The RIchie Allen Show Has Been Banned From Twitter


Twitter deleted The Richie Allen Show account this evening. It happened during the live show. I received an automated email saying that I had violated one of a number of Twitter’s policies. They’re deliberately vague of course.

I don’t particularly care. I’m letting you know as you use it to comment on the live show. We’ll just have to find another way.

Monday’s show is online now. Speak tomorrow.


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In the old days this type of tyranny would just cut your tongue out.


I would like to see people speak with their feet and jusy close their twitter and face book accounts and use alternative sights – and stop them earning so much money from one sided platforms ..


My twitter account was blocked 11 July – for asking questions re covid and vaccine patents by Fauci – I have appealed – but no response from them they do say I can delete my comments and avoid the appeal but do not say of I remove my comments if they will unblock ….I now have no doubts whatever I said has hit a nerve and assures me my thinking is on the right road – as there is no way to contact twitter I have no idea what will happen re my account – but of course I also cannot see what others write or keep up with news from around the globe on twitter

Dee D

Never had a Twitter account or any of that social media nonsense. Glad I could still comment here.


Same here!



Angela Lambert

Hello Richie
I have been telling people to come to your website and listen to your show ( on Twitter ) since the ban. Where next? Gab? You know I’m a huge fan of your work.

Marissa Oatley

Can we still message through this website when you go live?? Also I love you!! Lol


Twatter did you a favor. Driving any traffic to their site is bad. I love your show and you, Richie, but being off Twatface is a Good Thing. Cheers!


Yes this is much better! I always wanted to comment but couldn’t stand to use twatter!



Colin G

you cold always use code richie and let us decipher it like nazi germany its gone full circle lol

Lynda Corns

Richie ….Mark Windows is great, i listen to him every week, good he’ll be back on. How about getting Jeff Berwick on, Dollar Vigilante, wrote Controlled Demolition of the American Empire with Charlie Robinson.

John Daisley



They will never stop you Richie, where there is a will, there is a way. Truth will out what ever tricks these sneaky bastards try, sod twitter, they are so arrogant, they are not the only outlet on the internet,


Join the club Richie, Twitter is nothing but a echo chamber now anyway


Same with reddit and Facebook.
I wonder if people will get bored?

Carlo Cretaro

Hey Richie. Telegram is your best bet I think. Easy to use and all that. Keep up the great work as usual. 🙂


Do you have to have a phone number for that one?


The wonderful thing is you can always use another platform like telegram Richie. Fuck twitter.

Tom M

Very sad to hear this but in all honestly it was inevitable that this would eventually happen. I’m sure all your trolls, haters and the pro-vax, pro-lockdowns brigade will be over the moon at this news.

I have to say I haven’t missed Twitter one bit since I deleted my account several months ago. As far as antisocial media goes, it has become nothing more than one giant cesspit of propaganda, trolling, virtue signalling, narcissism and censorship.


The personality types on there will either a. Start to infight and attack each other for victimhood. Or b. Get bored after they delete Everyone and move on to something else.
Myself, I’m hoping we start to move away from social media altogether. It’s better when communities cam build on websites like this!


There are plenty of other open platforms, sod em!

Welsh Gregg in china

fuck em richie, just use the website, and try and work out a back up for when they come for your site. Only reason i joined twitter was so i could interact with the show. I can still interact on twatter with people ive become acquainted with because of the show so i will stay on there till they delete me. Due to time difference i normally miss the live show, but do love interacting on your sunday show. Is MySpace still going ?😉

Aw that’s my worry. Can they ban independent radio? I know very little about how all this technical stuff works.


Make a new account Richie, everytime they throw you off do the same again. Don’t let them silence you!!

Last edited 1 month ago by Kristina
Tim @OlliesGrandad

They threw me off two weeks ago for questioning a double jab zombie on her view that my grandson should be jabbed, to protect her.
Twitter is full of them so good riddance to it

North Island Kiwi

The latest insanity from New Zealand? The WASTEWATER in the north island town where I live has …. GASP … tested positive for the rona. We’re all encouraged to get tested because …. YIPES … we might be sick. And then we’re told that the symptoms of the rona mimic the common cold.

Yes, let’s lockdown because the common cold is spreading.

When the hell will people see the absurdity and just stop complying! How much more ridiculous does it have to get?

North Island Kiwi

And yes, I know that this raises the even bigger questions of WHY they are testing the wastewater and what the hell else they are testing for!


Jacinda Ardern like all good New Zealander’s is just taking care of her sheep.
You must all remain in your pens the mummy shepherdess will look after you.


