They’re Coming To Jab Your Kids – Do Not Give Your Consent

During multiple media appearances this morning, Universities Minister Michelle Donelan refused to clarify whether parental consent would be required to jab the nation’s 16 to 17 year-olds.

The current guidance from the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) is that children aged 12 and over should only be jabbed, if they are considered to be clinically vulnerable.

However, the government is keen to inject more children to prevent a surge in infections when they return to school. This, despite the Public Health Agency (PHA) admitting in January, that schools are not a major source of covid transmission.

According to The Mail Online:

Universities minister Michelle Donelan said ministers were expecting an ‘imminent’ announcement from the JCVI on rolling out jabs to more teenagers.

Asked whether parents would be consulted on whether they wanted their children to receive a vaccine, Ms Donelan said she would not ‘preempt’ the announcement.

Speaking on Sky News this morning, she said: ‘As a representative of the Government I am waiting for the JCVI update on this which could be today but it is very imminent.

‘As I have already said I am not going to preempt a policy announcement.’

Experts have slammed the plans to extend the rollout to teens who are ‘at low risk of serious disease’ and are building up natural immunity through exposure to the virus.

Speaking to The Mail Online, David Livermore, a Professor of Infectious Disease at the University of East Anglia, claimed that there is no justification in rolling out the jabs to 16 and 17 year-olds. He said:

“Sixteen to 17-year-olds are at low risk of serious disease and, through exposure, are developing immunity anyway.  We do not know if vaccine-induced or infection-induced immunity will prove the longer lasting, and to the better contributor to herd immunity. Given this I can see no good reason to prioritise vaccinating them.”

Also today, it has been announced that children who become ill with coronavirus rarely experience long-term symptoms, with most recovering in less than a week.

Research conducted by King’s College London scientists suggests that while a small group may experience prolonged illness, they were “reassured” that the number was low. Headaches and tiredness were the most common symptoms seen.

Do not consent to your child receiving a jab. The experts are clear. They do not need them. There is no justification for it. Protect your child’s future. Say no. Say hell no.


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Why does Wei Shem Lim of the JCVI want to vaccinate the kids? Oh, he works for Pfizer! Got skin in the game! And why did Robert Dingwall of SAGE get axed. He didn’t want to vaccinate kids and had nothing to gain either way… let’s follow the real science!

Lovin’ your work Richie!



Issue the child/school with a letter stating clearly ‘I am the mother/father/guardian of / As the mother/father/guardian of ……I do not consent’. and also state ‘MY child’. Do NOT put ‘as a parent.

Anwen Appleby

She looks evil


Soulless and featureless face complete with dead fish eyes…


The way this is going they are obviously heading towards the under 16s.
Concerned parents need to organise a rota whereby school gates or entrances are watched for signs that the vax team are due or have arrived and then text other parents that ‘today is the day’. Not advocating intimidation ! Not sure if pupils allowed mobiles in school, if they are then they need to text parents if the vax team arrive. Also it will not be possible for the whole school to be done in a day therefore further watching necessary. I have a feeling that any arrival of a vax team will not be done via identifiable means ie an nhs bus or vehicle, these teams will arrive in normal cars or vehicles so as not to announce their arrival. If you dont want your child vaxxed then they really need all the info you can give them. My own grand daughter (11) listening to RA tonight (we made a joke of all the f words!) after listening to the chinese bloke peddling vax filth said ‘so they want us to be test subjects then?’.
Also, beware of the school nurse who will also be chasing up any pupil who hasnt had any of their vaccines. We have to equip children with the skills, knowledge and confidence to say ‘no’, and not go along with anything because all their mates are having it or there is a ‘treat’ involved because they will use incentives. Look how many adults queue up for a shot where a free ice cream is offered.


Just been on the news, some disgusting idiot called Wei Shen Lim (who the fuck is he?) announcing that Pfizer jab will be offered to all 16/17 year olds. They don’t even have to get parental consent! Earlier today this same criminal claimed that large numbers of 16/17 year olds were in hospital with Covid and that some were even on ventilators. He is lying through his teeth but it doesn’t matter. On the news we saw a mother and her kid beside themselves with excitement at the thought of the jab. It’s way beyond Orwell now. The population has gone mad and it was all too easy for these evil creatures. This is absolutely state sponsored child abuse.


The masking and lockdowns and school closures, distancing etc etc was child abuse, now we are moving to intentional Infanticide! We must somehow jail all of these co-conspirator criminals and fast!


Blown out from the inside both times nycity

Last edited 1 month ago by AlanTracy

NYC was traumatised in 2001 now (( they )) sterilise and clot them up

Hermione Granger



An “ism “ that makes them more power and money will be tried

Hermione Granger

Its coercion from the nudge unit.
Dehumanisation see Albert Biderman. In 1956 the psychologist Albert Biderman (studying Chinese and Korean methods on POWs) developed a framework for understanding the methods  used to control people.
These methods include:

* Isolation/ lockdown lockup’s 
* Monopolization of your perception (repetition, behavioural methods, NLP, media lies, fake events)
* Induced exhaustion / debilitation
* Fear / Threats (you’ll die poisons viruses)
* Occasional indulgences (and promises of better days) (flatten the curve, will stop at Christmas) 
* Demonstrating their power ‘omnipotence’ and ‘omniscience’ (ascot, G7, Wimbledon, beating citizens, stopping entry to places, fines) 
* Degradation (eg masks, anal tests, swabs, infantilisation)
* Enforcing trivial demands
(Eg standing 6 metres, Pointless masks and alleged tests)


It is as if the people involved in this ‘ollocks believe they are taking part in an ‘EXERCISE’ and what they say to get the populace to commit collective ‘sacrifice’ is not their fault, the language and the way they are using it is deliberate.

