The new Richie Allen Site. What’s going on?

Hi everyone,

Thanks for stopping by You’ll notice things are looking a bit different well that’s because we’re rolling out the new site which is pretty exciting for us and hopefully you guys too. At launch it’s going to be very bare bones, Richie gets quite a lot of traffic and we want to make sure everything works before making ever feature live. As of now it’s very simple, The player, some information and articles. But there’s so much more to come.

In the coming weeks we’ll be rolling out:

  • Commenting
  • Membership
  • Full member profiles
  • Internal forums so it’s a single sign in (we’ll keep the legacy forum available, you won’t lose anything!)
  • Activity wall. Basically allowing you to use as a social media site
  • Add friends
  • Private Message
  • We’ll announce more as it comes up.

It’s important to note you will not be required to give ANY of your personal information to use the site, there will never be algorithms guiding what you can or cannot see, and you will have full control of any information you do share. We’ll never demand any from you and we’ll never sell so much as a temporary e-mail address.

We hope you enjoy the site and appreciate your patience should we have teething problems. It would be awesome to just go live with everything but we’re not Google and we’d rather drip things in and make sure we stay online.



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Love the website and the ease of listening to the latest show.

Keep up the great work!


Thanks Richie. Love the new site and the programme. I don’t use Facebook or Twitter so I usually don’t have any way of saying this to you. Keep up the good work, we need you. All the best.

Delroy Murray

Some good old Irish luck to you sir….. It’s either going to be you or me who is the last man standing! If ever you play Elton John’s classic “I’m still standing” could you please dedicate it to me. You’re a top dj and a damn good listener. Peace.

T Killa

Testing…testing…. 123…..

Mr Flewit

Good stuff Richie, just what we need in the fight against Orwell’s monster on steroids.

Rob Clayton

Top man


Loving the new update Richie.
Keep up the fantastic work..
A sane (ish) voice in a maddening world ????


Love the new look website richie. Great work by hayden. ????


Thanks for keeping me sane over these months. Your guests have been a saviour.

Yeah, truly in the nick-of-time of getting a functional/operational platform for those of us that don’t use twitter nor F-book.
Looking forward to your new site’s development.
Thank You Brother Richie

btw, I tried posting the following comment(below) a few minutes before the show began on the *new members page* where people were registering/sign up.
It’s ‘prescient’ and should get posted today, otherwise it’ll be old news tomorrow.
Here it is:

2 things to say-

1) My observations here in Sweden *confirms* what Ryan Cristian said last night i.e. the overwhelming majority of people know that the MSM-mass media is most definitely NOT telling people “the whole truth, nothing but the truth”.
And, Ryan’s ‘sneaky suspicion’ that the real job of the MSM-mass media is to discredit any alternative narrative is correct.
Yes, it’s a highly sophisticated ‘Psych-Warfare Operation’ we are witnessing throughout the World.

2) Repeat of my initial post *Legacy Forum*:
“Well done Richie. Hayden too.
Better timing 1 could ever ask for.
I’m compelled now to ‘climb out of the shadows’ as it were.
“It’s time…”.
Tried to include a screenshot but failed. Here it is, in the following tweet –


Great stuff


Great news! Can’t wait!

Lyndsey Peel

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the efforts put into this. Looking forward to it!


Wow great site. love what you do


Looking good Richie…the website that is!

Graham Le Fevre

Looks pretty cool, best wishes Graham

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