Hey there. This is just a little bit of housekeeping. Listeners often ask me about old shows. "Is there an archive Richie?" Yes there is. I've been working with Podomatic.com since mid 2015. So at http://www.richieallen.podomatic.com you can listen to every single show from September 2015 to the present day. That's around 1000 shows. I've got hard copies of the live shows broadcast before September 2015 and will eventually upload them to Podomatic, but not today or tomorrow! There's a lot of work in that. So there you have it. There are three and a half years of shows archived on Podomatic that can be heard online or downloaded in MP3 form. Have a great week and remember, The Richie Allen Show is a LIVE radio show, broadcasting at 5 PM GMT Mon - Thurs and 11 AM GMT every Sunday. Talk soon.

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