The Vaccine Rollout Is Not About Covid – It’s Far More Sinister

Peter Openshaw is a member of the Government’s New and Emerging Respiratory Virus Threats Advisory Group (Nervtag). He told the BBC this morning that the Indian covid variant is a “major issue” and might delay the June 21st grand reopening.

Speaking to the BBC Radio 4 Today programme Openshaw said;

“Well I think just looking at the rate of rise of the Indian variant, I personally would feel very concerned that this is going to become quite a major issue over the next few weeks and that may well delay the further opening up.”

There’s only one thing for it said Openshaw:

“I think all of us are so anxious to get back to some sort of normal life, but I would say at the moment that we absolutely have to redouble the efforts to get everyone who is eligible for a vaccine vaccinated.”

Pure undiluted horseshit. According to the government, 37.25 million people have had one dose of a vaccine. 21.23 million have had two doses. This means that nearly one third of the population has had two doses.

The NHS has vaccinated the so-called most vulnerable and there is no evidence that the Indian variant (if it even exists), beats the vaccines. Yet they’re threatening to delay the end of restrictions until everyone has succumbed to the needle.

Make no mistake, it’s all about the vaccines. Never in history has a group of scientists been so utterly hell-bent on vaccinating an entire population. Working off the government’s own data, covid-19 is a mild respiratory infection. For most of the 68 million people in the UK, covid means a sore throat and a runny nose.

There isn’t a shred of scientific evidence to support the claim that it is necessary to vaccinate the entire population. The average age of someone dying with covid is 83. UK life expectancy is 81.2.

Why then are they so determined to vaccinate every one of us for the equivalent of a cold? Why are they driving vaccine buses around the North West of the UK? Why are “persuaders” knocking on people’s doors to convince people to roll up their sleeves?

We know that the vaccine isn’t a vaccine. Even if it was a vaccine, it’s unnecessary. They know this. So why are they pulling out all the stops to scare a nation into being jabbed with something that they do not need?

There are only two possible answers. Either you think that they’ve made a mistake and wrongly believe covid to be a bigger threat to public health than it actually is, or you think that there’s something more sinister going on. 

We know that they know covid isn’t a threat to public health. UK Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty has repeatedly stated that most people will not get covid-19 and that most of those who do come down with it, will have mild symptoms only.

Speaking on March 23rd, Whitty said;

“In terms of eliminating (coronavirus) from the UK, this is a disease which has got ah…most people who have it have mild symptoms, or in some cases no symptoms who can then transmit it.

That makes it very difficult to find.”

Again, even if the vaccine was a genuine vaccine, going by Whitty’s logic it’s not necessary. Today, Covid is the ninth most common cause of death in England and Wales, behind heart disease and flu.

You’re left with Occam’s razor. There’s obviously something else going on. There is another reason for wanting to inject 68 million people with an intervention that they do not need.

You’ve heard the theories on The Richie Allen Show. We’ve discussed depopulation, transhumanism and pathogenic priming. There was a time when I would have ridiculed such notions. Not now.



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“If we do a really good job with vaccines, we can lower that number by 15%” – Bill Gates. I have maintained for the last year that this will neuter humans. How many people are checking for this?


You need to listen and share this audio clip. This is definitely a sinister agenda to cull the population!

On Sunday, May 16, The Five Doctors gathered to continue the discussion regarding the transmission of “something” from an injected (vaccinated) person to those who have not been injected (unvaccinated).

By popular request, many have asked for JUST the information given in the 5 Doctors Event presented by Dr. Lee Merritt on the history of infertility vaccines.


Went to see a friend today. I had to leave early as started to feel nauseous, lightheaded, achy and dizzy.
It turned out that he had had the first BioNTech jab three days ago.
It could be nothing; but I’d spent time around him when he was coming down with, and recovering from, symptoms of the virus and I had no reactions from those interactions.


Those symptoms could be taken by a person to think that they might have covid.
I am trying to avoid people or not get to close unless I know that they have not been taken the “Experimental Gene Therapy” (infertility shot).


Craig, you need to avoid your mates ‘Fauci breath’ until he’s well in the clear, IF he ever does emerge from the woods.


Looking at that photo makes my heart sink.


Reminiscent of the trains to the gas chambers


It really does have echo’s of that hideous time. The the only thing missing is a yellow star sewn onto their jackets. Its terrifying to think it took it took only 14 months for us to get here.


Sadly, yes. Brenda, it’s the lack of ‘guts’ that really disappoints me. We’ve all seen footage of the Police barrelling into someones home based on the most flimsy of premises, with very little push back.


Looking at that photo makes my heart sink.


