Think Tank: “Millions Will Be Worse Off In 2022”

The Executive Chairman of The World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab, Mr. Build Back Better himself, infamously said that “You will own nothing, and you will be happy.” Schwab was talking about his “Great Reset,” or the total transformation of the way we live, work, eat, sleep, travel and interact.

Today, The Institute For Fiscal Studies produced its analysis of Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s budget. In short, the IFS says that millions of people will be worse off in 2022. Schwab’s dream has moved a step closer. According to the BBC:

Millions of people are set to be worse off next year amid spiralling costs and tax rises, says an economic think tank.

The Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) said that inflation and higher taxes on incomes would negate small wage increases for middle earners.

Low-income households will also feel “real pain” as the cost of living is set to increase faster than benefit payments, it said.

The chancellor acknowledged in his Budget that families are under strain.

Paul Johnson, director of the IFS, said that “millions will be worse off in the short term” as a result of soaring costs.

On Wednesday, the independent Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) warned that the cost of living could rise at its fastest rate for 30 years.

Its latest forecast predicted that inflation, which measures the change in the cost of living over time, is set to jump from 3.1% to an average of 4% in 2022.

You don’t need to have read a book on economics, let alone studied it, to understand that a massive financial crash looms large.

Tom Stevenson, an investment director at Fidelity International, told The Telegraph last week, that although it is not known if a sharp correction in markets is around the corner, “the odds are clearly shorter than they were.”

Writing in The Telegraph Stevenson said:

“Even if it is not imminent, a correction will happen at some point. If you look at the performance of the S&P 500 in the three years following each of the major bear market bottoms over the past 60 years, there has been a pull-back of at least 10pc at least once.

We are now a year-and-a-half on from the Covid bottom and we are yet to experience that double-digit decline. Given the 5pc or so retreat in September, it is not unreasonable to wonder whether the inevitable correction is under way. It’s going to happen at some point.”

Bank on it, no pun intended. And keep in mind, when the crash does happen, bail-ins will become a reality. The government will take a percentage of your savings and your bank will co-operate with them. I’ve been warning my listeners of this, for years. See Cyprus.

But don’t worry, because you’ll be happy with nothing. Won’t you?


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Excellent Article!!!

Just When Social Security Was About To Collapse A Half Million American Retirees Died Prematurely Of COVID-19. That Saves ~$48.5 Billion. Was This All Pre-Planned?

Elitist Bank Of International Settlements Issues Digital Currencies Guide But Doesn’t Instruct How To Correct Ongoing Central Bank Public Robbery.


REMINDER: NOT The BCfm Politics Show presented by Tony Gosling.
LIVE AT 17.00 UK Time.

Urban Fox

Liars, Lizards, Or Just Bastards ?

In this fascinating broadcast filmed last Friday from the new purple bunker. David puts the case. Should those that have trusted his other information over the years, not trust him in this, and believe that he has put the same diligent research into the subject.? Is it right for him to keep quite about this and ignore, if he believes it to be true and relevant to current events.?

Reptilian ‘Gods’ And Current Events – David Icke Dot-Connector Videocast – David Icke

And why is it, that every action and policy carried out by the powers that be. Is counter productive to us as human beings. For example, face masks making it harder for us to breath oxygen, likewise cutting down trees that we need to breath. Electro magnetic radiation and the harm that the frequencies cause. Poison jabs and now the targeting of our water and food supply.?

Why is it that everything seems on close examination to be inhuman. Could it be, that the inner core of those carrying out this agenda, are in fact not human.?

As mentioned by David ,the Royals have interbred throughout history to keep there bloodlines pure. But what he has not mentioned here, is that other family’s have also gone to great lengths to do the same. It is also noticeable that many of the usual suspects have the same unusual blood group, known as Reece negative. For anyone interested in this last point, further information is available, via your chosen Magical information device.

Urban Fox

Liars, Lizards, Or Just Bastards, Part Two

Recently Richie played the bizarre presentation to the UN General Cabal Assembly.
This link shows the CGI Reptilian in action, telling us we’re all going to die. Yes that is the plan, just not by climate change.

Reptiloids at the helm of the UN? Twitter split after CGI dinosaur lectures humans on downsides of extinction — RT World News

Is it just a coincidence that they have a Reptilian monster, warning us about the destruction of the human race. Or are they deliberately laughing in our faces with warped symbolism.?


Listen to Richie, never miss him and his great guest’s
SENDING love and strength from IRELAND xx


the debt the state has racked up over the last 20 months has been totally irresponsible, at some point there will be an almighty crash and it won’t be politicians that will be suffering but the average person on the street.

Steven James

You’re not good Allen,you’re very good in your profession.
I don’t heap praise lightly Mister.

