Hey there,

Just a quick update as promised. I had my scan yesterday and it's good news. The fluid in my lungs has mostly cleared up and while I'm still a bit breathless at times and coughing, I'm much better and just need a few days rest now. They've said I can come back next week, which is a great relief to me. So I'll be on with you next Monday February 25th at 5 PM.

Thanks so much for the get well messages and the kind words. It really means a lot to me. I'm not important at all, I'm just a presenter. The guests, the researchers and the free flow of information are all that matters, never forget that, but it is nice to know that the show seems to mean a lot to you. I'm humbled by that.

So, I've had a difficult time of it health wise, but it's just been rotten luck. I'm not illness or injury prone! I've managed to produce, edit and present over 1000 live radio (and TV) shows since this show began in September 2014. That's not bad going eh? And it's only the beginning believe me.

Have a great week. Join me next Monday February 25th at 5 PM. I can't wait to chat with you.



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