Most of the “big announcements” have been around very important dates in their calendar. I wish we could convince the masses to stop reacting with fear and anger. I swear this feeds them.


Sorry! Pressed wrong button- didnt mean to report, my error.

john de calonge

The Road to Human 2.0
The ultimate aim of the social engineers and the end game of the trans-humanist agenda is to completely invert natural biological life and to create a new synthetic type of human (human 2.0) which is more mechanical, mindless, homogenous, predictable and obedient. This is achieved through a number of means, which I have summarized below (with a particular focus on the pandemic pantomime):
Genetic Modification (Bio-warfare)
The aim is to edit our natural human biological blueprint into a more synthetic and lifeless form (in order to create a more mechanical and controllable sub-human). Bio-warfare genetic engineering has been conducted through a variety of medical, pharmacological and technological experiments, which have been particularly prevalent since World War Two. The intentional and systematic modification of our DNA (through GMO foods, vaccs, pharmaceutical drugs and EMF frequencies) has been ongoing now for many generations.
Remove Biological Sex

Transhumanist sculpture at the site of the Bilderberg conference 2013 at Grove Hall, Hertfordshire, England. Click to enlarge
There is an agenda to rid us of our natural biological identifications, in order to fulfill the trans-humanist goal of creating a new genderless, homogenous and mechanical type of ‘human’, divorced from our innate biological blueprint. State-enforced propaganda is peddling the dangerous idea that biological sex and gender are ‘human constructs’.
Children are now increasingly suffering from ‘gender confusion’, some of whom go onto having life-changing gender reassignment surgery (many of whom later regret it). This androgynous agenda is being peddled by the radical liberal left-wing and celebrity endorsement, with the backing of identity politics, compelled speech legislation (political correctness) and cancel culture.
Abolish Natural Procreation
Sexual intercourse between committed and loving partners can be seen as the maximum expression of human love and a defining feature of our true spiritual humanity. It is also the natural gift in which new life is organically birthed. There are increasing attempts to demonize sex, in order to discourage people from engaging in this sacred and transcendent spiritual practice (through fear of contamination etc.)
Through increasing levels of EMF radiation, poor dietary/lifestyle habits and invasive medical tyranny (vaccs), levels of infertility are set to sky-rocket, thereby paving the way for artificial insemination, as predicted by Aldous Huxley in his acclaimed book; Brave New World. It is not implausible to foresee a future where parents can select the genetic characteristics of their offspring (natural selection), as already implemented amongst the plant and animal kingdom.
Psychological Warfare
Intelligence communities have waged war on the human population, through covert mind control operations, which intentionally shape brain cognition, thoughts, behaviour, intelligence and perception.
There is a particular emphasis on the subconscious mind, which takes in information subliminally (outside of conscious awareness) thereby making it harder to detect, Subliminal programming (as seen most prominently in Hollywood) seeks to mould the minds of the masses and steer us away from our innate human tendencies.
Diminish Uniqueness
Our uniqueness is what makes us inherently human. Masks can be seen as a symbol of the hive-mind, which strip people of their humanity/individuality, through masking their unique facial features/expressions. Face coverings subconsciously program us to see humanity as more homogenous, especially impressionable children who are more psychologically malleable and who learn about unique human behaviour through facial expressions and social cues.
Identity Politics leads to further group-think behaviour; where a disturbing number of new group identifications are divorcing people from their true unique spiritual essence, which is not concerned with labels or identity.
Enforce Separation
One of the defining elements of humanity is our connection to each other. Through inhumane social distancing measures, the human right to freedom of assembly has been as good as abolished.
Separation has been enforced at an unprecedented level this past year, leaving us more isolated than ever before and divorced from our natural inclination towards connection and unity, as found throughout the natural world. We are being programmed to fear one another (through erroneous ‘germ’ warfare) and to turn against one another (as enforced through covert divide-and rule tactics).
Breed Mechanical Behaviour
Freedom of movement is one of the most basic, yet fundamental of human rights. Social distancing measures (inc. the implementation of one-way systems) aim to funnel us into a robotic state of momentum, where we adhere to more linear, orderly and predictable patterns of movement.
Psychological warfare (as implemented through propaganda and subliminal messaging) aims to indoctrinate people into hive-mind consciousness and group-think behaviour.
Destroy Religion/Spirituality
Scientism has infiltrated the global hive-mind, becoming the prevailing belief system in many developed nations across the world. This new religion aims to program us with a reductionist (non-holistic) view of the world, where we see everyone and everything as separate. This enforces the materialist narrative which rejects anything outside of five sensory perception and views humanity as nothing but an accidental cosmic accident.
There is an agenda to drive out spirituality and religious thought, in order to leave us feeling more mechanical and devoid of any divine spark. Draconian lockdown measures have stripped people of their freedom of religious worship/assembly.
Increase Digital Interaction
Lockdowns have led to an unprecedented interface with technology (TV, video games, smart devices, social media etc.). Customer service has become increasingly digitized, with many companies now using AI based web chat services and online enquiry forms as a replacement for human phone calls.
Technology has replaced much of the human workforce in many sectors. We are being bred to become familiar with robotics (Alexa, Google Assistant etc.) who use a human name and friendly tone to bridge the gap between the organic and synthetic; as is also the aim with virtual/augmented reality. We have been predictively programmed now for many years though Hollywood to be accustomed to AI (so that we show less resistance upon their release into the public domain).


