The Richie Allen Show Returns Today

Hi there. I hope this finds you well. I’ve had a lovely relaxing week off and it’s great to be back to work. A lot happened in the week I was away. There’s lots to talk about. Join me at 5pm UK time this evening for Monday’s show.

The author, entrepreneur and Dragons Den star Rachel Elnaugh is among the guests today. Check Rachel out at

So it’s back to normal then. I’ll be with you every Monday to Thursday at 5pm and Sunday Morning Melodies will continue each Sunday morning at 10am. All times UK of course.


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No Richie, if they are black and second or third generation they will never be Scotish or Irish, its your DNA that makes you who and what you are.


You can stick your new world order up your arse…


For more details!!!



Strange. Was listening to dear Richie on Spotify, was the 20th of April’s show and the gentleman he was interviewing got cut off midsentence and there was a pause and then Richie said that was the end…in other words, Spotify is censoring or they’re incompetent or perhaps it didn’t upload properly, idk. Anyone else notice such a thing before, i wonder? At any rate, thanks for all you do.


What a co-incidence, eh. Carbon emissions to be reduced by 78% and claimed the UK population would be 15 million or so. 66 Million – 78% = 14,520,000.


Another ball knocked out the park by Richie. This all ends when you say no.


was the Suez thing not about blood clotting?


This is one bit of news that I came across.
Turkish TV.
The Hidden Contents Of The Evergreen Ship And Why It Was “Grounded”.


Good to have you back Richie! I realised I also had a week off while you were away.. You are pretty much my only news source.. Plus maybe the lightpaer too.. Great first show last night.
Keep up the good work 🤟


That was a fantastic show with Rachel Elnaugh and the brave Pastor Artur Pawlowski yesterday (Monday 19th April).
Everyone needs to listen to that one and share it with those who still have the rationale to comprehend it.

It’s up on Podomatic and the usual sources.

And welcome back Richie.

As always you were missed, but man, what a come back!!!




I remain in awe with the consistency of Richie and those who are given a voice on the show. Remember… it’s only a game show/video game/real life/other perceptions.


Welcome back Richie. I have only started listening to you in the past month and what a difference you have made. There are voices that resonate, whether it be your own or the superb guests on the show. Thank you, and I hope your break has been filled with alcohol fuelled meditation.


Dr Vernon Coleman has recently posted a video using the Government’s own statistics to prove, without any shadow of a doubt, that this is a complete fraud. Like we didn’t know!


I watched the excellent video.
Very useful information and should be shared as wide and far as possible.
I have missed his Monday phone-ins on the Richie Allen Show.


Jacob, I am a newbie to this show. Caught my semi-conformist wife listening with intent this evening … there is hope.


Salutations to you and welcome on board.
I am happy to hear that and agree there is hope.


So zero Convid (rebranded flu and marketed brilliantly), will soon morph into zero Carbon. I suspect a slight pattern here.

Marissa Oatley

Welcome back BBG😁💛


UK doctor has inspected 5 different brands of face masks under a microscope and found all of them were contaminated with some weird type of “living” organisms looking like black flat worms.
Click on my name for a video posted on my page


Somebody with deep scientific knowledge in this field really needs to get to the bottom of this. Max Igan examined one under an electron microscope and came to the same conclusion but had no idea what it was. There must be a free thinking university research scientist out there somewhere who can tell us definitively what the hell is going on with these masks. We urgently need to find out what this is all about.


I’ve just posted another one with what is claimed to be a Pfizer mRNA crap under a microscope


I agree, and watched Max examine the muzzles under a microscope. However, this is just another distraction from the simple fact that these masks should not be worn. It does not matter if the silencer contains nano worms … or the jab contains cells from an aborted foetus or distancing ourselves from one another is pure evil. What matters is at the very surface people see it for what it is and say NO.


Unfortunately the great majority remain deeply brainwashed and simply refuse or cannot see what is really taking place. They are completely impenetrable and beyond salvation. If Hancock and Johnson were loading them into railway box cars for resettlement in the east they would still be firm believers in the wonderful good intent of their Government. They’d all be quite happy to be marched into the showers as long as they could wear their masks and had the assurance that all of the others had been vaccinated. The power of this evil applied psychology science on the vulnerable is absolutely incredible. There really is no hope, these people are like the Golgafrinchams from the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Maybe this is why Gates & Co want rid of them.

Last edited 19 days ago by Mark

Well put Mark,
In 1930’s Germany the truth of what was coming was “hidden in plain sight” (Tony Heller – the climate guy and also Jewish researched this via the newspaper archives)

some of the German Jews saw it coming and fled the country,

others saw it coming but were either unable (financialy perhaps ?) to leave Germany, or were just overwhelmed by the speed of what happened,

sadly the majority believed the Goverment would never harm them , after all these people were born here, worked here, payed taxes and even fought in the first world war and proudly wore their medals they earned fighting for their country.

maybe in a few decades or centuries the historians will reach the same conclusion !
History repeating it’s self.


Your response is true. Your words are so succinct and I wish you lived near me. Double unmasking per Supermarket visit. They would fear us.


The main problem Is that most people firmly believe that they can “catch a virus” from somebody. Until they realize that it’s a false paradigm and there are no pathogenic “viruses”, nothing will change.


They seem to believe it is like fleas leaping from one dog to another when they get too close to each other – after well over a year their is no hope for waking up the already walking dead


Herb, yes absolutely. How many times do we need to parrot the fact that this rebranded flu has never been isolated and therefore never existed .. unless a professor proves me wrong with “Science”. The masses are/not our problem, they decide as do we. I have empathy and love, yet the weight of others decisions is a burden we choose.


Its been a long week without you Richie


Glad you’re back!


What a fantastic show tonight with brilliant guests. Certainly missed my Monday to Thursday shot of realism. Glad you had a good week away Richie. 😘

ian heaver

Welcome back Richie. We’ve certainly missed you !


Aye, welcome back big lad ❤

Hermione Granger

The money they want every year from experimental genetic engineering

Hermione Granger

the difference between entrepreneurs and advanced capitalists seeking world takeover

Carol Jones

Well done Pastor…..a true religious Leader…a rarity these days

Scottish Steve

Welcom back

Lord Peridot

Thought you’d been censored! Jumping to conclusions …


Glad your back mate.


When you say back to normal….


Glad you’ve had a good week off Richie but nice to see you back.

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