The Only People With Trump Derangement Syndrome Are His Supporters

Speaking to Fox News last night, former US President Donald Trump urged his supporters to have a covid vaccine. Trump said the jabs are “safe” and “something that works.”

He went on to say that he would recommend vaccination to “a lot of people that don’t want to get it,” acknowledging that “a lot of those people voted for me.” He assured his followers that the vaccines are “great” and “safe.”

Republicans are hesitant about receiving a vaccine, according to a new poll from The Associated Press-NORC Centre for Public Affairs Research.

It found that 42% of Republicans say they probably or definitely will not have the jab, compared with 17% of Democrats. Republicans are right to be hesitant about having a vaccine of course.

In office, Donald Trump was no more or less of a puppet than his predecessors. I told Richie Allen Show listeners back in 2016, that Trump was a fraud and would renege on every single populist campaign promise. I was right.

It all sounded great. He told us that Crooked Hillary would go to jail. He said he’d drain the swamp. Interventionist policies would end, he said. There was the nonsense about the wall. It was bullshit, all of it. But I don’t blame his supporters for falling for it then.

The alternative was unthinkable. The other option was crime family matriarch Hillary Clinton, a murderess and worse besides. The prospect of Hillary facing justice was very appealing.

Trump said he’d appoint a special prosecutor to investigate her. It never happened. The day after he was elected he said the Clinton’s were “special people” and that he didn’t want to “hurt them.”

Trump said he’d repeal Obamacare. It never happened. Trump said he’d change the vaccination schedule for children. It never happened. His supporters were very excited when they heard Trump had given an audience to Andrew Wakefield. Nothing came of it. More vaccines were added to the schedule for children on Donald’s watch.

Trump said he’d get rid of Common Core. It never happened. Trump said he’d “drain the swamp.” He filled it. Goldman Sachs never had it so good during Trump’s term.

He said he’d rid the country of undocumented immigrants. Again, it never happened. Trump declared that manufacturing would make a comeback if he was in office. It never happened.

Trump said US intervention overseas would end when he was in the White House. More lies. In 2019 alone, Trump dropped nearly 7,500 bombs on Afghanistan. Obama supported the Saudi’s genocide in Yemen. That support increased under Trump.

In 2019, US planes were dropping so many bombs on Yemen, that the Department of Defense stopped saying just how many airstrikes were taking place. That was unprecedented.

I’ve not even touched Trump’s bending the knee to Israel. I could write 2,000 words on Trump’s sexual proclivities and his relationships with The Clinton’s and Jeffrey Epstein. Maybe another day.

I don’t blame Trump supporters for believing the populist bullshit he spouted in the 2016 Presidential campaign. Like I said, the alternative was unthinkable.

I do blame them for lacking the courage and the humility to acknowledge that they were duped. When confronted with some or all of the above facts, Trump fans cite Trump Derangement Syndrome. How ironic.

Trump, Obama, Clinton, Bush and his Daddy were funded by and controlled by the same people. Trump in office was no better or worse than those who came before him.

The only deranged people here are those who still hang on his every word and scream that he was robbed back in November. Was he robbed? I can’t say. But does it even matter? Of course not. If he was defrauded out of the election, it was by the same people who put him in the White House in the first place.

The Great Reset and Agenda 2030 are real. The planet is being turned into a technocratic prison. What did Donald Trump do to stop that during his term in office? Nothing. It gathered pace on Trump’s watch as it did on his predecessor’s. It’ll speed up again during Biden’s time in office. And the beat goes on.





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REAL STAND UP ANTI ESTABLISHMENT GUY dummeis fell for this guy time and time again
I do not agree with Tony Blair on much but he has led the debate on vaccinations well.
Put him in charge of the vaccine programme and let’s have a government of all the talents to end this unmitigated disaster.


comment image

REAL STAND UP ANTI ESTABLISHMENT GUY dummeis fell for this guy time and time again
I do not agree with Tony Blair on much but he has led the debate on vaccinations well.
Put him in charge of the vaccine programme and let’s have a government of all the talents to end this unmitigated disaster.

Jennifer Walters

I agree 100%. I was duped at first, I was so thrilled as a mom of a vaccine injured son that someone, anyone, running for Pres said the right things about vaccine safety. When he brought RFKjr to Trump Tower to start a vaccine safety commission I cried. But the minute RFK jr was ghosted by Trump and then I saw the swamp pharma assholes he hired to run health stuff, crap…I was pissed. I can’t believe I fell for it. Well, never again. Anyhoo- since my son was injured in 2008, we don’t vaccinate or go to doctors that accept health plans and other drugs. God Bless you Richie, your show, Dr Vernon and all the other reports of yours have kept my head out of the oven. Hugs from Southern California-Home of the Double masked zombies. xo Jen

Words and Comments

Well said, Richie and all the more important that the message that you are conveying is put across now, since said D.T. could well be your president in four years time: and by that I mean YOUR president since, in case you dozy Brits have not noticed, your country is now entirely overrun, your monarchy overthrown and now primed for final assimilation into the ole US of A. You may not even get to be admitted as the 51st state. Can you really suffer the indignity of having to stand in line behind Puerto Rica, Greenland and maybe a few others? Get on the Meghan quickly and see if you can patch things up with her. If nothing else, she might be able to put in a good word for you with Oprah; tell her that your not a bad lot really.


