The Richie Allen Show Will Return On Tuesday August 31st


I’ll keep this short and sweet. I know you were expecting to hear me on the radio show this evening, but I’ve decided to take another week’s rest. To be honest, I don’t know why I didn’t take three weeks off to begin with. That would’ve made sense.

I was absolutely shattered when I finished the most recent run. I’m in much better shape now, but I’m not quite ready to start again. I really need the extra few days. Don’t read anything into that at all. I’m looking forward to coming back, but the next run is going to be tough.

I’ll be doing 17 straight weeks to Christmas. That would be punishing for a broadcaster with producers and editors. I’m on my lonesome. Taking a few extra days off now makes a world of sense.

Thanks for understanding. I’ve had a lot of messages from folks who have missed the show and were looking forward to its return today. It’s only another few days and I WILL be back next Tuesday. Like I said, I just need a few more days. I’m as committed to the show as I ever was.

In fact, the recent big tech meddling has left me more determined than ever to carry on and grow the reach of the show further still.

Talk to you next Tuesday. I should have set up an alternative to PayPal by then. I’m working on it. The fun never stops. Please share this on your social media pages.

Have a great week and once again, thanks for understanding



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Old age Richie, you are forgiven


Great to see you back Richie. Gonna have a listen right now – yaaay x

Steven James

Why do US fail in Afghanistan?.
Because others failed before them against an opponent who know their terrain and are expert guerrilla tacticians.

Nick Lewis

Hi Richie from Nick & Carol Lewis


Go to 29 minutes onwards for the main message. God bless.

NZ Grant

There is a video I’ve seen where a government party whip (I think that’s who it was) admits that they help members of parliament get out of tricky, compromising situations, and that from that point on they pretty much own the politician. It’s been mentioned here quite a few times but I can’t find the video anywhere, o remember who the person stating it was. Can anybody help me find it?


Search for ‘The Raines List’ and the names are on there- not all of them but up until the lady died.

NZ Grant

Hi Jennifer, thanks for the suggestion but not sure that that’s what I’m after. It was more of a slip of the tongue from the whip guy, pretty much admitting that they know politicians get up to dodgy things but it suits them becasue they know that they then have strong bribery power over the politician.


The man in question was Conservative MP Tim Fortescue who was a whip in the Edward Heath Government between 1970 and 1973.

NZ Grant

That’s the one. Thanks!


You should listen to Alex Thompson on The Delingpod,

Jon the Paranoid.

Graphene oxide and even a possible parasite found in Pfizer according to this investigation:


Latest episode of False Flag Weekly News.

FFWN Asks the Hard Questions (with Lucy Morgan-Edwards)

Christopher Young@X_YankSweden

Hello Brother Jacob.
Your ‘links’ to alternative & informative ‘discussions’ during Richie’s absence has surely been appreciated by many.
It’s kind’a like…*abstinence withdrawal*; i.e. it’s tough-to-go-solo without help.
You are surely familiar with the *Bell Curve* and its usage in behavioral psychology/social behavior analysis.

Now, I need your help. To listen and, give your Opinion. Ok?
As a ‘pre-med student’ at a university with 95%-of-graduates-going to-Medical School, I realized, I was learning…as a Prussian education system/programed-Ebbinghaus… robot. The word ‘cyborg’ wasn’t used in the mid-1970s btw.
Anyway, take 1 hr+ and listen to the following.
IMHO, there is more information…’discussed’, than 1-term of university education.
And, Yes. I listened to it 2+ times ’cause, it was that good.
Best Regards Chris

*Sofia Smallstorm-Synthetic Biologists Vs The Federation Of Natural Life* 28 August 2021″The great Sofia Smallstorm returns to talk about the research she’s been doing over the last few months related to viruses, the history of virology lab work, & the importance of being committed to the ways of natural life.”


Hello Chris.
I hope that you and your family are well.
Thanks for the link. I will have a listen over the next 24 hrs and get back to you with some feedback.
An interesting comment I heard was that Doctors and the medical profession used the term “Medicine” and not “Healing People” in their practices. Medicine equals big pharma products. So called curing the symptoms but not the illness.
Thanks again.


Last Nights Episode Of Windows On The World.
(excellent and very useful information)

Globalism – Theatre of the Absurd.


For those with ears to hear and eyes to see.


Eric Clapton wrote this song after his C19 injection experience.


Richie back on Tuesday ? hope he has not been watching or listening to the scumbag politicians or the terrible msm, feel for him covering all that garbage for the show, total negative energy off those demons.