Oh it can get even more ridiculous… apparently passing wind could pass on the rona

Insanity. The kiwis seem to be better at sport though, especially female weightlifting 😉


The offers from Playboy and Penthouse will be flooding in once the Olympics are over 🤮🤮

Welsh Gregg in china

nice beard though


I honestly think this bloke is a complete piss taker and is doing this for a laugh to see how far he can push this nonsense and how totally stupid he can make the Olympic organisers look. Once it’s all over he will probably cash in by doing Oprah Winfrey then go back to being a man.


Oh it can get more ridiculous alright… apparently passing wind and you can now catch the rona!

Boris The Toilet Mop

Telegram mate – Faecesbook, Twitter, google are just globalist censoring and data mining operations anyway.


here is another contract- for anticoagulants against blood clots, 3 billion pounds worth from Nov 21 to 2024. Any idea why they a government would want this much>….stupid question.


Apart from the obvious? As Dan said in Monday’s show, governments will throw money into the system to forestall an economic crash until they are ready to transition to cashless.


Unless we become ‘ungovernable’.


Yes: but unless that happens in significant numbers, it will make little difference. It’s certainly not going to happen among the majority who, faced with lots of ungovernable people, will cry out for tighter controls, more law and order, and maybe even martial law so that they can feel ‘safer’.
It’s a trap.


A quote from an excellent biography of Miles Davis by the great British Trumpeter Ian Carr “eventually you can become tired of anything; even of being scared”. faced with no choice it may very well drive enough people to the controlled disobedience required.


Richie, can you go to Telegram?


I have just found the telegram account


There don’t seem to be any posts on that channel.


The channel is’ Richie Allen Show’


There is a channel simply called Richie Allen’ there are imposters all around us.


‘Richie Allen Show’ has all of the posts from this site, all links to the podcasts and all information from the recent events.


I’ve got it now. My god there really are some nutters on that feed though.

Kelly Maher

It’s time to boycott Twitter. I’m deleting my account. The only way to defeat these tyrants is to disengage with their services if possible. I find it so depressing – all this censorship and tyranny. How much worst are things going to get – that is what scares me.


Boycott all you like: there are over a billion others that won’t.


Big Oaks from little Acorns do grow


Walk around in the autumn and you’ll see lots and lots of little acorns. Very few of them grow to be big oaks.


I never mentioned the words ‘all’ or the ‘majority’ at any point in my single line of optimise; perhaps you missed that? I’ll try to be clearer in future.


Nope, didn’t miss that. You were clear enough. I think it is me that was not clear.
What we need is lots and lots of big oaks, from every acorn – and that doesn’t happen.


That almost goes without saying.


bit by bit- all you need is a small critical mass.


Well said,


More power to you Kelly.


The irony is that Twitter continues to use what is essentially the white dove of peace as its brand logo, when in reality they are more likely to blast said bird with both barrels of a 12 gauge to stop its tweeting.


Maybe an old skool irc chat room on the website and web notifications for announcements would work OK?


Keep going Ritchie, don’t let the bastards get you down.


You an always pop to twitter HQ dressed like this and informed them their is a contamination and their infected
comment image

Urban fox

Hi Ame, very funny,

More proof that any platform that offers a space for open discussion and opposing views to the controlled Narrative will be shut down.
There are countries that pride themselves on Freedom of Speech. Citizens of those countries need to wake up to the fact that they are
losing control of that Freedom, along with Freedom of Travel, Freedom of Movement, Freedom of Information, and Freedom of Choice. 
“The Biden Administration’s call to censor — through public utilities and private companies — anyone who shares information about risks and the lack of benefit of these COVID injections must be rejected on ethical, legal and Constitutional grounds.” (Mercola) The world is heading down a slippery slope. Anyone who can’t see that isn’t paying attention. (imo)


As the solicitor on Richie’s show, last week, pointed out, ‘public health emergencies’ allows governments to do legal end runs around the Human Rights Acts.
Global public health emergencies also puts the world’s MSM under the juristiction of the WHO (if I understand it correctly) and, by extension, the central body of the UN.
America are bound to UN rules the same as the other 192 nation states.
In essence, we already have a One World Government: it just hasn’t been officially ratified.


As the BBG is already on Telegram who gives a shiny Sh** about Twitter.

Jane Edmonds

Well Richie that is sad news but maybe ‘Rods from God’ tonight…to be honest I was quite disgusted at your shaming of Kate Shemirani this evening. We all have different views and I will still listen to your show but honestly….did you really need to say that and do you know how she has beaten cancer by going against BIG PHARMA and is for Vitamins?

