The Richie Allen Show Is Killing UK Mainstream Radio – Thank You

Hi there. I’ve never done this before as I’ve never been able to talk about the reach of The Richie Allen Show without sounding like I am bragging. Those of you who have been with me from day one know that I never brag.

I thought it might warm your heart to know that your show and it is your show, is not just competing with the UK’s national radio stations. The Richie Allen Show is beating them.

I am unimportant. The stars of The Richie Allen Show are the guests, the information and you. Sound corny? It’s true. Your calls to the programme have been the highlight of the past seven years. I’ve gleaned so much from you. Thanks

There’s no false modesty. I really mean that. I don’t produce, edit and present my show for personal gain. I certainly don’t do it for the attention. I’m a bit of a recluse, which is one of the reasons I’ve never attended rallies, meetings or conferences.

My routine is simple. I wake at 5.30am. I walk the dog. I get togged out and go for a 5-6k run. I shower and start work. I finish work at 9pm. That leaves an hour for me and my better half. It’s tough but it’s worth it.

The Richie Allen Show, produced, edited and introduced by yours truly, from a home built studio, with none of the backing or publicity afforded to the presenters who work in national radio, is holding its own with the MSM.

Your support keeps it going. I thought you’d want to know that it’s been more than worthwhile. Look at the screen grabs below. These were taken this morning.

Iain Dale of LBC, recently referred to me as “barking.” Mike Graham of Talk Radio, tweeted that I was a nobody, with nowhere near his reach. Imagine being beaten by a bloke who has zero industry backing and no staff? I’d hang it up if it was me, but hey-ho.

The screen grabs represent the chart positions of UK podcasters. Not bad for a Big Baldy Gammon eh?

It’s important to remember that these are podcast stats. My show is a live radio show that is later podcasted. The listen live figures as you well know are even more impressive.

Thanks for listening. Thanks for downloading. Most of all, thanks for supporting it. I’ll speak to you later at 5pm on the live show.

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Keith matthews

Brag as much as you like, made up to see your more controlled than a few years ago, man you used to get angry. Well presented, factual, quite entertaining at times. And for me the main thing. Honestly and genuine, try and catch the show at least twice a week. Once a month on the Sunday very educational and informative. Thank you

Rob Adams

Hi Richie,,well done sir, your show is of the highest quality and deserves to be where it is. You should pour yourself a large Bacardi and coke!!!
I turned off mainstream media many years ago as it is ,as you would say “total bollocks” .Your show is the thing that keeps me sane in a world which gets madder each day. Love and vibes to you and all your listeners ❤️👍🏻


Actually James O’Brian is ahead of you! Don’t know why his listing is different from everybody else’s. But he’s ranked 24 in GB news… sad day for GB


James O’Brien is an absolute legend the jewel in the crown of LBC 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Comparing him to James Whale is like comparing Lord Haw Haw with Tokyo Rose. They are both bullshit agents of the Ministry of Truth.


Damn, but this made me smile. And smile big.

Karen nicholl

Well done. I think you should temporarily rename the show The Reachie Allen show in celebration of the reach 😂


Nice one baldy! I’m not surprised though! James o’Brian? What a wanker


I thought that you was being to kind at first but that sounds about right Fraser.

Last edited 1 month ago by Jacob

We were moved by what you said at the end of today’s programme, Richie. We were introduced to the RAS in May ‘20 when we were having to adapt to a very different paradigm of the world as we had been very naive prior to the Plandemic. Our son suggested we listen to you as we were in a state of confusion and feeling very isolated in our new perspective. Your show really helped us to adjust and get through the very difficult changes. We listen to the RAS live nearly every day. Well done on this week’s amazing rating. We particularly hate James O’Brian’s broadcasting (only hear bits on the RAS) and are particularly glad you supersede him by a country mile! Send our regards to El Froggo Tremendo as we’re sure she must be a huge support to you and what you do. We’ve recommended you to our friends but they won’t listen. One tried you and all she ‘heard’ was that you called the queen a lizard and she was quite offended 😂We have made lots of new friends through all this though, so we’re okay!

William Henderson

Well done brother. Support you all the way. I’m also on Spreaker now. Will be live at 9pm tonight

Darryl W

Well deserved Richie. The truth is a one way street I think. Keep speaking to truth.

Richard Dean

Richly deserved Richie! Great show again today. See you on Sunday!

Zac Baled

Just listened to Richie’s (emotional) experience during his last days in Spain and how the fukers at the radio station in london treated him where he went for the interview.
Whilst that no-mark c*nt who treated Richie in a horrible way (probably disliked by many in that office) I have no doubt that guy to this day will be too busy brown nosing peoples arses to get somewhere in life this is whilst our Richie thru sheer determination and honesty is being loved by millions around the world – not just him but the future Mrs Allen too (example) How many in the world (or any of us) know the name of james obriens mrs (or boyfriend/husband, lol?)

Always look after One Another Monsiuer and Mrs Allen!❤

Fact: You cannot fake sincerity.

Sending man love your way Brother (straight not bent)😁

Last edited 1 month ago by Zac Baled
Bruce Botrel

Now that was a good show, As to the other shows going the way of the Dinosaur, to be replaced by Mammals, Good metaphor, AND you Richie are the ultimate Alphe male APE


Great to hear the BBG is trouncing the so called Big boys, one thing you don’t get on The Richie Allen show is a load Bullshit like on the MSM, always listen if not live but catch it on Podcast, No doubt tough times lay ahead not only for The Baldy Gammon (Lol) but all Independent Broadcasters. It’s up to us the Listeners to make sure the Backstuds never win.