‘Sunday evening melodies’ with Eric Clapton!

On Odysee!


Urban fox

Thousands of anti-vaxxers take to central London to continue campaign against Covid vaccines | Daily Mail Online

Thanks to everyone that marched for our freedom yesterday .Wish I could have been there.

Urban fox


Two of the three high street banks I use locally are closing I found out this last couple of weeks. And I was told by the cashier in one of them, that the staff had been warned, they would be going totally online in the near future. She said her friend working for another bank was told the same thing. This is becoming an increasingly worrying trend. I knew it was happening ,but didn’t realize how bad it was ,until reading an article in the UK consumer magazine ” which”. Since 2015 an average of 50 banks a week have closed in the UK. And according to a spokesperson for the banks, the plans to close them were put in place before covid .And some of the banks actually delayed closure plans over the last 18 months, due to covid. Sickeningly ,the excuse given by these criminals working to push through the agenda for Global enslavement. Was as I expected, ” we are responding to the needs of our customers, as the need for high street banks is no longer there, because of online banking.” I’m so angry, I’m pulling out the last few strands of my fox hair this morning.

In marketing terms they are not following the market, they are carrying out the unethical practice of forcing the market. The supermarkets did the same thing with self service checkouts. They created longer ques by leaving tills unattended. Then they started putting in the self service machines and removing the human checkouts. People got tired of waiting for a person to serve them, so had to use the self service. Then the supermarkets announced, ” we are responding to customer needs and changing trends”. It has since been shown ,that this was done in cooperation with there competitors. Making it pointless to go to a different store, as they were all doing the same thing.
What the banks have been doing for several years, is removing the service windows to create deliberate ques ,just as the food stores did. And since the covid scam began, they have actively encouraged customers not to go in the banks. With strict mask mandates and in some cases the insane policy ,of only allowing 3 or 5 people in the bank at a time. Locally to where I live, there have been long lines of people, some even older than me. Standing on the street, in all weather. Whilst a member of staff walks up and down the line, asking people, “would you not rather use our online service sir?” And who in there right mind, wants to stand on the street in the winter for an hour to get served, told to wear a mask and wash your hands? These bastards ,have basically been abusing there customers, in order to make it so unpleasant to go in a bank. That they will stay at home and go online. There is no room for walking bio hazards out of doors in “The brave new world”.

The reason we should all be both angry and very concerned about this. Is because the implications of bank closures, are far more devastating and the outcome will create far more harm than self service checkouts. With self service checkouts, some people may lose jobs. Whereas bank closures may well precipitate the final loss of our freedom. As it is now crystal clear to me, that they are planning on closing all the banks in the near future, for two reasons.

1/ To make it harder for people to use cash

2/ Because they don’t plan on us having any cash to use. As they are going to make all cash digital.

What other explanation could there be? One good example of what I’m saying ,is the couple of small business owners I have regularly seen paying large amounts of cash over the counter. How do you pay cash into a tablet or PC or smart phone. The answer of course is you cant. And if all cash is digital, then we wont need to. I’m sure most people on the Richie site, are aware of the implications of a cashless society. Without cash every single transaction we ever make can be traced and permanently recorded. Any discreet payments we want to make, can not be kept private ,as it shows on bank statements. Access to money can be stopped by the state at any time, which fits nicely into the agenda for the Chinese social credit system. That we are already seeing the start of with the poison health passports. ” Sorry Mr. Winston Smith, you haven’t done as you were told and have been behaving in an unacceptable manner, so you wont be getting your money or eating for the next two weeks. And if you you don’t keep up to date with your jabs, we will make that permanent”.

I still hope there is a way back from the abys. But I fear the battle for cash, may soon be over, if the remaining banks are allowed to close. All we can do is plan as best we can for an uncertain future, whilst continuing to stand together and stubbornly do everything we can to make things difficult, for those evil few who want to enslave humanity and destroy everything we hold dear. Every small act of compliance is another nail in our coffins. Whereas every act of non compliance, even if small, slows our enemies down.

” We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed, perplexed, but not in despair, persecuted, but not abandoned, struck down, but not destroyed. Therefor we do not lose hart “.

” Let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up”

Jon the Paranoid.

