The NHS Is NOT In Crisis – By Dr. Vernon Coleman

By Dr. Vernon Coleman – This article first appeared on


Ministers and advisers are constantly claiming that the NHS is in crisis mode – with wards and intensive care units overcrowded and staff hardly able to cope.

The blame, of course, is put on covid-19 – this year’s spectacularly over-marketed brand of the flu.

The truth, however, is rather different. As always the Government in the UK has been spinning and lying in order to create a crisis.

The fact is that the latest figures show that hospitals in England, for example, are not as busy today as they were a year ago – before the covid-19 story began.

In January 2020, the average general and acute hospital bed usage was between 90% and 95%.

But in January 2021, the average general and acute hospital bed usage was notably below 90%.

It is also claimed that huge numbers of members of NHS are off work because they have covid-19.

This isn’t true either.

The NHS is one of the biggest employers in the world, and the number of staff off sick is usually between 50,000 and 100,000.

Today, the number off work through sickness is close to the top of that range. Half are said to be off with `covid-19’.

But, of course, they aren’t.

Many of them are off sick because they have tested positive – with a PCR testing system that is not fit for purpose and which is picking up more false positives than real positives. My estimate is that around a third of those off sick are perfectly well but have a positive PCR test and are probably sitting at home, isolating and twiddling their thumbs.

So why are politicians and advisors, journalists and union representatives claiming that the NHS is close to collapse?

Well, there are a number of reasons.

1. As usual with covid-19, a great many lies are being told. This is a propaganda war and the Government is determined to convince the country that we are in the middle of a plague epidemic.
2. The NHS was short of staff before covid-19 started.
3. In the winter months, the NHS always struggles to cope. There is always a flu epidemic, and the numbers with flu needing to be in hospital is higher when the weather is cold. This year there is virtually no flu (because all the cases of flu are being diagnosed as covid-19) but the weather has been very cold.
4. There is virtually no GP service because of the covid-19 panic and because GPs are busy earning £12 a shot by giving covid-19 vaccinations – and so patients who need medical help are sent to hospital, or just go there themselves.
5. Many staff members have been made ill by the covid-19 vaccine.
6. The NHS has not been providing treatment for cancer patients, etc., and so many of these have deteriorated and now need hospital care.
7. Hospital wards are having to socially distance beds, patients and staff. This is putting pressure on the system because there are fewer beds per ward.
8. Staff are having to spend a great deal of time doing useless PCR tests on patients and messing around with the sort of equipment usually required when removing asbestos from an old church.
9. When hospital patients test positive (mostly false positive) they can’t go home if they have vulnerable relatives there.
10. The NHS has lost thousands of beds in recent years, and today the NHS is seriously short of beds. The number of administrators is, however, considerably more than adequate.
11. Many people are panicking and demanding hospital care for flu-like symptoms. They have been panicked by government propaganda. Once in hospital they will likely spread the virus to other patients – creating yet more fear.
12. Care homes are reluctant to accept hospital patients because they are aware of the criticism of the way the elderly were abandoned during the genocidal spring of 2020.

Copyright Vernon Coleman January 28th 2021 –

Vernon Coleman’s book `Proof that Masks Do More Harm than Good’ is available free on this website as a PDF. It is also available free (again as a PDF) on

Please tell friends, relatives, neighbours and workmates to download a copy and to read it. You may be shocked. And, remember, it’s free!

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I have just had this through from a reliable friend (ex police officer and now business woman) who lives in the Bournemouth area.

This is from a dear friend of mine that works at Bournemouth General hospital in the offices and has been sent to me. (She has emphasised she knows she is taking a serious risk from her bosses telling her she will lose her job if she or any of them speak to the press. This is the tyranny millions are living under. And it’s real)

Let me tell you what IS ACTUALLY happening in the hospital I work in:
– Wards are empty
– Seasonal flu deaths are NOT being counted
– Bacterial pneumonia is on the rise as a result of mask wearing
– The average age of people dying with covid is 84
– On the day the latest and most extreme UK lock down was announced in our Emergency Department the Major Incident and Resus bays were at certain times COMPLETELY EMPTY– meaning they only had walk-ins to deal with
– There is no panic, there is no chaos, yet to try to prove a different narrative a national newspaper found and printed a picture of our hospital from national stock photos – why would they do that?

Hundreds of my colleagues have dutifully presented themselves for vaccination. Following their first dose of the Pfizer vaccine we have members of staff hospitalised and many suffering reactions preventing them from working. The outcome is that we have a record number of agency staff nurses on site. The unintended consequences of the vaccine has created a staff shortage and ergo a potential crisis all of its own. I doubt our hospital is an isolated case.

Don’t get me started…
The reason the UK is in lockdown is because lateral flow tests and PCR tests give false positives – by as much as 80%. Increased testing of people that are not ill and have zero symptoms but create false positives give the Government false stats and from this policy decisions are made. Result LOCKDOWN: people’s lives devastated, schools closed, businesses going down…a country in a terrible downward spiral.

We tested kiwi fruit, apple sauce, cherry coke and, sorry to say, the urine of a dog…ALL POSITIVE.

Make your OWN mind up…
But my question to you would be: are you now in a rush to put your mask back on, get a test, queue for a vaccine or buy a national newspaper?


I whole heartedly agree with Dr. Coleman, I say Dr. because he is more doctor then anyone in Government or being paid by them to lie. My point is about cancer patients, my wife has had a cough which has got slowly but progressively worse since March 2020. She’s spoken at least 4 times to doctors, (over the phone) and all thats happened is 2 chest x-rays which say it’s not her chest. One was done in May and the other last month yet no one has examined her or offered an explanation for her symptons! I only hope it is nothing serious but feeling quite helpless.


That is very sad and I hope you manage to get her care and the proper diagnosis. A friend of mine post heart attack in 2019, had a stroke in 2020 amid covid chaos, they waited 5 hours for an ambulance and had to go my taxi in the end,only to be told they needed a negative PCR test to be allowed in the hospital to be treated for the stroke!! This is after 2019’s massive campaign about strokes and the need for rapid treatment. The hospitals in question were not even busy with covid patients at the time, according to stats, so they simply could not be bothered to send an ambulance as normal. Best wishes to your wife for getting treated.


This Dancing for Doctors!
the real “Crises” within the NHS.

Caroline Fealy

I remember all the cuts that have happened over the years to the NHS. How can people be so neive. It saddens me :(.



Tony Fauci endorsed the wearing of multiple masks to combat the spread of Covid19, citing ‘common sense’ as support for this new public health position. In light of this new utilization of common sense by our public health leaders, what other policies could we recommend based on, ‘common sense’?


Mask wearing is like making people wear a badge saying ‘look at me I’m a believer’ and I’m doing it for YOU.


Masks are little more than 21st century rosary beads.

Bryan Gregory

Yes Craig and Rosary Beads are about as much use as a chocolate fireguard

gary frost

The masked ones are the marked ones.

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