The Vaccine Passport Scheme Has NOT Been Scrapped

UK Health Secretary Sajid Javid told the BBC’s Nick Robinson yesterday, that his government has decided to scrap the vaccine passport scheme which was due to be implemented at the end of the month. Javid was telling porkies.

He told Robinson:

“We shouldn’t be doing things for the sake of it. We’ve looked at it properly and, whilst we should keep it in reserve as a potential option, I’m pleased to say that we will not be going ahead with plans for vaccine passports.” 

However, The Times reports this morning that:

Downing Street has insisted that vaccine passports are still a “first-line defence” against a winter wave of Covid-19 after the health secretary said plans to introduce them had been scrapped.

No 10 said checks on the vaccine status of people going to nightclubs and other crowded events remained a crucial part of the government’s winter Covid plan due to be unveiled by the prime minister tomorrow.

They haven’t scrapped the scheme, they’ve simply postponed it. Facing a backlash from backbench MP’s and the wrath of night-time industry leaders, the government has decided that the smart move is to row back on vaccine passport plans, for now.

But when the NHS is overwhelmed again this Winter (as it is every Winter), vaccine passports will be back on the table. Hospitality bosses will be told to implement the scheme or face mandatory closure.

Dr. Chand Nagpaul is the chair of the British Medical Association. Today, he will address the BMA’s Annual Representative Meeting. He is expected to deliver a damning assessment of the Government’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic. According to The Telegraph:

Dr Nagpaul will argue that the health service was already in crisis before March 2020, after parts of it had been “starved” by a lack of facilities and almost 90,000 staff vacancies.

The latest NHS England figures show 5.6 million people are now waiting to start treatment, up from 4.2 million in March 2020. 

The number of NHS hospital beds in the UK has more than halved in the last 30 years, from around 299,000 in 1988 to 141,000 in 2019.

In 1988, the UK population was 56,812,757. Today it’s 68,207,116. NHS Winter crises are as certain as death and taxes. Now factor in the tens of thousands of staff who will leave the health service (and social care) because they will refuse to be jabbed and you have a perfect storm.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson will address the nation tomorrow. He will say he that wants to move towards “living with covid as an endemic disease.” He’ll say that he doesn’t want to lockdown again this Winter and that he is diametrically opposed to vaccine passports.

However, the power to reimpose any measure he sees fit will remain on the statute books. Lockdowns, masks and vaccine passports will be back this Winter. It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when.


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pray for those in Israel.


This is how other governments are treating jab hesitant people.

Urban fox

Hi, good find, i don’t know what country this is in. But there was a small town or village in India i believe. Where they made them wear signs round there necks.


I think that this is in India. A complete disgrace.

Urban fox

Certainly is, and then some


Urban, I’m becoming increasingly concerned with the apathy of the public at large; we are ‘sleepwalking’ into the 21st Gas Chambers with our heads buried in our handheld tracking devices, and actually willingly paying for the administration of our own demise.

Stephen Hardy

As Richie points out, the number of NHS beds has more than halved in the last 30 years, since when there has been increasing privatisation of different sectors of the Health Service. I wonder how many more additional “private beds” there are now compared with 30 years ago. Nowhere near enough to make up for the losses, I would imagine. I’m dreading this winter: I think many more people than usual will succumb to flu and and other respiratory infections, after the various jabs and other “measures” have weakened or destroyed their natural immunity, and also if antibody dependent enhancement is more than just well researched theory, well it just doesn’t bear thinking!

There’s a very well written article on Dr Mercola’s website entitled: Covid-19 “vaccines” are gene therapy, link below (if it works?)

I’ve believed since the whole scamdenic started, the main goal was to get the jab into everyone, for lots of reasons as we’ve all discussed, but I think there’s also this obsession to jab everything that moves in order to prevent any kind of control group from taking shape. There’s an interesting paragraph in Dr. Mercola’s article that seems bear this out:

“Making matters worse, both Pfizer and Moderna are now eliminating their control groups by offering the real vaccine to any and all placebo recipients who want it. The studies are supposed to go on for a full two years, but by eliminating the control group, determining effectiveness and risks is going to be near impossible.”


Christopher Chope addresses Parliament. On a YouTube channel called Peter Jones but if you just type in the above, you’ll find it.


Has anyone heard Sir Christopher Chope asking questions in Parliament?




Have a listen. He was asking questions regarding health issues and deaths after receiving the jab.


