snuff out any outbreaks.

A Whitehall source told the paper that the government believes it’s vital to get the public into the habit of regular testing. Self-testing kits, which can be taken at home, will help identify more people who are positive for Covid-19 but do not show symptoms.

It’s relentless. The government wants every man and woman in the country to test themselves twice a week to, “identify people who are positive but without symptoms.” Say it out loud and see just how insane it sounds.

In return for compliance, the government will promise a speedier exit from lockdown. Don’t believe it for a minute. Only last night, SAGE members were warning that we’ll need to wear masks and self-isolate for years to come.

Despite claiming that he wants to lift restrictions by June 21st, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson will ask Parliament on Thursday, to extend his powers to impose restrictions until September 25th.

Will you be a “good citizen” and take your weekly tests? Will you “play your part?”


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On the swab of the PCR test people have identified these black hair-like strands, which can be seen through a microscope. They respond to heat and moisture. Saw a video today someone identifying them through the unopened plastic that the swab was in.


Do you by any chance have a video link for that please? I saw some prior ones and some inclusive tests done, but your info sounds interesting. TY

Jon Malkin

Adult college student here (lost job in March last year due to “covid” so decided to use UC money to get free retraining in new profession.

Anyway, returned to college last week to complete psychosis of everyone not being able to breathe in their masks and running off to test themselves.

Myself, maskless and not testing myself, causing confusion for everyone.

Emailed both my lecturers with pm on web for their health as both got faint and said the words “I can’t breathe in these masks” within 20 mins of lessons. Showed them multiple studies on how masks are ineffective, how they are causing damage to themselves etc too.

Go to college today, lecturer takes the mask off straight away in class, everyone else follows like sheep 🐑 within minutes and lovingly we all could see and speak to each other for the day.

Good job done. 👍


Well done, that’s a real achievement.

Jon Malkin

Thank you so much. I wanted to share it more for the idea that we can make a change. Without butting heads or coming from a “right or wrong” place.

I do nothing but smile, even when I’m upset inside. I watch it all in front of me, listen to everyone around me, consciously coming from a point of view of love from my heart. (This coming from a 6ft 4 shaved head and bearded father of two.

It’s hard and I have to consciously bring my thoughts down to my heart, but when I do and act in it that way, I can approach and give from a caring love point of view.

It works, it really does. If nothing else it gets my point across without an argument and creates free thought.

Much love to everyone.

Marty Hopkirk

Aye, and if you genuinely believe that taking these useless tests twice a week will help end lockdown sooner, then I’ve a beachfront mansion to sell you on the dark side of Mars.

More BS from the same merry band of crooks and liars who told us all it would only take 3 weeks to ‘flatten the curve’.


Ask yourself: which government connected crony got the tender to distribute these ‘tests’? It is all a massive scam from the word go. They all have vested interests in everything virus and are raking in millions at the expense of their people.


I’m just curious how people are getting money to live. Just had an idgit try to tell me that lockdowns will go away once the “pandemic” subsides. Sure it will.


Oh, lockdowns will go away when the pandemic subsides. That’s why there will be another pandemic, or the current one will roll on and on.


I think a temperature check shall suffice for this load of bowlarks…..
Maybe the census will determine who they consider deplorables and green light them for extermination !! I say that with sarcasm but I’m probably not far from the truth 🥴. They can shove their test n vaccine up their arse 😁👍

Last edited 9 months ago by Bee

Self-test? As in do it yourself? I’m seeing options here…….

  • you refuse
  • you do the test like a good little obedient
  • you test the carpet or whatever inanimate object you have to hand
  • you send it back without doing it

In 3 of those scenarios you risk a positive result. However just like masks and vax’s, there’s always a choice. You need your eyes open to see the choices available though.


Like Magafuli, president of Tanzania did. Now, I’m not saying he was murdered but he was the second abstainer to die and I find it highly suspicious.


Who was the first please?


The President of Burundi died suddenly and he had also banned the import of vaccines.

Milenko Manojlovic

So the operation “moonshot” in full progress, as announced by GOV UK last year. The operation was expected to go live in March 2021. Vaccine passports are coming in, which are going to function like in Denmark. You can expect supermarkets like Sainsbury, ASDA, TESCO, Morrissons will go fully onboard with it.

Last edited 9 months ago by Milenko Manojlovic

Checking the sewage to “snuff” out any outbreaks!!

Should that not be “sniff”

If so and regardless…

I’ll be stocking up on my supplies of nice hot curry sauces to do my bit!!

Enjoy that one “my sewage sniffing boys & girls!!”

That’s all for you!!

Oh yeah!!


Ronald Templeman

Are these clowns having a laugh, no chance.

David Moore

“…to extend his powers to impose restrictions until September 25th.
By which time it will be another COVID season and so it goes on and on and on.
Somebody thinks that somebody won’t be taking any of these fake PCR tests.