Thanks for taking the time to write this John, much appreciated.


Oddly enough, Huxley died on the same day as John F Kennedy.


Been thinking along those lines myself,just what is going on?Evidently something dark is going on but what is it,various theories knocking around ,its a case of wait and see how things pan out over the next few years because in my view this scam has a long way too go yet.


Interesting and terrifying in equal measure.Well worth a listen.

Zac Baled

Why have the scientists named this new government body in such a way that the abbreviations add up to make a name such as *NERVTAG* – Nerve Tag – Nerve Gas? Nerve Agent? Biological Nerve Warfare? Nerve Agent Warfare? Biological Nerve Agent? Im very suspicious of this name NERVTAG (as to what it could really mean) it does not sit with me well at all. 🤔


An awful lot of these scientists originate from the chemical and biological warfare defence establishment at Porton Down so they probably like the sinister, menacing and sexy name.
Sounds a lot better then the common cold and flu unit.

Tony K

Spy B.
I think they’re spying.

Nerv tag.
I think they’re tagging.
Magnetic arms, now receiver/ transmitters.
Is the Russian hacker right?
Don’t know, but the magnets are sticking.

It’s like Sh(y)am Sunder for the sham of a 911 investigation.

Or Dr Faust(cci) who sold his soul to the devil.

Goes on and on really.

Stephen Hardy

Notice these psychos rarely, if ever mention, what percentage of overall population needs to be jabbed for herd immunity to be acquired. As Richie points out, 37 million people have now apparently had this experimental intervention, that’s already probably at least 70% of the adult population, or those aged over 18. Pretty soon, over 90% of adults will have (willingly) had this jab, more than enough for herd immunity, assuming it’s effective, of course. So what’s the problem? They haven’t started jabbing children yet, at least not on a large scale, but as we know, the risks to children from covid are as statistically close to zero as you can get! Something else is definitely going on. There’s many reasons for coercing everyone to get this toxic shite in them, obvious one it prevents any control group by which to measure the long-term health outcomes of “vaccinated” against those who haven’t had the jab. I’m a bit uneasy with the mass depopulation theory. I think Big Pharma would much rather have over 7 billion chronically sick, life-long “customers” from cradle to grave rather than 7 billion dead people; and every person that drops down dead soon after being jabbed is one less customer for Big pharma. I believe the purpose of ALL vaccines – and including this ongoing experimental gene therapy – is to weaken, compromise and ultimately destroy innate, natural immunity, making people more susceptible to disease or ill health, and increasing their dependence on ever more pharmaceutical interventions. I think the ultimate goal of all these agendas, notwithstanding some depopulation elements, of course, is to massively reduce life expectancy to around 60 years of age, or even less. Just think, no more state pensions to pay, no more costly health care provisions into old age, just a compliant population of regular customers for Big Pharma, requiring constant “vaccines” and other medications because they no longer have any natural innate immunity to protect them.


Here is the answer from Dr Faust…
Stephen Hardy

Silly me… I should have realised the answer!

Tony K



You are 100% spot on Richie. This has been a long time in the planning. What I don’t fully understand is why so many politicians are going along with this. Are they being bribed, blackmailed or threatened or any combination thereof?

It’s so obvious even if there is a covid19 virus, and I personally don’t believe that there is, that the response has been insanely over the top in relation to the threat and that it is the measures not any virus which has caused all the problems. This must be obvious to governments and their advisors. So why are they destroying their own countries and economies and causing such suffering to their own people? Why?


Because, decent ordinary people do get to be politicians, they are filtered out at an early stage. They will be recruited from amongst the numbers in the secret Masonic/Satanic Cabals.
We have a two faced society and leaders, sworn by blood oaths, bound by filth and blackmail.


Sounds about right.


The Devil’s Disciples!!!


Because to Build Back Better the old systems must first be destroyed. Most people will not willingly give them up, so they must be forced to – and done cleverly enough, it won’t seem like force.