That they will do the opposite of what they state remains a useful guide.

Urban fox

I was very skeptical about the announcement to scrap the “Poison reward pass”, when i first heard about it. People should remember that everything is planned well in advance. Its true on occasion that plans may have to be adjusted or put back. But also true, that giving a little and then taking things back, In this case freedoms. Is a classical psychological technique, used to keep people off guard and confused. We have seen this, since the very beginning of this fake emergency.

There is also an outside chance that they have genuinely scraped the idea, as its not worth doing. The sad truth being that the vast majority of the UK population have already been jabbed, or soon will be. I know there are those that believe the vaccinated numbers are false. My personal experience with friends, family, and just going about the day and watching and listening in the supermarkets and on the street’s, is they don’t need to lie. There are more than enough people unaware of the truth to make lying in this instance unnecessary. Non of this means that the un jabbed will be allowed to get away with things indefinitely. Nor does it mean that private company’s will not make things very difficult for them.

I have no doubt today, there will be cry’s of victory. And rhetoric about how we have them on the run. Also remarks of how the UK is different from the rest of the world where we have already seen these sorts of measures. In every instance these remarks are naïve at best. Yes today, we should take some comfort in the fact, “Poison reward passes ” have at least for now been put back. But anyone that thinks that the battle is over, before it has even really begun, is going to be disappointed. I am not just referring to the passports, but the whole agenda 30 depopulation and total enslavement plan. Also the UK is no different as we have already seen in part with what has happened so far.. And the globalists behind this cult do not see borders or nations. There is only one government calling the shots, and they are not sat in Downing street.


Well said, I agree totally. Most people I know and speak to out and about have been jabbed. I am in a minority. I have one friend and her daughter who are not jabbed. I’ve heard of three deaths very soon after their jabs, the youngest in their early thirties (a male) a woman in very early 50’s and a woman in her early 60’s. I know of a man, early 30’s who was previously fit and well was a gym instructor (never touched drugs) has all sorts of heart problems (not sure if he’s been jabbed, I did ask but the subject was changed).

Urban fox

Thanks Lucy, My step mum got a blood clot shortly after the jab. Hospital said they had no idea what caused it, and the family just excepted it.


Sorry to hear that Fox..
I hope that she recovers fully.

Urban fox

Thanks. To be honest, not spoken for long time, to any of the family, England or Ireland. Communicated briefly via text regards the above. Last i heard was earlier in the year when got message saying she was going home. Since then just sent one of my sisters Birthday card this month.


Sad situation indeed.


when this announcement came i heard people say this was a good day, when I asked them why they believed this there reply was “because they said so” obviously people are suffering from memory loss and forgot the lies they have been told.

Urban fox

Hi thanks for reply. Just a quick note. I thought after i wrote that. They will have to bring in some sort of pass eventfully. As the intention of the pass, is not just to track the poison jabs. But to track everything. And be used as I.D. Without which the whole social credit system and other things planned wont be able to be implemented.


I think the Government taking the advice of SPI-B are simply playing mind games. Just like an outbreak of herpes the vaccine passports haven’t gone away and will be back in due course. Oh what fun these behavioural psychologists are having.

Mork & Mindy

Yes it Biderman type coercion too – OCCASIONAL INDULGENCE

Urban fox

Hi Mark , very true. Talking of mind games. I have seen evidence of covert hypnosis methods being used in the soaps until about two months ago. Now primarily its overt propaganda. I spoke with Richie about this May 19th, and have mentioned briefly in the posts before. It is not possible to do this, without having someone knowledgeable on the topic working on the program. Nor would anyone notice this, unless they have studied the subject, and only then if paying attention. As it is designed to bypass the conscious mind entirely.
One small thing i just did myself by way of example. I wrote covert hypnosis and the word pay in paying. And the word attention. All these i wrote with a slanted text. If i didn’t draw attention to this by mentioning it. Anyone reading it, would have imbedded in there mind,

” covert hypnosis pay attention”.


Suzannas up to her doom and death script again thismorning. This is to pass the coronavirus laws again


If they’re not spouting doom and death they’re calling people racist and transphobic, conspiracy theorists! It’s tiresome. How anyone listens to that day in day out unless they have to for work purposes is beyond me!

Last edited 12 days ago by Lucy56
Mork & Mindy

The people have to REFUSE this means refuse the vax the mask and the CBDC the new centralised digital currency or they will be slaves and their children sterilised by “vaccines “

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