‘You will own nothing, and you will be happy.’ (World Economic Forum)

If the money is digital it might disappear more easily if there is is a need…

Urban fox

Hi Jon, thanks for reply


If they close down all of the bank branches there can no longer be a physical run on the banks as there was during the 2008 financial crises. Just remember the huge queues of desperate people outside the Northern Rock trying to get their money out. This seriously embarrassed El Presidente Gordon Brown and the City of London as it made Britain look like a third world banana republic. No bank branches could be very useful for the Great Reset.

Urban fox

Hi Mark, thanks for reply, hope your well. Personally I think they want a complete collapse. So there is chaos and economic dependency. In order to have total control. That is what I believe the lockdowns are about. I’m amazed not happened yet. And the stock market doing so well. I believe they are deliberately propping it up. So when it crashes, it will be even worse. I’m looking forward to Richie return.


Dan Tubb mentioned something very similar on a recent Delingpod; it was very interesting, but scared the £$ite out of me.

Urban fox

Hi Backbeat, thanks for reply. I will have a look.


Good points.
Got a feeling that Gold and Silver will be made illegal amongst the common folk at some stage.


To buy investment gold you do have to register with a precious metals dealer so they’re definitely interested in who’s stacking.


Didn’t both Roosevelt and later Obama attempt to effectively seize Gold and Silver from the ordinary American?

Tony K

Apparently the next step in the plan is to cease pensions. They will be replaced with a weekly stipend, on the condition you leave your estate to the state.

How do they get to

“You’ll own nothing”?

Well that’s a simple answer.

Urban fox

Hi Tony, thanks for reply. Don’t think we spoken before. Hope your well.

Tony K

Nice one Fox, likewise mate.


OMG not heard that before but I really cant say I’m surprised. Where has this information come from if not the WEF itself? This really is communism.


…are ‘hard assets’ such as Gold and Silver an answer to this perhaps?

Urban fox

Probably not, I almost got stung recently my self. Nothing is performing or going as it should. The stock market should have completely crashed by now. The pound should be through the floor. And Gold and silver should have shot up months ago. But non of that has happened. I believe they are pumping money into the stock market by deliberately buying up shares. And planning on dumping them at a certain point. Strictly speaking ,doing this deliberately is not legal. And is sometimes done with very big company’s. I have come to the conclusion that the billionaires behind this scam, must be doing it with the stock market as a whole. In addition to the above, since this covid scam began the precious metal prices have also been effected by mining problems. Several of the gold and silver mining company’s have seen there shares plummet. As they have not been able to work due to covid restrictions. Nothing like this has ever happened before.. Shares in Gold mining company’s as well as physical assets, should in a normal crisis be a good investment. But people have seen there shares plummet. So if I am right ,the people behind the scam, are obviously not buying these shares as they want to keep prices down. I believe the best course of action is to spread money around and hope for the best. Hide cash ,whilst we still are allowed to use it. Put money on cash cards. Spread between different bank accounts. Maybe some bit coin, but not to much. And if enough money and space, buy up and invest in food, medicines and alcohol. Or anything else that can be used, bartered or sold on in the future. And yes some Gold and silver. But I think it needs to be only a small percentage of all of the above.


Jeeeesus Foxy!! I was relatively happy before reading this post. LMAO. Of course you are right, caution is the best course of action. I’ve been buying tinned food quite a bit more recently and may even leave some in my storage unit just in case the hoard kick my door in. Bloody hell, what a world….

Urban fox

Thanks for reply, was not sure anyone saw what wrote, as most have moved on to other page, which happens sometimes.

Food is possibly going to be big problem In the months, years ahead. Iv been reading a few things recently. There are a number of factors, which when you put them together, add up to a perfect proverbial storm.

1/ Transportation from overseas has risen sharply over the last 18 months, and the prices have not yet been passed on.

2/ The cost of transportation by Lorries is expected to rocket, with the so called green restrictions.

3/ The Potential big crash of the economy and stock market, which I think is being engineered.

4/ There has been a big increase in Locusts over the last few years, often destroying whole crops, and the pesticides are often not working anymore.

5/ Whole farms and production, packing center’s ,etc. have often been closed down over the last 18 months, just because of one or two fake plague cases. Many are still struggling to catch up with the back log of work. And there is every chance this will happen again.

6/ Human nature. A good story that is very real, that shows this last point is the following.

I was walking down my street late March or early April 2020,and I noticed that a small food shop was completely empty. I stopped for a moment, and there were 2 guys talking outside. I recognized one as the shop owner. And caught enough of the conversation, to pick up what had happened. He had not closed down as I thought. But a man had walked in off the street and offered him cash for the entire stock of the shop. And he was waiting until he could restock. He said it was an offer to good to refuse.