You said you didn’t even know the woman and listened to her son speaking out against her. I would say you don’t have any children, you do not know how difficult it is advising our children against the awful situation they may face in the future if they take up all this shit! Maybe now you have lost your Twitter account, you might actually read comments posted on your Radio station by people who have churned out a few pennies to support you….


Don’t hold back Jane; speak your mind 🙂

Jane Edmonds

Aww thanks, always will! My goodness though, keeping up with all this crap that has been thrown at us is a hard slog, worth it though X

Urban fox

Hi Jane, i personaly like Kate,and think she is a brave honest woman. And certainly no nutter.And has only said what many others have said,who are in the public eye. I was at the event ,some of what the papers said was accurate,some was not and out of context. But medical staff,some of them knowingly are complicit,in the deaths of many people. That much i think is undeniable.Both through Billys blood clot jabs,as i like to call them, and through DNR notices and Medazalam. All which have been disscused in detail on the show.


Love her or hate her on the basis that there is no such thing as bad publicity Kate Shemirani has succeeded in raising her profile enormously. I’m sure that the interest and hits on her Bitchute channel have now hit the stratosphere.

Last edited 1 month ago by Mark
Jane Edmonds

In my view, we need people like Kate for our cause, passionate about what you do goes a long way. As a flower grower with passion that Bees are in demise and the New World Order wants to stop us growing, I’m on board with Kate X

Jane Edmonds

Thank you, I think we all have to go with our gut feeling and should not shame anybody who does that. We are a new connected force in our feeling of something is right, trouble is keeping up with everybody! Don’t get any notifications from this site so just checked back. Keep well and keep sane X


If I understand correctly, Shemirani was asking for names and addresses of doctors and nurses so that she can compile a list. Online, this is called ‘doxxing’. Ocasio Cortez in the USA also wanted to do the same thing with regard Trump supporters.
It’s wrong. I don’t care what the justification is.
Besides, that kind of speech is just what the authorities need to label anti-Covid protestors as extremists and possibly ‘domestic terrorists’. If they were to do that, what comes next do you think?


Well said Craig. I was there on both Monday and Saturday and felt that Kate Shemerani was a little too near the knuckle at the weekend; by contrast the Icke’s were balanced, personable and quite funny too; especially Gareth. I can imagine that it’d be very easy to get a little excited given the crowd and subject matter, but everyone concerned should make an effort to keep this movement as clear of controversy and physical violence as possible. Oddly enough, despite being bated by some C**ntstables and agent provocateurs (especially present on Monday) proceeds have been very peaceful so far. We must not descend into violent civil disorder, organised, focussed civil disorder is what we need.

Jane Edmonds

Think that women are always nearer the knuckle when passionate, maybe that’s just my household but we need to find a way to stand and stay together X


WE are not the enemy; THEY are.

Jane Edmonds

Absolutely …… X

Jane Edmonds

We get doxxing at our local Stand in the Park but most people are innocent, they just want to connect. They are definitely not like A0C….! Most of us are far too down the rabbit hole to not note that and personally I think Kate Shemirani is a good and passionate woman who has a great deal of health advice that nations could benefit from, my view X


I agree with you Jane, there’s a lot to admire about Kate Shemirani. She’s put herself on the line and deserves more respect. And ITS GOOD that she advocates for natural health. Still, did she need to make the comparison between the Nazis and the NHS? I don’t know, I know what she’s getting at given all the harms done by the NHS over the last year or so. But she must have known it would be used against her by the MSM. Also I didn’t like her attitude at one stage towards Louise from Save our Rights. So I think she’s flawed BUT she’s certainly not the “crazy” portrayed by the media nor does she seem to be on some power trip as suggested elsewhere…

Last edited 1 month ago by Rupert

The NHS is administering a toxic, DNA manipulating, experimental, unlicensed drug masquerading as a “vaccine”, The public is not being given full informed consent. Over 1 million injuries and over 1400 deaths on MHRA site so far, which is a tiny fraction of the real numbers. The comparison with the Nazis is fully justified. The NHS has effectively become the Nazi Hell Service.

Jane Edmonds

Sadly, I agree….

Jane Edmonds

Hi Rupert, sorry for late response but I don’t receive any notifications from this site so just came back. Basically, I think we are all flawed, particularly those of us who are passionate, my reading of Kate referring to Nazis is that people are carrying out medical procedures without questioning what is dictated to them by Government and not following up research or providing informed consent. You can break a conversation or a speech down in many ways, having followed her for some time, that is my assessment. We need to stick together on our regards to bodily sovereignty and our human rights. There are many people trying to break our resolve. I stand against that and as much as I think Richie does a great job, with insightful guests, sometimes I tear my hair out at what he is doing. He is doing journalism, good job as no mainstream there and it’s left to us to pull him up on a few things, at least he listens to that X


People who are as lazy as Allen have to slag off everyone who tries to actually do something in order to excuse himself for never doing anything at all.