Steven James

Your shows get better.
That should cheer your cocklies Richard.


Sadly most people unless affected directly are going about their lives like everything is going to go back to normal.
Me I am planning to leave the country Godwilling.


Do let us know where you plan to go, I’m trying to find a safe haven.

Urban Fox

A crash is coming ,but i dont believe it has anything to do with what’s commonly called a correction. In short, the stock market has been doing remarkably well under the circumstances over the last 18 months. Apart from a sharp fall near the beginning of this scam demic.

If you go online, you can see graphs which show the movement of the FT 100 market ,over the last 5, 10 years. Last 12 months, 30 days and so on. We have been hovering around the 7000 point mark for some time. Take a look at 2008 and what has been happening over the last 18 months. And anyone not familiar with the stock market will be surprised.

So what is happening.? Traders which for the most part are no wiser when it comes to the agenda than the rest of the population. Believed that the fake plague, was what is sometimes called a Black swan event. A black swan ,is an unforeseen, unplanned, random event effecting the markets. Which is expected that when its over. Most sectors will be able to recover without permanent damage.

However there are two things wrong with this. Firstly as most of us on here know. The covid scam was not a Black swan. Secondly, even though the average trader will have swallowed much of the scam like most people. It is my belief, that this level of stupidity could not have lasted 18months.

Therefor it has been my assessment for some time, that the markets are being deliberately propped up. In other words, some of the richest people and families in the world who i believe are behind this hoax. Have been putting massive investment into the stock market. Buying up shares with the intention of dumping them, to cause a major crash. The consequences if they pull this off will be horrific for small company’s and the general public. This is illegal and is sometimes done with individual big companies. Or sometimes specific business sectors. If you watch the film wall street and its sequel, this is portrayed in the films. You buy the shares to push the market up. Then place a bet on a big drop in the markets. Then sell the shares off cheap, causing a panic. And make money off the bet you made.

This could massively devalue cash and bankrupt many people. Enabling the authorities to activate emergency bail in laws. Thereby making many more people dependent on the state and threatened by the social credit system being planned. Basically do as your told, or we will not be giving you any financial assistance.

Aldo Bennedetti

As Covid 19 was only a stick to beating the public into taking the jab this expected crash will be used to enforce bail ins.

Set up and pay off. This is the way.


it is NEVER ONLY one thing with our ‘overseers’- it is ALWAYS a multifaceted attack on human conciousness, and ‘society’.

Covid and 5G are intimatly linked and the 5th Generation tec is the REAL ENEMY we should be studying.
The fact it is rarely discussed in the past 2years is definate proof of that.

The elites know that all sane folk will find this ConVD scamplan phantom menace ludicrous, but they can sublimate your intellect via your sentimental and addictive interactions with technology, and the domesticated cul de sac it can imprisson you within.

If this vile tyrany falls apart the great horror will be the Christian Right impossing new witch-hunts ; conditioned conformity and moral intollerance…and that will make these present Nazis look like amateurs at the game of oppression and tactacle Eugenics.


I think your assessment is spot on. The problem is what does the average person do to protect themselves.

Aldo Bennedetti

Start thinking of only keeping only whats necessary in the bank and in cash. Maybe investing precious metals etc to protect wealth like gold and silver.

Victory loves preparation.


Robert Kiyosakihas said this for years, most can’t invest in Gold but Silver is the next best thing.

Urban Fox

They cant get the stuff out of the ground Brian ,see previous post. The mining company’s have been effected by the lockdowns and positive tests like everything .It is badly effecting prices in gold and silver shares and hard assets. They are trying to collapse absolutely everything.


I read somewhere that they would make the owning of Silver illegal in the future which does not suprise me.
“You will own nothing! and be happy”

Urban Fox

This is also possible as well. People have to get out of the mind set that this is an ordinary crisis or disaster. It is not. It is exceptional in the history of the planet.


That’s certainly a possibility and is exactly what happened with gold in the United States in the 1930’s great depression. President FDR required all private individuals to surrender their holdings to be compensated with dollars at the rate set by his Government. Of course after the Government took control of the gold the price skyrocketed. If you buy investment gold from a dealer you are required to register so their certainly interested in who’s doing the stacking


Most people don’t have the finances to buy gold and silver. Some of us survive on average wages or pensions.

Urban Fox

I would be very careful with Gold and silver. It has also not been doing what it should have been. And the prices for shares and hard assets have been effected by the regular lockdowns, and people not being allowed to work because of positive tests. All the mining company’s are struggling. We have never had a situation like this in history. Would be better off, buying essentials that they can use, barter or sell on. Food, alcohol, drugs, sanitary products, candles, batteries, and certain things that are not legal in this country. But are very popular in the states. If i lived there.