When you put the human nature of the survival instinct together with the greed of some. There is no telling ,what may happen in the months and years ahead. When you put this together with everything else.

Therefore it makes perfect sense to take precautions and be prepared. And do what we can to look after ourselves and our family’s. Rather than waiting until things happen.


Thanks for sharing this mate. Quite frankly; I’m £Hitting myself as to what might happen in the coming months.

Urban fox

Hi, yeh me to. David Ike who I agree with most of what he believes. Is now talking about a big turnaround in 2024. He is getting this from various mediums. But as a person who is very spiritual and has worked in the mind ,body, spirit field for many years. I’m not buying this. As I spent nearly 30 years, telling friends and collogues I worked with ,that there was a global fascist takeover coming. And every single one, told me ,I was being negative and it would never happen. And in fact told me we would be living in some kind of Utopia come the millennium or in the years shortly after. People tend to believe the easiest option. But these same people who never saw this coming are now saying they predict its end. I’m not talking about Ike of course, just the people that have told him this. It is true that we are at a crossroads and this could be a catalyst for positive or negative change. But if its going to be the former. It is being left very late in the game. As despite the thousands on the rally’s, the numbers seem to be very much against us.
I’m not saying all is lost, as there is still a chance of those more powerful than us , who are in some cases secretly against the plans, helping to turn the tide. And also spiritual forces at play. Much of this behind the scenes. But it is certainly an uphill struggle. But as it says in the bible, “who by worrying can add a single day to there lives”.

Jeananne Crowley

Same over here Fox…..clever the way they began to make it unpleasant to enter a bank a while back, and that’s a great point about devious twist to make it seem like ‘customer demand’


I recently had a unpleasant experience at a branch of HSBC in Edgware whist attempting to pay a cheque into my account. One staff member was quite terse and treated me like a smelly unflushable turd; perhaps that woman realises that her days as an employee are numbered?

Urban fox

Hi again, yes they are one of the banks I was referencing. Though what I said equally applies to them all and the overall agenda.

Urban fox

Hi Jeananne, good to hear from you again, thanks for reply. Yes they are indeed, devious Banksters.


Please support HOLD THE LINE nationwide 11 September check out your local chapter on Telegram


For those who do not use Telegram can we have more details please.
All I could find was some was some kind of Qtard event which is very strange as T’Rump broke another promise, no suprise there, by not exposing those perpetrators of the 911 “False Flag Attack”

Last edited 3 months ago by Jacob

your a fool if you thought he might. Get a grip on things mate. Donald duck is part of the soap opera.


Spot on. Americans who support Trump never seem to able to produce a wall of any sort or explain exactly why the swamp has yet to be drained.


Never fell or believed that the Zio stooge would ever do what he promised or be the great saviour of America.
As you said all part of the great con.


Jacob, thanks for the enquiry. The basic premise is for as many people as necessary or possible to join hands over the length of the country on the twentieth anniversary of 9/11; this will act as a springboard to more direct yet peacful forms of effective protest. Depending upon your region we can place you intouch with a coordinator who can help you with start time, position and whether or not you’d like to hold part or all of a sign. This movement is gathering international momentum. I’ll try to get you contact details such as phone numbers and or email addresses.What region of the country or City/ Town are you located in?


Thanks for the reply.
I am in London currently.


There are a great many hubs already established in London; I myself reside in North London. Jacob have you joined your local stand in the park group yet?


Ritchie, you are like an expensive bottle of wine mate. The longer we wait to drink you the better it will be. Your true fans will understand if you took another month off. It must be tough having your schedule.


Steady on old boy he can’t keep us all waiting another month. By then we could all be listening to the James O’Brien show 🤣🤣🤣🤣


Rather spend time in a launderette watching clothes go round in washing machines.
I could never get into talk radio.


The dreaded James O’ Brien is on the LBC morning show. The other dreadful James (James Whale) is on Talk Radio. Its a choice between syphilis or gonorrhoea.



NOT The BCfm Politics Show presented from Scolt Head, Norfolk.
by Tony Gosling.

Harry Derriere

Unlike Richie, I will be glad when the 31st arrives.


Last Nights very good episode of TheHighWire.
(sorry I forgot to post the link yesterday)

FDA Approves Pfizer Vaccine. (or so they say)
The Booster Debate & Growing Concern Over ADE.
Dr. Cole’s Concern About Covid Vaccines.
Son Proves Mother’s Covid Shot Death.