Deep down Allen knows that.

Even Icke does more. Allen’s the radio equivalent of a mask wearer whose real reason for demanding that others wear masks has nothing to do with health and safety. It’s entirely to make themselves feel better about doing absolutely nothing to end mask wearing.

And No – sitting in his house doing a radio show is not ‘doing’ anything. He doesn’t do that because he’s a modern-day Wiliam Wallace. Even the great, much older, and far less healthy John Waters does infinitely more – despite knowing that he’s trying to overcome insurmountable odds. Even though John Waters knows that he has little chance of success, he’s inspiring. Allen only does this because he’s lazy, with limited career options, and this show is purely an income source that accommodates that chronic lazines.

He might try to BS about being able to get a position with a big station yada, yada, yada. Even if that was true (I doubt it. That ship sailed years ago), that would require him to do far more than he is doing – or would ever be prepared to do.

Make no mistake, Allen is not concerned about you when he criticises people who might be really trying to turn this around. Saying that he’s a ‘real journalist’, ad nauseum, does not make his (in)actions that of a real journalist.

He disses what people like Simon Dolan, Fuellmich, O’Bernicia, UK Column News etc. are doing because he’s concerned about them competing for listeners’ subscriptions and donations.

It’s frightening for lazy people like Allen if your money might start going to someone who might have more success in turning this around. That would require him to ‘do’ more to compete or raffle more crystals in his selfless and brave fight against world tyranny from his front room. Even the crystals are donated!

His position as Ickle’s suppository prevents him from maligning him about speaking on a stage (BTW, Gareth’s speech was absolutely outstanding and will have positively affected many people who heard it). Meanwhile, Allen chooses to deride the organisers who made that speech available fpr millions to hear.

What coverage the MSM game to the event was to attack it and the particpants. When Allen asks why the MSM doen’t cover his show and its guests, it’s because they know he’s not a threat. No one that lazy ever will be,.

Of course, it’s possible that the organisers’ motives are suspect. I don’t know. If he believes they are not to be trusted, then why doesn’t Icke organise these events? Would Allen berate him if he had organised it? Why doesn’t Richie do the organising? He’d probably say, “It’s because they do no good”. That’s just another, pathetic excuse for doing absolutely nothing and is provably, illogical bollocks for him to say that.

i.e. He wants you to believe that his show, (where he sits on his arse and just talks) is important but others talking on stages all around the world is not. So, in what alternative reality is he living that he thinks that his jabbering is a force for positive change but that others doing even more than just jabbering is a waste of time?

It’s possible that all of these people are frauds and just on the take. That risk can never be eliminated. However, there is a chance that one or more of them are genuinely making an effort and might at least stem the tide.

With Allen, there is no such chance because he’s rcommitted to doing nothing.

I’m honestly starting to wonder if he’s even aware of the hypocritical garbage he spouts. One minute she’s “a nutter” and “fish-wife”, so bad that he doesn’t understand why anyone would go on stage with her while saying that “this is in no way an attack on Shemirani” and admitting that he doesn’t even know her.

Has he invited her on his show to give her a right of reply to the accusations levelled against her – in the same way that he demands others should be allowed to do? I doubt it. He openly admits he wouldn’t go on the same stage as her. So, what chance is there that he’d invite her onto his stage?

One minute he’s a humble soul, then the next minute he’s boasting about the size of his audience – immediately followed by THE most ridiculous claim that he never boasts about it.

He’s never stopped telling his audience about how he never boasts about it – FFS!

When Allen says, “Listen carefully to what I’m saying”, he’s right. You should because clearly he can’t even remember what he’s said ‘in-the-same-show’.

It’s like listening to a mirror image of James O’Brien at times. Thank God for the guests who are often ‘real’ journalists – unlike the host.

Last edited 1 month ago by Mark
Queen B

Jane do you not think Katie Hopkins is the last person to have speaking at a rally if you want to reach the maximum amount of people? People will naturally not listen to her because she is viewed as a racist. Nomatter people’s personal opinion of her, people who have a heart could never ever respect for what she stands for. To call someone a cockroach is pretty low especially when people have literally been bombed into positions and are just as much a victim of the system than anyone is. What an odd thing to when trying to reach as many people as possible.