MAGA lot where dumbcomment image


I liked trump for the same reason i used to like boris because they triggered the right people but i would never trust either they are all to quote max igan criminals masquerading as politicians


Right or left wing are two wings on the same bird… And if you want to see Trump’s ‘real bird’ in all its glory.. you need to see it from a time before he went on his four year ego trip in the White house.

I can’t post the link here.. so I’ll post it on my page.

Check out the luxurious 757 that he cruises the globe in!!
(Very nice!!)

Oh and have a look at the planes Captain cleaning the upholstery “WITH A TOOTHBRUSH” 22 mins and 12 seconds in!!

Tis a sight to behold… 😉!!

And says it all about the man really!!!

It’s on the ‘Gestapo tube’ under the heading “Donald Trump’s Private Jet” and it’s 45 mins 53 seconds long.

And it’s now also up on my page if anyone’s interested!!


Last edited 1 year ago by Gerry

Dog and pony show Gerry, the worlds a stage, agree totally on the trumpster. trump is a showman, how many times has he been made bankrupt and yet he still made it to the white house, must admit though the way he talked to his opponents both republican and killary in those televised debates was brilliant, meant to say in his first election campaign not last years. Happy ST Patricks day to you and all the people from the emerald isle.


Cheers Martin!

Ah totally with Trump.. perhaps he may have had the best of intentions to ‘drain the swamp’ (though most likely just a ruse to gain votes!), but no doubts he’s long since been compromised.. so, if it didn’t happen in the first year of his tenure, it was never going to happen!

Some weird stuff coming through the grapevine that’s happening over there this weather though… I’m hearing and even seeing some strange raids taking place.. Black hawk helicopters landing on city streets and the likes!



I think it was Harry Truman that said he only realised how little power the president had was when he got the job, your talking about 70 years ago if anything the office will hold less power now I would think. Seen a guy that Jon Rappaport interviewed explain how presidents are manipulated, take Jimmy Carter, he never knew he was chosen by certain people, once Carter was in office they used his own values against him, the guy said Carter was a nice guy who wanted to do the best he could, so they appealed to his good character to get him to implement policy that the globalists wanted, Carter had no idea thought he was doing the right thing, even though Clinton was chosen he had to be handled in a different way, said old willy boy was a smart guy, if anyone tried to tell him sign this or do that Clinton might not do it, so he had to be handled in a different way, trump might have had ideas and things he would have done, who knows he might really love America, I would be amazed if he was not compromised in some way, was listening to a show earlier were they were showing the recent footage of biden were in one segment half his head disappears( nae loss really he’s gone ) from the screen, they think it could be c.g.i footage, feck knows strange times indeed

Urban fox

Hi Martin, Sent you couple private messages. One just now.

For years I have believed, as you said I think. Left and right no different. It doesn’t matter how these things are labeld. Same with the terms communism/ facism. Socialism / capitalism.. It’s all nonsense . Because life works a particular way. And we either work with or against it. People have a natural drive as a species to better themselves and have a better life for themselves and families if possible. And to get what they can. But also to help others. As we are social beings and need each other. So it’s all to do with balance.
The way I see it. The only difference is that really counts is You have a society which is more or less free. It’s like on a gradient scale. And what we have now, is we are at the shit end of the scale being stamped on by a jackboot. It’s basically Totalitarianism. And becoming a new form of Totalitarianism which is the teqnocracy. And
Speak soon


Alright mate. Agree with all of you say, it is, in the eyes of the monsters all about control, forget about all the movements they are a means to an end, spiritual yes, as a lapsed catholic ( aren’t we all ) not just the events of this past year but well before that made me think about where we are, what we are , where did we come from you know what I mean, talk about that later, back on to our supposed overlords, the globalistas, tyrants, or just plain scum, they worship lucifer, which basically means they worship themselves, they think they are gods, they will pay their dues, not in this life I fear but they will pay, blow job johnson and his ilk are on the dark side, if we cannot defeat these fools we deserve all that is coming our way.


Yes… I’ve seen some of that footage too.. what I saw was his hands going straight through the press corps microphone as he was ‘alledgedly’ being interviewed before boarding ‘Marine One’..
Bizarre to say the least and to be honest I’ve no idea what’s going on there.. suffice to say that Joe hasn’t got much time left regardless (with sympathy to folk with similar degenerative age related illness!)..