Marissa Oatley



Do celebrities have blood on their hands
(A Hugo Talks video)

A must watch and share folks!–lockdown2:5


Thanks for sharing, it is a must see. I doubt any of those so called celebrities have done any research whatsoever and the mainstream media are unspeakable. Still never met anyone who has had this so called virus but do know of several who have died or had adverse reactions to the jab.

Went into the village to the shops this morning, a lovely sunny day, and all the teenagers and the youngsters are wearing masks when they should be getting lots of fresh air and vitamin D because they’ve been told that suddenly they are at high risk. I now know what it’s like to be famous because I get stared at everywhere I go because I’m not wearing a mask.


Shocking Jennie. It seems there’s no ending to it. Untill we’re either dead or digitally enslaved that is… 😏


Thanks Gerry.


You’re very welcome Jacob.


Take as long as you need!
And take care of yourself xxx



comment image


Brilliant 😂


feckin’ brilliant




Take as long as you want mate, I’m only up to May 2018 on Podomatic anyway 🙂


No idea if this is genuine but its fecking funny. Look what Dr Tedros from the World Health Organisation gets up to after dark. Maybe he’s celebrating the vaccine rollout 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Christopher Young@X_YankSweden

For YOU in the UK.
Amazoombie’s *Alexa* is asked what the population of the UK will be in 2025.
Today’s UK population is…67,900,000.
Posted 2-days ago by James Perloff-

Christopher Young@X_YankSweden

For YOU in the UK, I strongly suggest you learn your current History of the past few hundred years.
Believe it or not, I’ve listened to the following 2X. That’s almost 5 hours. It’s that good(!).
Done/released 9 days ago.
It’s excellent.

“Peter Gumley joins Our Interesting Times to discuss the career of Boris Johnson, the British Deep State and the place of the United Kingdom in the American Empire. We talk about the confluence between the right-wing of the British Deep State, Brexit populism and the environmental movement. 
Peter is an independent researcher and the host of Vendée Radio. ”

Christopher Young@X_YankSweden

If You-in-the-UK haven’t understood the *City of London*- plays a very key role in all World events, here’s a tidbit-
“New Taliban President Ali Ahmad Jilali is not your average Taliban fighter. He was a professor at Pentagon funded university the National Defence University in Washington DC. He was for 20 years Director at the CIA-friendly Voice of America. He was trained by the British Army. What’s happening in Afghanistan is an illusion alright.”
I found this here-

Christopher Young@X_YankSweden

The following is just a tidbit on how the ‘City of London’-“Londinium, also known as Roman London, was the capital of Roman Britain during most of the period of Roman rule. It was originally a settlement established on the current site of the City of London around AD 47–50”, calls most of the shots for about minimum 1000 years.

“New Taliban President Ali Ahmad Jilali is not your average Taliban fighter. He was a professor at Pentagon funded university the National Defence University in Washington DC. He was for 20 years Director at the CIA-friendly Voice of America. He was trained by the British Army. What’s happening in Afghanistan is an illusion alright.”
This was found in the comment sction of the Oxford-scholar, American J.P. Farrell’s website-

Christopher Young@X_YankSweden

The Zerohedge story, ‘CIA Chief Met “Secretly” With Taliban Leader On Monday’ says all to those with the eyes to see:
“As the Biden Administration scrambles to convince the Taliban to extend the deadline for the western evacuation from Kabul – which is presently slated to conclude Aug. 31, regardless of how many Americans and Afghan collaborators remain in the country – CIA Director William Burns was dispatched to Kabul to meet with the Taliban’s de facto leader, Abdul Ghani Baradar on Monday, the Washington Post reports…”
It’s all in your faces.


Thanks for the links Chris.

Christopher Young@X_YankSweden

Sure. Easy weekend here. Next week..very very busy.
Can’t die yet. I got things to do.
:))) Chris

Harry Derriere

I just asked Alexa and it referenced an “Alexa User” and then said 65,000,000.

But that is weird…’Alexa user’.

Can Alexa users provide information to Alexa?

Can I just say “Alexa in 2030 the population of Qatar will be four billion people”

Well I tried, and the hooker just blurted some non-sensical statistic about GRB being the

third most populous island on the planet.


I thought you were taking all of August off as usual. Looking forward to you next week so. Enjoy the rest of your well earned break Richie and thanks a million for all you do me aul segostia. ❤️

Dee Lovely

Totally understand Richie, enjoy the last few days of your break. Look forward to hearing you back again next week :–)


I don’t know how that one managed to survived the YouTube censor. Very worrying.


