The Richie Allen Show Is Back!


Just a quick note to confirm that I’m back today at 5pm. I’ve had a nice break and I’m really looking forward to chatting with you again.

The schedule is unchanged. The Richie Allen Show will continue to air Monday to Thursday at 5pm with Sunday Morning Melodies continuing every Sunday at 10am. I love doing that show.

Now that I’m back, things will get busier here on Check back regularly for news articles and opinion pieces.

See you at 5


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Marissa Oatley

Love you, hope all is well.💛 *hugs*


I’ve set up a patron account Richie. I wish I could afford more but I try to support all free speech against this tyranny & would have nothing left for myself. If financial circumstances change I will give you more Regards Tony.

ian heaver

Welcome back Richie . Thank God you’re back !

Jonathan Hannah

Great to see you back Richie!

I can’t believe how out of touch Kevin Barrett is. He’s so off the mark re Afghanistan it’s bizarre to listen to.

ian heaver

Totally agree. He was quite uncomfortable to listen to I thought. Good job Gerald Celente was on form though.


Hi Richie just wanna say glad your back, just started supporting and will keep doing so. Keep fighting mate hopefully you can get through this PayPal shitstorm


Hi Richie, delighted to see you back, disgusted with pay pal, I’m a bit iffy about putting details on patreon, but I have just sent support for your show to the bank account you provided, I have been supporting the show for a couple of years now, worth every penny, long may it continue.
Hope you and the future Mrs Allen and fur baby had a wonderful break xx.

Ashleigh Watt

Great to have you back Richie!
I was sending via Paypal, – bank trans from Australia fees are likely to be 28.50 pound (so that’s useless). I’ll look into patreon (which I haven’t used before) But I think you should broaden your payment methods as these attacks will keep coming. is Ryan Cristian’s video sharing platform – which has a tipping feature, might be worth while!?.


I live in Sweden, and used Revolut for the bank transfer. No fees, and instant transfer. Perhaps that would be an alternative?
I do pay for a premium account/card. I am not sure there would be no fees for the free account. But you could check on the internet what would apply to you. Revolut use is through a smart phone app, or the debit card.

I hope you will find a sensible solution, Ashleigh

Ashleigh Watt

Thanks Johannes, I’ll check it out


Hi Richie, have just tried to set up a patreon account but they wont accept my Mastercard….am going to keep trying….can one set up an ongoing payment into your bank account that you provide? I’ve sent them a question and complaint. Hang in there. Aileen


I’ve become a patreon and upped my usual monthly amount by £1. Thinking about it, Paypal timed their attack perfectly as for the last 3 weeks a lot of us have joined the never mentioned Richie Allen appreciation club.


Richie, eventually they will close your bank account too, they’ve done it to General Flynn and Nick Fuentes in America, and probably others too; whatever you think of those individuals, it shows that your bank account can be closed or seized at any moment for purely political reasons.
We live in a lawless world, tyrants don’t operate under the law!


Hello. I just registered, to show my support for your show, Richie.
And I sent a small donation. Not much, because I have been basically unemployed for 1.5 years. And I do not have any income unless I have a job. Because I don’t believe in social security, and no-one should have to pay taxes so that I could receive unemployment welfare. (In the old days that were the people who lived in the poor house).
As the border has been closed between Norway and Sweden for people like me who refuse to get the vaccination, and I don’t approve of the testing either. Either one is sick, and has symptoms… or one is in good health 🙂
But lately things have improved a bit for me. As I got a few short jobs here in Sweden.

Anyway… I do hope that people will find a way to support your show, Richie! And that you will be able to continue for as long as you find the show worth doing.

God bless you all

Christopher Young@X_YankSweden

Välkommen Johannes.
Good-on-You. Glad to see some fellow countrymen here.
Ha de´ Så Bra nu.
Önskar Chris

Tack så mycket Christopher.


Good you have had a well deserved break, but great you are back, you have been missed!
Disgusted with PayPal, but this has prompted me to support you a little via Patreon, which have been meaning to do for ages.
God bless.

Welsh Kelly

So glad to ear you tonight RA …. you have pricked my conscience regarding setting up alternative support to PayPal.

I think you website is going to BOOM in the ensuing months too!

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