Richie, I forgot to mention this before. Maybe use whatsapp. People can call, text or send files. Just a thought. Cheers, Bill


There is already a Telegram account in Richie’s name but doesn’t appear to operative. Whatsapp is the work of Satan 🙂 owned by facebook; ultimately BlackRock. Bill, people are abandoning whatsapp and moving over to other platforms (virgin territory for the budding entrepreneur – me thinks). I learned about a platform called ‘Signal’ today and will give that a try.


I’m sure Mark Zuckerberg would be absolutely delighted to have the BBG on his platform. The Richie Allen show would be about as welcome as an outbreak of galloping gonorrhoea 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Welsh Gregg in china

i know the feeling


Nice one….


Well, it’s not like you didn’t see it coming. We all knew it was just a matter of time.


It’s badge of honour these day’s isn’t it?


Maybe. I’d say it’s more a badge of honour simply not engaging in the high squeal white noise that is Twitter, FB, Instagram, Tik Tok, etc.


In that case, I’d like you to present me with my medals Craig. I had a brief dalliance with Instagram and whatsapp; but ended up binning them as they are both a superficial waste of energy. I met some nice people at Saturday’s rally and called one of them today – we were on the phone for three hours. It was just the kind of phone call I like; it added to my reading list and my sum of knowledge. Stuart from Northampton; I salute you sir.


The BBG will be presenting you with your medal in a forthcoming show 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


Well crafted.


I didn’t craft it they are actually medals the NHS intend to issue. You really couldn’t make this shit up.


I actually meant to compliment the way you constructed your post.


Silly me 😎😎


I’m sorry man. I think it might have been me that caused it. There was someone chiming in to support the vaccine and I replied with a comment about monkey spunk. I shouldn’t have done. I’m temporarily suspended or so they say. They sent me a copy of my offending comment and you could see monkey spunk plain as day. I apologize man.
Thour shalt not tweet about monkey spunk.

Last edited 1 month ago by Kevin

Monkeys with attitude? That is what spunk used to mean, after all.


In America, maybe.


Not so. It has been used as a colloquialism to mean ‘courage, mettle, spirit’ since, roughly, the 16th century.


Over here too? I was under the impression we favoured the word ‘guts’ due to the brave having to face disembowelment as opposed to other forms of execution?


‘Guts’ was, and is, more popular, but it’s use doesn’t go back that far:
As opposed to this:


“spirit, courage,” 1893, figurative plural of gut (n.). The idea of the bowels as the seat of the spirit goes back to at least mid-14c. (compare bowel).

Compare that to: “courageous, spirited,” 1786, from spunk (n.) + -y (2). Related: Spunkily; spunkiness.

Both definitions come from


I think you may have added weight to my assertion.


I expounded and clarified. Nothing more.😁


It’s official. Richie Allen is now a badass…

Urban fox

Hi Richie, very wrong that they stopped your twitter account. They should not be stopping free speech between people.Total tyranny,in an attempt,to prevent the truth being spread.

On a more positive note. At the Trafalger Square demo on Saturday. One of the speakers read out a list of independent media. And you were on it. And every one got a cheer. But you got the biggest. And we started calling out your name. And within seconds thousands were chanting Richie,Richie.The only other time that happend was for David Icke and Vernon Coleman,who was amazing,as was the whole event.So you were in good company,and must be doing something right. And several people looked you up on there phones who were near me. And said they said they would listen to the show. So definitely some new listeners for you.

So keep up ,doing what your doing. Its been a great help to me personaly the last year. All the best to you,


According to a WHO whistleblower, Twitter, FB and Google have all heavily invested in Big Pharma. They are censoring to protect their business interests; and since they are private businesses they are well within their rights to protect their interests.
That last, as we know, is a bit of a moot point since governments do the same thing the world over.

Urban fox

However, these company’s are owed behind the sceens by the same family’s that have always run everything for hundreds of years. And they are vile evil scum.That are a major part of the whole scam. And you may say they are within there rights? But these company’s are not your local fancy dress shop. Or a shop on Brighton pier,selling unicorns. They have become vital public services and a means of free speech between people. And there Nazis censorship is killing people. Just as if they had guns in there hands.


You know me well enough by now. I’m not denying any of what you say.
I’ve been thinking much about this lately
and I’ve posted some of these thoughts on the Social forum.


You should have called it semen – most millennials have never seen or heard of it 🙂


thou shalt not insult thy twitter

makes me wonder who ordered its removal? would not surprise me if its the normal suspects.

Wow Richie, that is terrible. But, we all know we are all censored today. It just took them a while to get around to you. Maybe you can add some type of applet to the site, similar to this comment section. Still listening my friend after all, your voice of reason helps make many folks days a bit easier. Cheers, Bill (Florida)

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