I’m surprised too Mark.. but if they take it down, no doubts that vax death stat video is plastered on every other non censoring platform that now exists thanks to the gestapo tubes bullshit!!

Rock on the resistance!!

And the sooner those censorship platforms get boycotted into oblivion..

The better!!!



Just set up as a Patron. It’s quick and easy to do. Come on guys, continue to support Richie’s efforts by becoming a patron👍


Yes! I do! I support the show! He does wonderful work. I donate monthly!


In have just been asked by my employer (local government in effect) as to whether I and my colleagues wish to work a more permanent version of home/office working model. In the policy doc that was sent to us to read, it has this – ‘There may be exceptional emergency situations, such as a flu pandemic where government instructions are that individuals must work from home for their own safety or where it is necessary for business recovery….’. So, has COVID-19 now disappeared, as I thought that it was going to be around forever! Or, is the government (via my employer) basically saying that COVID-19 always been the flu, and why have we never shut down the economy before for flu! And it’s very clever the flu isn’t it. It managed to completely disappear last year only to be in hiding, waiting for the coming winter!

Last edited 3 months ago by Puddycat

Hi Puddycat, my understanding….if rumours are correct….that this winter it will be re-branded as covid-22. Even a strong suggestion that an enhanced gain of function version of the virus will be unleashed from a laboratory.
This bioweapon would pose an even more hazardous risk to the jabbed, especially those receiving the booster dose and flu vaccine as planned. Any fall out being blamed on those of us not jabbed. Can only image the psychological carnage, as well as physical attacks that may ensue.
We must brace ourselves.
Must be a difficult decision for you, as physically present at work or operating at home, there will be consequences – some more predictable than others.


I was worried about you when you wasn’t on but if you need the extra rest then thats what you need. Looking forward to your return.


Enjoy your week Richie. I know how hard it must be when you are a one man band and have to do it all yourself. Also being in the gunsites of the bullies in the shadows who daren’t debate must be very stressful.

Look forward to listening to you next week and will definitely donate what I can when you let us know how to do it.

All the best to you and Caroline.


9/11 Was a Straussian Coup.
Laurent Guyénot.

(Interesting article)


Hi Jacob, thanks for this. Just spent the best part of an afterrnoon reading the article (was planning to do gardening) Then scrolled down to read the comments. One comment on there has a very lengthy film which can cast no doubt that 9/11 was an inside and totally fabricated job. If anyone has at least a good hour to spare then I would recommend reading and watching the videos on here. Think I’ve spent 2 hours at least!


Hello Sheri-rose. I hope that you and your family are well.
You are welcome.
It is an interesting article. I noticed that last night that there were some 911 propaganda pieces on the television which will increase in number as we get closer to the 911 date.
This event is definitely something that should be looked in to more.

Christopher Young@X_YankSweden

It’s extremely well-written.
Seriously-speaking, Laurent Guyénot is 1 of best researchers/writers on the internet.
The ‘comments’ at UNZ are mostly of the exact same ‘high standard’.
Read & Learn Everyone.
Cheers Chris


‘How, in just a few generations, have we gone from a nation which produced men who would willingly sacrifice their lives for their friends and would readily face danger in conditions so inhospitable as to be unimaginable today to what we are currently witnessing? A society which allows the ageing to die in loneliness, cancer sufferers to be denied life-saving treatment, where mental ill health and suicide are rampant not least among the young, family members have been conditioned to believe that loved ones can be carriers of death, and businesses and employment are cast aside causing untold numbers to be plunged into debt, bankruptcy and despondency. And, of course, to be conditioned to believe that salvation lies only by way of an injection.

How has this happened? Where is the indomitable spirit that must be there in all of us, however deeply buried? We are the descendants of those gallant generations. I can’t believe that we have slithered in such a short time from people worthy of approbation, respect and honour, to frightened and obedient semi-humans who cower under the bedclothes, afraid to go out and awaiting instructions from the 60in ‘propaganda box’ complete with deafening sound bar that sits central to many living rooms.

Today, we live through the worst and most fearful of times surely any of us have ever experienced…..’

