The Media Is Gagging For Compulsory Vaccination

“Let’s bring in Doc Lloyd should we?” asked a gushing Kay Burley on SKY News this morning. Burley had just spoken to a SKY reporter in Vienna. Austria is in full lockdown and the government has announced its plans to mandate covid jabs for everyone.

Burley, like the majority of her peers across the UK broadcast media, is gagging for mandatory vaccination.

On came the human koala bear Dr. David Lloyd. He’s on with Kay three or four times a week. He started by telling Kay that 1 million people have covid in the UK right now and that 1,000 people died of it last week. Horseshit of course, but Kay wasn’t going to go there.

Lloyd then told Burley:

“I think some big decisions have got to be made about vaccinating people, because there is that rump we need to get at who really have been resistant.”

Rump? Does he mean you and me? Got at? What does that mean? How will they get at us?

“What sort of big decisions?” inquired the Ginger Ninja, to which Lloyd replied:

“Well I’ve already gone on record yesterday as saying that there should be mandatory vaccination and been flamed on Twitter, so I’ve got to be careful here. 

But I really do think that we need to think very seriously about different ways of getting vaccines up. The Americans have tried bribing and giving out prizes and that sort of thing, so we’ve got to look at every way that we can to get the vaccination rate up. 

We need to get people vaccinated against the disease because unvaccinated people are the people that are in hospitals at the moment.”

That’s more horseshit of course and again Kay was found wanting. The Israeli Health Ministry admitted this week, that most of the people in hospital with covid there have been fully jabbed.

In the US, NBC news reported this week that hospitalisations are rising among the fully vaccinated.

Kay put it to him that maybe persuasion would be better than mandating the jabs.

Lloyd said that the problem with persuading people is that they’d rather believe what they read on Twitter instead of listening to the experts who appear on SKY News.

They’re coming for the Rumps.


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In case anyone had any doubt. 3:59 mins of Gold Info. Please share.


I got kicked off Twitter because I demand that the news media be held accountable for their obvious lies. They are aiding the murder of your family, neighbors and even the asshole that lives behind you with the dog that won’t shut up.

Aldo Bennedetti

Twitter is graffiti on a public toilet room wall in Cheshire.


As are the majority of Social Media sites. Not sure what is social about them when one is not allowed to express an opinion.


Kill them all. If you participate in murder then you deserve the death penalty. Whine all you like Richie but these people know what they are guilty of. Stop assigning them as innocent when you know they aren’t. There is only one way this stops. Maybe it’s a rock thrown or a bottle that connects with a skull but there will be a spark and then we will make progress. Not until. If you believe in God then you also believe that he will right all wrongs and then all of this is pointless unless they demand we take a mark of loyalty.
How is this jab not already a sign of obedience? It’s not the mark. Not yet, but it will be.

Aldo Bennedetti

Covid was created by man to arrange a meeting with GOD you say?


Look at the state of them both,he looks like he has just been dug up and she looks like a troll doll,however ,they both spout utter trash.


I see Scotland have decided not to extend vaccine passes. Of course Richie the Hysterical Doomonger Allen won’t have an article about that.

Aldo Bennedetti

Terry your a chocolate orange I dare say.

Aldo Bennedetti

Kay Kent Burley you say?

Lies you say?


its hard to believe what an evil little cunt kay burley is….

Last edited 13 days ago by James


Caroline Fealy

I do not watch tv but see the odd post on twatter and listening to a few independent news channels. But mostly i use common sense i feel it is all you really need.

Aldo Bennedetti

Your inside teacher – your intuition – your gut instinct is key.

Aldo Bennedetti

They really are pushing very hard to achieve 100% vaccination.

Its totally paramount on their agenda.

This will ramp up exponentially in the next few days or a week.




As someone on this site said before. The unvaccinated are a control group. As more injection injuries come to light in vaccinated people the more it will be apparent there is an issue as the control group carry on business as usual. There is a quote in a book called The truth about Covid co authored by Dr Merkola.” To the rebels,dreamers,and visionaries who will regenerate the Earth”.A wonderful quote to hold in our hearts now the going is tough.


They will get their mandate. The majority will gladly support it. Why? Because they have been done. If they have had to have it why shouldn’t you? All they will do is lockdown and say it won’t end until all are vaccinated. The jabbed will despise the unjabbed and blame them for their incarceration. Could it be that they cannot afford to have any unjabbed visible in society as they will constitute a control group for comparison? The all cause mortality for the the jabbed is higher than the unjabbed and getting worse. The unjabbed will have to comply or they will be removed before the full damage appears so no comparisons can be made.

Aldo Bennedetti

Bingo on “control group for comparison”.


The jab cannot be in the frame as the cause of the next pandemic/health disaster so all must have it.