Most have already capitulated. History demonstrates those individuals turn into willing agents of the state – turning on their fellow citizens with an impassioned expression of superiority and outrage.
Already vitriolic attacks are in evidence in real life not just on social media. All of us who refuse the injections, the wearing of mask or any of the host of irrational impositions are being told we should be stripped of our freedoms; forbidden to engage in the normal activities of society. No doubt they would take immense pleasure in seeing us all rounded up
The more civilised we claim to be the less civilised we are becoming!!

Tony K

I think a lot of them are being bribed Jennie. The Epstein thing was a mossad front (by deception though shalt do war) They set honey traps, record and then extort.

Tony K

And it’s all linked very heavily to Bill gates and his former head of security Boris Nicolic.

If you dig deeper, they are both connected to Dr Michael Ryan from the WHO


Be afraid of the Indian variant, it hopped, skipped and jumped its’ way over here, bypassing several countries in order to land directly into Bolton/Blackburn (areas of high numbers of asian residents and low vaccine uptake) Its’ much more devious than we thought, damn those pesky viruses’ that know who to target and where they are 😂


The Indian variant is propaganda drummed by a combination of the globalist controlled mainstream media in India and Pfizer after the Modi government there threw out Pfizer quite rightly saying that the vaccines weren’t properly tested and weren’t safe.


Complete the following:
If restrictions are lifted on 21st June I will
Let’s have some good answers please, need a laugh for the weekend 😂

Zac Baled

If restrictions are lifted on 21st June I will

If restrictions are lifted on 21st June I will shave my legs, Cross dress and wear my nickers inside out like a superman she whilst wearing an inflated pen1s baloon on my bald fu$kin head…….shouting ‘bojo bendover you little fu$kin cun2’ and start dancing/hopping on one feet in the middle of the street!


If restrictions are lifted on 21st June I will…..
“take a video of you doing that and send it to You’ve Been Framed”


So a normal day then eh Zac? 😏😂🤣 look forward to that, cheers 👍


You’re describing exactly the type of balloon that the Mayor of London typically raises above the city!!
Being featured on MSM could be your worst nightmare


Get myself and co-pilot Peppa vaccinated and fly to Bangalore

Alex Romero

Those of us who know, know. Those of us who don’t know believe anything but the truth.


You’ve called everything out about the charade long in advance from day one Richie and many other scenarios from way before this besides.

Your instincts have always been rock solid.

In order to maintain the deception, they need more death, so assisted by the pathogenic priming gene therapies, I believe these deaths will be coming sooner rather than later.. (deaths that they will all too conveniently say are caused by Covid variants — aka ‘plausible deniability’)

The hysteria will then promote a higher level of panic which is the prerequisite for the digital transhumanist and ongoing eugenics side of the Agendas equation.

It’s coming…

They’re going for it and that picture of the long line of lambs presenting themselves for slaughter above, is testimony to the fact that their heinous satanic plan is working.

Absolutely no doubts about it.


Here’s an interesting article. I suppose they went along with Pasteur rather than Bechamp because they could make so much money.


Thanks Jennie!
I’ll have a read of that first chance I get!

Tim in Brazil

They are poisoning us.
Nanolipids help deliver the mRNA to the vaccine recipient’s cells.
Nanolipid components of the Moderna vaccine include SM-102.

The SM-102 Material Safety Data Sheet describes this chemical as “NOT FOR HUMAN OR VETERINARY USE” According to the manufacturer, Cayman Chemical Company in their filing with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), this chemical causes “Acute Toxicity “Fatal in contact with skin.”

In that same OSHA filing, the manufacturer declares SM-102  “Causes damage to the central nervous system, the kidneys, the liver and the respiratory system through prolonged or repeated exposure.” 

Nanolipid components of the Pfizer vaccine include ALC-0315.
Possible toxicity of this lipid
The formulation of Pfizer/BioNTech’s LNP is proprietary, but sources cite the proportion of the cationic lipid ALC-0315 in the lipid envelope at approx. 50%.ix We do not know how many of these LNPs are being injected per 30 mcg (one dose), but this is a point that needs investigation. These cationic lipids have been investigated for over 30 years since cationic lipid-based gene delivery (lipofection) was first published by Felgner’s group in 1987,x but have not found their way into general application because of their toxicity. It is not just cellular biologists with experience of this field who state that cationic lipids are “very, very toxic”.xi A peer-reviewed paper in Toxicology Research from April 2018 states in the opening sentence of its abstract: “cationic lipids still have the problem of toxicity, which has become one of the main bottlenecks for their applications.”xii This finding is reflected throughout the literature on cationic lipids, across the entire three decades.

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