A sincere Thank You to Harry Hopkins writing in the TCW today

Anwen Appleby

How has it happened? I can’t speak for all of the population, but I can speak about what I saw HAPPEN to men and boys at Universities in the late seventies and early eighties. They were groomed into a mindset that denied their own masculinity, betrayed their own belief system, and wrecked their confidence. They were encouraged to hate women. They were mocked in public by lecturers, if they refused to be Marxist.
Their minds were destroyed and so many of that generation, remained teenagers in the bodies of older men, as a result. Wrecked lives.

Patricia Deakin

I was so looking forward to hearing the show Richie, but I totally get it, hard to understand how you do it all on your own. I am indebted to you as I’m sure many people are. You are a fantastic broadcaster and I’m only sorry I didn’t know about you sooner but I was asleep. Thank you for the work you do and please relax and rest. We need you back on air when you feel good and ready.


Think we can all appreciate Richies’ decision and offer our support. If you are stuck for something to do and want a different perspective on why we are going through this scamdemic then you might want to research micro nova. Throws a whole new light on why the masses are being culled in preparation for 2046. Have a nice day!


I’ve felt for some time that the rich and powerful know about something that is going to happen that the rest of us don’t hence all the preparation of underground towns. I think perhaps they want to get rid of a lot of us so we won’t be a threat to them in their lairs. Also might explain the creation of robotic security as they couldn’t trust the human ones not to turn on them.

I could be totally wrong of course and on the wrong track completely. Anyway thanks for sharing another angle on things.


Hi Jennie, I think you are on the right lines there. If a micro nova is approx a 12,000 year cycle then the next has been predicted as happening in 2046. Now if you read up on this and look at the evidence of the catacylismic events of a micro nova then the present convid situation could actually be viewed as a ‘mercy killing’ ie: imagine the worldwide panic of billions of an imminent micro nova? Much easier to control a smaller population and more resources for the survivors.


Have you come across Graham Hancock, an alternative archaeologist? Just read one of his books and he said that the ancients left us a message in the form of astronomical symbols to expect something catastrophic in our current time. He didn’t mention a micro nova but he talked about mud floods and he also mentioned the period of 12,000 years.

Christopher Young@X_YankSweden

Hi Jennie! Greetings from a rainy Sweden, soon Autumn.
Graham Hancock excellent conduit for…understanding the…*Basics*.
He Knows!
The…scientific research is however…somewhere else.
Please(!) ask Richie to take-up/contact me, for specific details.
Like I say,…”I Read(!)”. It aint that difficult but, it takes tremendous amounts of time to…’analysis’…digest..and…most important…*Reflect*.
Previous-Knowledge is of course…essential.
Again, I repeat, it-aint-that-difficult-nor-rocket science.
There are 100% unadulterated *Evidence Based Studies* that confirm everything….more…later.
Regards Chris in Sweden


Well Ireland is sunny for a change. Would love to learn about the evidence based studies if you have time to post.

Christopher Young@X_YankSweden

Ok Jennie. Here WE go…
A recent interview, released the 1 August 2021 between Graham Hancock & Ben-*UnchartedX* is a good ‘starter’ for All and very current.
It took a few years to schedule(!). That’ how ‘hot and fresh’ the subject matter is.
The *Scientific Studies* WE can begin with on the following comment below. Ok?

Christopher Young@X_YankSweden

This is a ‘dynamite paper’, from May 2021 published in *Earth Science Review*.

Dr Martin B. Sweatman, Institute of Materials and Processes, School of Engineering, King’s Buildings, University of Edinburgh is… a truly nice-guy.

*The Younger Dryas impact hypothesis: Review of the impact evidence*”Since its introduction in 2007, the Younger Dryas impact hypothesis (YDIH) has received considerable attention, and sparked heated debate (Firestone et al., 2007). The occurrence of a global cosmic catastrophe, which the impact hypothesis suggests only slightly preceded the onset of human civilisation in the Fertile Crescent of south west Asia (as revealed by excavation of remarkable sites like Gobekli Tepe in this region), represents a paradigm-shift in understanding with profound consequences…”
You might find the comments at the bottom of the page..cough-cough, interesting 🙂


Thanks for the info. Not heard of Graham so will check him out. Just read Christophers’ comments below regarding Graham so must be good!