Aldo Bennedetti

100%. Undermines their entire project and is holding back phase 2.


All other medical tests and experiments have a control group but they have never given an explanation as to why this one doesn’t. Of course what you say is absolutely true, they don’t want any comparison. They also want to inflict whatever it is they are putting in the jabs on everyone except those in their clique.


Sadly the “Vaccine” industry never uses an unvaccinated control group.
The control group are giving another “Vaccine” and not a placebo.


Now you mention it I do remember hearing that. Something else that makes no sense.


No it historically makes perfect sense. You give another dangerous jab, like Menigitis as Placebo, so that the new dangerous jab, looks no more dangerous than the control Then you quickly unblind the study and give the placebo group the real new dangerous jab aswell (double poisoned) and authorise the new product.

Some jabs are followed up for as little as 5 days! Any longer and the after effects start to show, so they cut the trials short at the point that occurs, to trim off such awkward data.

Then they maintain it would be forever unethical to not jab every child with the new poison and to never dare do a real jabbed vs unjabbed population study, as that would place the unjabbed, at terrible risk of the boogeyman disease. By doing this, they ensure the whole population is made sick from the side effects and no comparison can ever exist..

When such studies are independently done, every single societal illness rockets in only the jabbed. The unjabbed remain far healthier in all regards..

In the covid trials, ICAN of The Highwire, did manage to force Pfizer to use a real saline placebo for the early part of the trials but they rapidly swapped to another jab placebo, as soon as they could, I believe. Moderna and Pfizer hid their animal trials, which showed birth defects in both, despite Moderna choosing to wait until post foetal development points, in hope to avoid glaring issues. Neural tube defects, misshaped ribs and hips, and other horrors abounded. Expect such in humans soon..


Removed from society and stripped of any assets if you don’t accept their jab and coming Debt Forgiveness Plan.


I don’t think much debt forgiveness will occur, as they don’t seem in a very forgiving mood! I know what you are referring too though and yes CBDC and UBI will mean a swap of all old monetary system.


Let’s bring in Doc Lloyd huh!!
(And the innocent little “shilled” up head on him!!)

I was thinking more Paddington bear than regular Koala myself…

Or maybe Zippy from 🌈!!

I dunno… 🤔

Jury’s out..

But sure an oul ZIP on him (and the Ninja) wouldn’t go astray at all at all!!


Yes ZIP MOUTHS the one and only transhumanist addition we need on all elite and their co-conspirators! Opens only into a nosebag to catch their verbal excrement and bile!


Excellent suggestion Pandora!

I can’t better that one mate!!



The national figures for uptake must be very low. It looks like they’re starting to panic, soon the bleeders will be sticking a needle into anything that moves.

Aldo Bennedetti

The boosters are going to be a problem as the vaxxed will soon be the unvaxxed due to the waning of the 1st 2 jabs.

So far my “pals” are 50/50 on the booster so it will need mandating.


because there is that rump we need to get at who really have been resistant.

Well I would not really trust a doctor that calls people “rumps” not exactly professional nor is it professional to give out “prizes and bribes” for jabs. Calling people “rumps” sounds like they are referring to people as “Meat” not human beings.

Last edited 13 days ago by Patrice
Aldo Bennedetti

Its the tone also from the coffin dodging kent. Patronising and looking down his nose.

Urban Fox

Even if people choose to believe in the official narrative regarding covid, it was officially downgraded from a High consequence infectious disease. To a Non High consequence infectious disease, 4 days before the first lockdown. This information is still on the goverment website. The direct link to this page is on Vernon Colemans website.

People need to stop believing what they are told, look at the evidence of the deadly harm that these Jabs are causing, and ask what’s the real reason for them being given. Because as David Icke has rightly said,

‘These fake vaccines are not protecting peoples health, they are targeting peoples health’.

‘My body my choice’ should not just apply to the male member. It should also apply to this kind of prick. One delivering unwanted deadly poison. We are now living in the vilest, most fascist, evil time in human history, in terms of the agenda and worldwide coordination to see it through. And this legalized medical rape is the next step. What greater evil can there be, what greater bondage than having no rights over our own body’s.

‘And the Lord said, i have seen my people in bondage, and i have heard their cry.
I know their sorrows. And i am come to deliver them from the hands of evil men,
and to lead them from that sorrowful place, to a land overflowing with milk and honey.’

Neil James

rump (rŭmp) n. 1. The fleshy hindquarters of an animal.

The slightly pained but overwhelmingly patronising expression on this gentlemans face leads me to believe that he might be calling us arseholes. *shrug*

Whereas our Kate, on the other hand… no, I shouldn’t.

Aldo Bennedetti

Kate is a kent you say?

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