The UK will never leave the fascist dictatorship that is the EU. The June 2016 vote was meaningless. I said as much the very next day. The Telegraph reports this morning that the UK will tell Brussels that it is prepared to stay tied to the customs union beyond 2021 as ministers remain deadlocked over a future deal with the EU. Customs union alignment means continued free movement of people of course. The governments Brexit war Cabinet proposed what they dubbed a "backstop" as a last resort to avoid a hard Irish border, having dismissed earlier proposals from the EU. Ministers signed off on the "backstop" plan on Tuesday despite objections from Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson and Michael Gove. They were said to have then reluctantly agreed to the plans. The Brexit sub-committee decided that Britain will stay aligned to the customs union if highly complex technology needed to operate borders after Brexit is not ready. The technology won't be available until 2023 at the earliest.

According to The Telegraph:

Cabinet ministers remain bitterly divided over future customs arrangements with the EU. Eurosceptics have warned that Theresa May's plans for a customs partnership with the EU could ultimately lead to a climb-down over Brexit that will force the UK to stay in a customs union. They favour an alternative proposal called "maximum facilitation", which would involve customs checks but use technology to ensure that they are kept to a minimum. Senior EU sources told the Telegraph that the UK would have to agree to temporarily remain in a customs union to secure a breakthrough in talks.

If you voted leave, do you still think that we will be walking out the door in March next year? Think again. It has only been two months since Brexit secretary David Davis agreed the terms of the so called transitional period with his EU counterpart Michel Barnier. That agreement effectively keeps the UK in the EU until December 31st 2020. They agreed that EU citizens arriving in the UK between March 29th 2019 and December 31st 2020 will enjoy the same rights and guarantees as those who arrive before Brexit. The UK will still be party to existing EU trade deals with other countries and will not only be subject to all existing rules, regulations and decrees from Brussels during this period, but also new ones.

So it's wholly unsurprising that May and her Brexit war cabinet (what a joke) will accept membership of the customs union beyond 2021, to solve the so called Irish hard border problem. As I said back in March, The EU is a major pillar of a future one world government and came out of the Bankster elites failure to secure a victory for Hitler's Nazi's in WWII. You won't read that in any history book but it's true. In fact it's propped up and supported by Nazi's and war criminals to this very day. Maniacal murderer Tony Blair has been chipping away at the result since day one. And anti-Brexit organisations are funded by the likes of George Soros, who helped the Nazi's rob his own people as they were being herded onto trains and sent to concentration camps. How apt. The EU itself is a giant concentration camp. It's like the song says, "You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave."


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