So too little too late for him I’m afraid.

And the whole thing is most definitely staged and they’re undoubtedly handled and occasionally ‘executed’ if they overstep their mark.. (eg. JFK)


Urban fox

Hi Gerry just sent you private message.


Got that Fox!

Urban fox

Did some research few years ago. And the same bloodlines are running planet since beginning. All connecting in with Rockefellers, Rochchild, Royal families of Europe and American presidents etc.Most of the American Presidents are related.Even Obama. Can’t remember about trump. Not that matters much.They are also all connected in by the secret society network. This is not even conjecture. They are basically chosen, not elected. And the European leaders though not related by blood are tied in through the society’s. Official bodies have traced the geaniology. Also most incredibly, is something called Reece negative blood. Which is a rare bloodgroup. Can’t remember percentage. But Some people have small traces as well. The interesting and very surprising thing, is it is known, that . A large percentage of these powerful people and leaders and presidents / royalty, have this blood group. Impossible to be coincidental. Anyone voting for any of the major parties in the world. Is basically voting for the same thing.


100% Fox… Yes, they don’t like contamination from the ‘useless eaters’.

Strange that both you and Martin are mentioning these ‘deeper considerations’ as I’ve just yesterday stumbled across some new data which ‘connects’ the dots even further.

Suffice to say that ‘blood and satanism’ are the central theme.

I’ll refrain from posting here though, as it’s way too sensitive, plus there’s always the possibility that the data is artificial or fake.
(Which would further serve their Agenda!!)

Yes… The game’s all about total enslavement and control now.. and as we both know, that clock is ticking fast.

Strange days looming on the horizon now and sadly, the vast majority are walking straight into it blindfolded..

Not looking g👀d from here on in I’m afraid!!!

Last edited 1 year ago by Gerry
Urban fox

Goya ( meaning cattle) is what the inner core, call us.


Code for slaves or meat I take it??

Urban fox

Possibly. It’s an old Hebrew word . In the old ” protocols documents. It is used all the time. To refer to the masses.


Same as sheep I’d say.

We’re lower class to them… Disposable.


It’s real difficult to discuss American politics with anyone, even British people. If you criticise Biden they jump on you as a Trump lover and vice verse. Not many can understand you can dislike and distrust both. Both are sucking from the same teat.

I was about to say that Trump was more entertaining but I’ve just seen Biden’s quick Bloomberg interview where the greenscreen screws up 😂😂 seems he does have entertainment potential after all.


As has been mentioned before, Trump was a trap to re-engage the masses with the political sphere and increase the social conflict. It worked.
On the face of it, he offered hope – the hope of real change: but like anything coming from the system, it proved to be a false hope.
The problem with icons of hope is that people don’t want to let them go, even in the face of clear evidence that they have been conned.
The same is true of the vaccines.

Tony K

Trump is as much of a traitorous, sellout as Biden. Nothing honest or good comes out of the US government. Or Israeli government. Or UK government.

Sick, twisted cnuts, every single one of them.

Wes Baker

None of these clowns, as Richie says, could organise a ‘piss up in a brewery’. All Trump is thinking about is his ‘legacy’. ‘I rolled out the “vacine”.’ That’s it. That’s the extent of his thinking and motivations. (And I voted for the dude. Jeez, what were my choices? Killary?)


He played right into the WHO/Davos crowd/WEF reset hand.

Trump’s one shade better than the village idiot: sometimes he’s a useful idiot.

Last edited 1 year ago by Wes Baker

I even bought a T-shirt from Alex Jones saying Trump is my president for $10 in 2016 before the election. I just couldn’t live with the thought of the Killary even realizing it’s all a puppet show anyway. I recall a line from British comedy, “learning all the time”, forgot the name of the dude, he was chasing half naked babes all the time.


Possibly Benny Hill you were thinking of! He was always chasing the gals in risque early TV days. Much of his material was very well observed (who can blame him with the ladies LOL), political satire though. Most comedy these days is braindead from vacuous Maskhole Vaxxhole celebs, desperately pushing the agenda to remain remotely relevant, in the dawn of full on tyranny.


Yes, that’s the guy 🙂 I haven’t watched TV for around 20 years now. I can only imagine kind of crap is on these days.


For a time I thought Trump was 2 steps forward and 1 back slowing down the progress of the deepstate but no, he left a real potent taste in your mouth in the end.


A little bit of me thinks that this Covid crap and subsequent vaccine push beyond imagination are a crafty ploy to erase western society – birth rates plummet, mass cytokine storm deaths, virus shedding vaccinated morons cooking potent strains in their systems leading to an actual pandemic. Meanwhile, the crafty commie in China waits it out, the long game, and when there is no resistance – bosh, we are done.


There are no Communists in China. The CCP is just another corporate brand.


It’s all a puppet show. The Matrix

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