People enjoy chasing that carrot on a stick … all for an easy life !🙄
Slow boiled frog cones to mind !

Urban fox

Many false prophets will appear and deceive many people. Because of the increase in wickedness, the love of most will grow cold. But they who stand firm to the end will be saved.

Matthew 24

Urban fox

The plague does not exist and never did. And asymptomatic transmission of flue type viruses, has been proven once and for all, to not exist. Biggest test ever in China proved this. These fake test for the fake virus, are going to be used as a exuse. To further implement the totalitarian agenda 30. And keep this whole scam steaming ahead. I’m not even filling in the census this year. Even if we are in the minority. We have to do all we can to slow these bastards down. By spreading the truth and non cooperation.


I will play my part because i am a good citizen, i will happily shove these swabs down my throat, up my nose and indeed “anywhere” i am instructed,
and in 3 years time when i poke my head out from under my rock because my supply of toilet roll and pasta is starting to run out and i realise we are still in lockdown – i will blame Richie Allen and his covidiot followers for not having the vax, wearing the mask or taking the tests,
whats wrong with you people, listen to the experts, the science is settled.




it’s not some cult of blind follower’s with any anti covid agenda, Richie has been doing honest, decent journolism calling out the bullshite in a wide range of subjects long before this current covid mess.


Sarcasm…..me thinks.


correct me old mate ! anyone bother to put my name into Richies forum and check out my posts over last couple of years or so ! or maybe actually read my post a couple of times ? thought would lighten up a dreary Monday morning but oh well….it backfired or maybe a few tin foil hats slipped over some peoples eyes (sarcasm again), been called far worse than a cock before, having a combination of Yorkshire and Co.Mayo DNA makes me thick skinned and perhaps gives me a unique sense of humour.



Though you’re now on the all time leaderboard for red minuses there blackcat!!

It’s a memorable and admirable “score” either way!!



starting to wonder if lack of sense of humour or inability to understand sarcasm could perhaps be one of the many symptoms of covid or even the dreaded long covid.



Nah!! They can be forgiven here as it was susceptible to misinterpretation!!
(Though I wouldn’t rule out the evil demonic ‘long Covid’ either!! 😱!!)

But I noticed someone else on one of the other threads is now on -14!!!
(And he didn’t even offer up some sarcasm — it was an honest post!!!)

Another legend!!




good point re mis interpretation, if someone else had posted it i would have got it straight away, there are occasions when i suspect sarcasm intended but i sometimes have to read a few times to get it ! we all have different sense of humour levels and although i think you need to have a good laugh sometimes just to keep sane, i accept there are a lot of serious issues going on that affect people in different ways at this moment in time and some people (sometimes myself) can be hyper sensative.
Quick reply for Ronald T, yes i do think a swab up my nose would struggle to find much brain tissue – that we agree on, and going off on a complete tangent from this post wonder if the Labs doing pcr tests are also recording anything else found up peoples nostrels if you know what i am getting at – just wondering.

Ronald Templeman

As the man always said YOU CAN’T BE SERIOUS and I did not think you were.


I’m sure it is because everything else seems to be a symptom.


Well I gave you a like so that reduced your red ticks a bit. Irish and Yorkshire sounds a great combination.


Jennie much appreciated although i seem to have gathered a few more since Richies show yesterday !
i really don’t give a “you know what”…. I find it worrying that people read my post last night and vented anger via a tick…. but obviously didnt read the follow up comments from hours earlier re the banter.

Ronald Templeman

Don’t you go sticking that thing too far up you may just find a bit of brain mass on the end of the swab and that could be really dangerous for you, as if your serious you can’t have much up there.


That reminds me of the old military service saying “If brains were made of gunpowder he wouldn’t have enough to singe his ears”



Last edited 9 months ago by Puddycat
Zac Baled

Biggest nonsensical bs ive read this year.

Seems more money (might be) panned down the drain on these false pcr tests. There is someone down the government line who will be making a lot of money if this bs came to fruition.

Has anyone questioned how much these false pcr tests even cost?
Put it this way if your thinking of going abroad (people are still flying out of the country) the cost of an Independent pcr test is anything between £125 – £165. Only God knows how much money companies who have carried out the (false) pcr tests over the past 12 months on behalf of the UK Government have trousered!?

People need to wake up on so many levels….


I believe the NHS PCR kits are costing £25 per test and they are doing lots of tests. My wife has just had a private fit to fly PCR test in London for £129.00.

Zac Baled

Pheew! £129 plus £250 when she comes back. She’ll need to take two tests when shes comes back (2nd day and day 8) ……plus a test to fly back from country she’s coming back from!
Heart goes out to you pal.

This testing bs is an industry in itself!


These will be lateral flow tests… even more unreliable I imagine.

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