Hermione Granger

School and tv and radio is not a REAL education

Hermione Granger

Women and foetus and children sterilised by the needlework

Hermione Granger

Professor sir john bell immunologist “These vaccines are unlikely to completely sterilize a population. They are very likely to have an effect which works in a %, say 60 or 70%.” The gene manipulation shots contain a spike protein called syncytin-1, vital for the formation of human placenta in women.

Hermione Granger

parents need to REALLY educate their children


They need to supply them with a letter giving them permission to leave school and go home if there is ‘surprise’ vaccine event.


A letter putting the head on notice that vaxx arent wanted and that they would be personally held responsible for any harm to their child tell the child to leave if any event happens then sue


Dear Sir / Madam,
Due to the unprecedented number of enquires from care workers concerned at the new requirement to be vaccinated or lose their jobs, we have referred to legislation to understand what the law provides.
This letter is a summary of the law and ought to be sufficient for you to understand the gravity and implications of the law.
And this is an open letter because the public will be interested to know that the statutory provision for care (and other) workers to be vaccinated is unenforceable


My kids will not be taking part in this insanity, and it will be a cold day in Hell before they take they take a ‘vaccine’ they do not need for the so-called benefits of others, absolute insanity. My 13 year old will tell them to take a run and jump, but my 9 year old has autism and attends a special needs school so once they start jabbing disabled kids, then ill take her out as even though her School is amazing, loads of wide awake Teachers, I don’t trust the state and she is then vulnerable to coercion tactics, I honestly hope parents come together and fight this, coming for children is on another level now.


They’re going to make a ‘nasal spray’ covid vaccine available to make it easier to poison the children and they will also be expected to continue with the ‘flu’ nasal vaccine, so the children will not know/be told which one they are given.

Last edited 1 month ago by sven

I wouldn’t put anything past these psychopaths, my kids have never had the flu shot, the Schools tell me when flu vax day is ( as I insist they do by badgering them with several emails) and I kept them off that day. Last year I kept them off that whole week as I had heard that the flu jabs last year were made ‘more robust’ and alarms bells rang loud and clear, so yes take no chances, leaves you with very little people to trust.


I am really worried about school starting in September. Our 11 year old is moving up to secondary school and it’s really concerning. They haven’t worn a mask once as the primary schools didn’t have to – some of the teachers did wear masks but we explained that some people are just gullible and scared. We had hoped that masks for secondary school would be gone by September and she wouldn’t have to deal with it as she isn’t very brave or assertive and would probably go along with the majority if everyone else was making up. But the idea that they will spring a vaccination day at school is a huge concern and we are coaching her on how to politely but assertively decline from getting it, even if everyone else goes along with it. Also worried that before long it will become a condition of attending the school – will we have to pull her out of school and homeschool her? We don’t want to deprive her of a childhood hanging out with her friends in school. We have tried to keep things as normal as possible for the kids and so far this whole shitshow hasn’t really affected them that much but how long will that last when they start insisting all the kids have to get jabbed and we can’ go anywhere as family as none of us will be vaccinated and won’t have Covid Pass? We will be social outcasts and so will our children by the looks of it!


The tyrannical multi-agenda juggernaut continues to roll over every objecting voice. All the while bolstering its position with perversions of justice, science and sense. Dissenting opinions on all fronts categorised as intolerable hate. The options for action dwindling to a singularity, for which the tyrants are well prepared. But hey…shopping over freedom right?


I was just saying this to my 13 year old, that the places you find the most masked up zealots are in the shops, buying stuff lol. We were just at the beach, very busy, but not a mask in sight, they are all in the little town spending money on crap, shopping definitely over freedom, totally agree, madness!!!


Lest we forget.


Kids used to be taught ‘don’t accept treats from strangers’. Now they are being encouraged to do it.


Have my 11year old grand daughter stopping for 4weeks. To say I am worried sick is a gross underestimate. Fearful of peer pressure at high school and possible coercion of so called ‘health professionals’. Mum and step dad already had their clot shots ‘for work’.Have RA on each day and doing my best to provide her with the information she wont get anywhere else. Feel like I am giving her a crash course in boosting confidence and critical thinking but at the same time I feel guilty doing this. On the way to the beach this morning I asked her ‘if I made a vaccine and I wanted to make a lot of money what do you think I would do?” Straight away she answered “say there is a disease”. I’ve told her that they will try to offer pens, treats as a way to get her to say yes. Taking her to a ‘stand in the park ‘ meeting on Sunday. I’m sure there are parents / grand parents all doing the same and desperately worried for their loved ones. But as Richie said last night, if all this fails, I will have to accept it and of course, I will still love this girl to death.
Thanks for reading, at the beach and watching her play with other kids in the sunshine, no masks, ah, nice to be normal for a few hours.


Its not rocket science too work out that all children will be offered /given the jab in the not too distant future especially with schools due back early september and Autumn Winter on the way,big Pharma must be rubbing their hands with glee especially that odious bitch Gilbert.

Alex Romero

the Jabs aren’t designed only to kill. There’s something in them which renders women infertile, and will affect any partners of the jabbed as well. Welcome to the human farm.


Can anybody be at all surprised by this announcement? Give it another month and all the over 12’s will be added to the victim pool in order to combat the Daddy Longlegs variant which has been spread around western Ireland by Leprechauns and is now in the UK.


I’ve just spent a week with agonising toothache which must have been the toothache variant. I have to have some very expensive root canal work done but I was surprised that they didn’t offer me a vaccine for it. Here in Ireland they’ve already added 12 and over to the victim list for the genetic engineering shot.

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