The Media Is BEGGING For A Winter Lockdown

Heath Secretary Sajid Javid was on media duties this morning. He appeared on the BBC, SKY News, LBC and ITV. As Talk Radio’s Julia Hartley-Brewer is the only national broadcaster challenging Javid’s government’s policies, he declined to go on her show.

Javid was out and about this morning to discuss the government’s Winter Covid and flu plans. He has a Plan A and a Plan B. Broadly speaking Plan A is about jabbing the refuseniks, testing and tracing everyone constantly and easing off the restrictions.

Plan B is, broadly speaking, vaccine passports, local lockdowns and working from home. Plan B will be implemented if Plan A doesn’t prevent the rise of covid cases and hospitalisations.

It’s all a load of old bollox of course. They’re constantly finding cases because perfectly healthy morons continue to come forward to be tested. The thoroughly debunked PCR test has found covid-19 in a ham sandwich. No really, it has. Without testing, covid would disappear.

As for hospitalisations, give me a fucking break. The NHS is currently short 50,000 doctors. Read that again. As I have repeatedly stated here and on the show, bed numbers have been reduced by more than 50 per cent in the last 30 years. Germany has three times the number of hospital beds than the UK.

The NHS isn’t being overwhelmed by Covid or anything else. If you lose tens of thousands of doctors and nurses, if you reduce beds and if the country grows in population each year by a city the size of Cardiff, collapse is inevitable.

Did a single presenter on the legacy media nail Javid with any of those facts this morning? Did they fuck. To a man and woman, they badgered him about rising covid cases and asked him why he isn’t considering reintroducing mask mandates and other restrictions now.

Shame on them. What whores they are.


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Richard hoard

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Last edited 2 months ago by Richard hoard

i actually read that as

plan a – do what we say or else
plan b – do what we say or else.


‘This Week’ With Mary + Polly.
Children’s Health Defence.


I have a plan c for rabid jabid, stick plan a and plan b together up your feckin arse… sorry but this covid turettes is catching 🤪


Well, they have a plan. Do you?

Ronald Templeman

The main media are sick to the core and the trouble with the NHS there is no discipline within it. lets face it in the days when it had proper Matrons that kept standards up and all round respect for patents and staff it was miles better than now.
I can confirm this because I spent time in hospital in the 70s and in the 90s and 2000+ and every time the standards had dropped.
I would say one thing that when I was in the heart ward in 2016 they did have some good standards, they had good people running it, but I feel that was not the case throughout the hospital.


I will never blame the whiteman ever again because 2020 to 2021 as thought one thing it not about race, its about power. These fucking gatekeepers are not white they are all descendants of migrants and are just as power mad and full off shit.

Last edited 2 months ago by Horus

So you do no blame Hancock and the rest of the white politicians that are all involved this tyranny?


Sure I am but we can nolong just point a finger at the whiteman because the Asian and other are now in the seat of power and are doing the same thing.


Javid was also on about variants of this covid scam and saying being jabbed will not protect you and if that is the case then lockdowns may well return this autumn and winter?Would the public go along with more lockdowns?who can say but the amount of people i see masked up is truly scary so i think most people would regardless of them being double jabbed.


And yet there is not one study or test in the last 40 years that shows that masks are effective in preventing the spread of infection even when there are real germs and governments know this perfectly well. The masks are about control and submission which is why slaves were made to wear masks. It certainly wasn’t for their health!

Urban fox

Well said


Today program quite shocking and enraging this morning. Why aren’t you locking down harder and faster? Why aren’t masks being mandated again? etc. Where is the debate? Any objectivity? What are the odds for Christmas this year?


The Media is the VIRUS 🙁

EwnfMo8WgAMfCBn (1).jpg
Urban fox

There is the continuous agony of saying goodbye to our loves, the long dark lonely roads we must walk without even the benison of rain. We are born alone ,we die alone and no one can truly share what we are, nor can we share the sacred privacy of other beings. There is the cold rebuff of strangers eyes, places of land which do not welcome us, the tearing loneliness of lack of love, and the unintentional, stupid things we do which aggregate our miseries.

Along with this, we are confronted with the absolute sanity of the majesty of night, of the storm, of the flowing river, the sunset on strange seas, the long meadow in the warm afternoon sun., and the total happiness on a Childs face.

Somewhere between those extremes is a place for us to live.

Donald C. Barrie

Katie Melua – The White Cliffs Of Dover & Stardust (Live Trafalgar Square London 2005) – Bing video


born alone?! WTF was he a test tube baby reared by robots!
the only poet in history who had no umbilical cord?
Maybe if he recognised the collective mass of entities that make up his body and inhabit his hair and skin he’d notice hes saturated in other life forms… but that’s probably not so morbidly poetic?

Urban fox

If you understand what is being said, it is actually both very perceptive and beautiful. But i can see its wasted.


This term ‘the Legacy Media’ is new to me. A new name for the Mainstream Media presumably?

Jon the Paranoid.

Recently Whitty presented a graph showing apparently the unvaccinated are dying at a far greater rate than the vaccinated from CoViD this is based on PHE data. UKcolumn has shown that PHE data and UK government data do not agree by a wide margin. Calling into question data reliability. If instead one looks at Public Health Scotland data we see that it is the vaccinated who are dying more from CoViD. Do not be fooled by the PHS data which gives totals back to the beginning of the year when there was the winter seasonal affect and most people were unvaccinated. It is just a case of subtracting data from the beginning of August from the latest figures to show the useful data.

I would suggest the single graph Whitty showed is revealing the effects of a policy where vaccinated and unvaccinated are being treated differently. For example an unvaccinated person dies of cancer and just before or after dying gives a false positive result on a RT-PCR test whilst the vaccinated who die of some other non-CoViD cause are not being tested. Is this what is happening? In any case Whitty needs to explain why the data he is using is at odds with evidence from other countries and why the most vaccinated countries have the highest levels of CoViD. Ideally, this should be done in a court of law.

Urban fox

Know that you are wonderfully special people, able to see beyond the limited thoughts and opinions, of ordinary people.

Bruce Springsteen Secret Garden HD, Jerry Maguire Soundtrack (flac) – Bing video

Mork & Mindy

SpringStein special – haven’t found the secret garden yet

Noel cox

Bruce is a


No becoming famous in the music industry without becoming a follower.

Urban fox

Your a moron

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