Colin G

well deserved richie nice to get recognition for your hard work

Richard Snow

Congrats Richie. Your end speech today was powerful radio. Brought a tear to my eye x

Colin G

shows how much the man cares about his job and passionate about what he does so its nice he gets the recognition he deserves

God, I love ye bald bastard. Cheers & Love man!! (Bill, Florida), now carry on mate.

Gary McMahon

Well deserved. Brilliant.

Neil James

It’s rare to see integrity and caring, which is what Richie Allen has, and it brings a certain quality with it that is severely lacking in the modern media. Congratulations to Richie and us die-hard appreciative listeners! Bravo!

Whether you like/want to hear it or not, Richie, what makes your Radio Show so special is YOU! People know honesty, sincerity, humility and Truth when they hear it. Thank you!


I agree he is excellent, but obviously his guests and we, the shows community, add to that specialness you refer to.


Fantastic richie, I stopped listening to MSM about 2.5- 3 years ago, My life has been so much better since.

Lying Khunts the lot of them !!!!


Lbshill isnt a radio station, nor is the other ones above their shit aimed at people who dont want to think sadly the elector types. pseudo intellects.
congratulations for being better than them it wasnt hard though.


Go on lad!


Mark window was a actor when did he stop acting? john overkill on YT did a fantastic job in showing just how many actors and actress’s are in this half truth movement.

Danny Warden

Well done Richie. You do a fantastic job And you are a proper journalist. Been listening to you since 2014.
Keep up the the good work.
No 30 hey. Fantastic. 👏


Well done, and a big thank you to yourself. I know the guests are very important, and I love the phone ins, but lets be honest without the BBG there is no show.


Reminder: Live Straight after the RAS at 19.00 UK time.
(That’s why I love Thursdays)


Truth ALWAYS emerges victorious!


Reminder: Live Straight after the RAS at 19.00 UK time.
(That’s why I love Thursdays)

Colin G

respect. huge congratulations richie keep it up


Well done Richie

John Heffernan

Great to hear this Richie…anything we can do to help, don’t hesitate to ask, genuinely….

Jeananne Crowley

Great news and so well deserved. Grinning from ear to ear here!


That is so so funny, but well deserved, nice one r kid 👍

Patricia Hawryluk

Well done. Bravo. If that doesn’t speak volumes to the wake up people are getting I don’t know what does. Stand tall (mild understate for you) and be ever so proud. I appreciate your very hard work.

Tony K

Nice one Richie.

I have a suggestion.

Sometimes I think you should do a quick fire call in. People get 30 seconds to say their piece. Sound bites.



Not enough time T unless we do a tell us a joke phone in 😁

Tim @OlliesGrandad

Sunday morning and being reminded, not that i need it, to switch on the bbg by my grandson now is an absolute joy. You have introduced a 9yo boy to radio with proper tunes that make him whistle along too. Thank you Mr Allen 👍


Makes me so happy to read this! I’ve been proud to be a supporter and subscriber, when I’ve recommended to friends they hooked as well. With the risk over coming over like a massive gay lord… there are times over the past year when I really don’t know what I would of done if I didn’t have the Richie Allen show to look forward to at the end of another mad day in the dystopian la la land <3


I have only tuned into you over this last year but have found your shows and guests really worth the listen. You cover a wide range of topics and I’ve found your approach of allowing guests to actually speak refreshing. Long may you continue


Richie – they’re not exactly what I would class as an opposition.

So many more years left in you as they all fall to the jabs!!

Margaret Hossack

Been hooked since the first show I heard last year. Just wish I’d discovered the show sooner. I get educated, entertained, and a good laugh. And of course it’s becoming increasingly important to know there are like-minded folk out there, including proper journalists like Richie.


They don’t even deserve to be mentioned in the same sentence as you Richie. I know you don’t like to have ads but with the reach you have seems a pity,can understand why. Keep up the brilliant work.

The Best thing with You Richie is…You ‘try’.
I’m not in anyway your ‘adversary’. 180-degrees opposite.
Be Strong. Be Smart. Be Humble.
Humility is very very very underrated now-adays.
🙂 + Best Regards.


Come on Ireland!
(Rank 37 ☝️ 13!!)

Go on boy!!



I love the Richie Allen Show! Brilliant news that it’s flying above the other old stream alternatives. Well done Richie you da man!

Sara D

Not surprised. The show is a good one. Quality always shines.


Come on Ireland!!
(Rank 37 uP 13!!)

Go on boy!!


Day Lin.

Thank You Richie!
For almost 15 years I thought I might be a bit bonkers listening to the likes of David Icke and shows such as yours.
Now the world has turned upside down and I don’t care anymore about how absurd my opinions might sound. I used to hide it. Now I don’t. I’ve lost friends over this and it’s tough. But I stand by my beliefs.
Thanks again Richie. You are a knight in silver Armour in this increasingly nightmarish world.

Trying Tracy

Fab job!!There wouldn’t be a show without you. Thank you x


Well done to the RAS and those who support you.

*LOVE* is…a 4-lettered word.
*LOVE* Conquers All(!).
Yeah. WE love-this-Guy. Why? He honestly tries…even though the ‘bagage’ He’s got; just like everyone else.
“Sincerity” can’t be faked. That’s why I’m here.
Cheers Jacob & All.

You are welcome Chris.
Hope you and the family are well.

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