Christopher Young@X_YankSweden

Hi ‘shari-rose’. 1st time You & I have ‘an exchange of thoughts’.
Yes. *Micronovas* are very real.
I’m interested in exactly ‘what you have heard/read’.
You’ve probably understood… “I read a lot”.
I’m versed in…let’s call-it recent scientific research concerning…cataclysmic events.
To my point:
1- did you know that the mammoths were hit with cosmic iron-microspherles at 3000 mph?
2- did you know that 1-baby mammoth with food still-in-its-mouth found in Siberia was, get this now…’flash-frozen’ according to the *Bird’s Eye*-frozen food company at… a minimum -180dgrees C/F/Kelvin, I don’t remember exactly which for… a minimum of 4 hours(!)?.
The evidence is clear. Cosmic *Impacts* happen on a…regular schedule.
Now I’ve ‘let the cat out of the bag’, here at Richie’s.
Buckle-up now. The tptb most definitely don’t want the plebs to know this.
Regards Chris in Sweden
I got 4-books with the most recent research + countless ‘scientific papers’ + additional heavy-duty links

Last edited 3 months ago by Christopher Young@X_YankSweden

Hi Chris, thanks for your reply. Only been reading up on micro novas this week to keep busy during Richies’ absence. Wish I had’nt now! Yes, I came across the ‘flash frozen ‘ stories. As the sun turns red then black in a micro nova then imagine the panic as people become aware of their impending doom. Rising sea levels, ice age, limited resources for survivors. As stated above in my reply to Jennie, if you wanted to take an alternative view (I dont!) to ‘convid’ then the vaccine could be seen as ‘mercy killing’ in preparation for the next event. I do believe the global powers that be are aware of an impending micro nova and are taking steps to secure their future survival and maximise their own chances by seeing off as many of the rest of us as they can. Oh well, at least we have another 25 years to prepare 😱🤪

Christopher Young@X_YankSweden

Yeah. Actually, from what I’ve been reading & studying for the past few years concerns…changes in the Earth’s electro-magnetics due to Solar Minimums/changes in our Solar System’s electro-magnetics and…especially *Comet Impacts*.
Micronovas are…cyclical, just as the *Magnetic Reversals* and..*Comet Impacts*.
*Solar Flares* + their EMP-Electro-Magnetic Pulse are also a concern.
Personally, I think the micronovas are the least of our problems.
What happens more often?
Solar Flares-EMP would knockout the electrical grid for a long-time. Alot will die. Every hear of the *The Carrington Event (1859)* or the 20X-more powerful *The Charlemagne Event of 774-775* ?
But I aint worried about that. It’s the *Comet Impacts* that literally wipe the surface of the Earth completely that is now 100% understood(!).
Yeah. It’s that bad and…WE can’t really do anything about it.
It’s an extremely long story and would literally take many many months to fully understand all of the research.
I’m hoping Richie is paying attention to this now!
It explains perfectly why-the-tptb are doing/been doing for the past few years to 100%.
If Richie is interested and many here as well, I’ll spend the time to inform All here.
It requires many links however. The present commenting system only allows 1-link.
If You-All want to know, let Richie know.


No worries- I completely understand. Though, I do selfishly miss Sunday morning melodies : )- Stay strong!


I see the mainstream media are referring to the truck drivers as selfish when they are anything but. Go fund me has taken down the funding page I see, wonder who owns that.

These payment platforms should be there just to enable donations and transactions, they have absolutely no right to tell people to whom or what they should give their own money or how they should spend it. What unbelievably tyrannical times we are living in.

Jeananne Crowley

That’s very good

Anne Talbot

Sincere apologies. Ignore “comment reported” ! Not sure how this happened while scrolling through the posts and I can’t see an option to rectify.


Meanwhile, listen from 4.31m. Excellent wrap up. Things are really changing fast. Good to be prepared.


Haven’t had a chance yet to watch either of these but it’s good that more and more people are speaking out.


the bitchute one will open up a real can of worms about HIV and Ebola


Enjoy Richie!
A well deserved holiday.

Come join us at the Freedom March next Saturday.


This one, says it is a Carnival?
Guess the ones in charge will not be worried about a Carnival.


Something to keep us occupied.

Microbiologist Explains COVID Jab Effects.
In this interview, German microbiologist Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi sifts through the facts and fictions of the coronavirus pandemic. Together with Karina Reiss, Ph.D., he’s written two books on this subject, starting with “Corona False Alarm? Facts and Figures,” published in October 2020, followed by “Corona Unmasked: New Facts and Figures.”

Last edited 3 months ago by Jennie

Fully understand, you’re running your ship Richie and the winter season is going to be tough. You take as much time as you need. Look forward to hear you soon

Jonathan Hannah

Just you take yer time and come back when you’re fully charged!
We need a BBG on top form. Enjoy you’re week 👍

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