Aldo Bennedetti

Gold and silver are for the wealthy and very cash rich and most certainly by default all the essentials you mentioned are a must in these times.
Sure money is only a means to that end – acquiring essentials/luxuries – not an end in itself.

Funnily enough I priced a gas cylinder the other day in the thoughts of preparing for a blackout this winter.


Calor Gas Heaters have gone up in price in UK and I am sure so as the price of the gas.
I bought 25 kilo’s of Himalayan Rock Salt and a few kilo’s of Sugar recently.
Next on the list is loose Tea and more Coffee.
Struggling to get the mrs to understand that we need to stock up on essentials though.

Last edited 2 months ago by Jake
Aldo Bennedetti

Potter away at that week by week like a squirrel says I.

Urban Fox

Or fox

Urban Fox

I love my teas and coffees. The ground stuff for my push down thing, And Nescafé Azera and Alta rica gold blend. And i like these sachets that i get that have different flavors like Irish coffee. Loose tea as well as bags. Got some today.


I am trying to move away from Tea Bags as they contain plastic with in the bag it self.


Gold is not doing as well as it should be because the gold market is (surprise surprise) rigged. You have a real physical gold market and a paper gold certificate market. The latter market is much larger and controls the price of the physical market. Gold is only worth investing in if you physically own it. If you only own paper gold they will pay you out in toilet paper currency you will never see the gold you thought you owned. If you buy the odd Gold Sovereign coin when you can afford it over the years they do start to add up. In another life I used to be in the fleet air arm, aircrew when embarking on a sortie in hostile conditions would have to sign for a survival pack which among other items included a small wallet containing 5 gold Sovereign coins and a 9mm Browning pistol with ammunition. The essentials for survival.

Urban Fox

Some of what you say makes sense, but with respect, this is not an ordinary crisis. As i said. Nothing is as it should be. Many preciouses metal mines have not been able to operate. Half the time. If things were operating normally. The pound would have been worthless months ago. And gold and silver would now be worth a fortune. It is very dangerous to rely on anything at the moment. When it go’s total mad max. A piece of gold in your pocket, might be only any good to chuck at some ones head, in order to get a tin of beans off them.


Hello Mr Fox and thank you for your reply. Yes we’re absolutely not in ordinary times and I agree the price of gold should be much higher but the price is being rigged on the paper gold market which deals in fictional gold that doesn’t actually exist. Many metal exchanges are trading in gold certificates for gold that they don’t actually posses. If you look at the small print if you want to cash in and collect your gold you will be paid out in the cash value only and not the physical metal. The fact that gold mining is presently disrupted is another upward pressure on the value of physical gold. Gold is money and has been around since the dawn of time and is absolutely worth possessing at the moment but like any wealth product you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket. Have a look at what Gerald Celente at Trends Research is saying he’s been in the financial forecasting business for decades and has a very impressive record. Odd is it not that until about 30 years ago an ordinary punter was forbidden from owning investment gold (it was only for banks and Governments). Then it was suddenly allowed and not only that it was completely tax free no VAT no Capital gains tax 😊😊.
We then had the mysterious case of “Browns Bottom” when our wonderful former Prime Minister Gordon Brown sold off half the UK’s gold reserves at fire sale prices. In 1999 the worlds gold buying traders and punters filled their boots with Britain’s wealth at rock bottom prices and made an absolute killing. Happy days for the rich.

Urban Fox

Its difficult to answer. Dont keep to much in any one place. Spread around. Hide cash. Be careful with Gold and silver because the mining company’s have been effected like everything through lockdowns and closures because of PCR test.. Buy things, you can use, barter or sell on. All worth thinking about.




THE Great Illusion is wealth- it has little bearing on the elites as they can construct and manifest it at will- and if that is awkward they can just steal it.

The money game is primarily for favouritism and inticements for the ‘lower classes’ , the stock markets a rigged gamble where the wealthy will always recoup if still in the CLUB following their guidlines.

Money is the greatest act of MAGIC you can imagine, a disproportionate merit badge for those who bow to Mammon and keep the illusion projecting , while real skill and craftsmanship is treated with contempt or marginalised.

Its been PROPED up for Over 100 YEARS!!!! Crashed numerious times and is an empty vessel with pennies rattling the rim… Capitalism has been the shortest lived system ever devised (and no it is not COMMERCE which is tens of thousands of years older).
CAPITALISM is fundamentally just EXPLOITATION.
The whole system is a lie built on this illusion and the sooner you can disengae or distance yourself from it the better-

as to REAL INVESTMENTS maybe consider a really good Water FIlter ?


I believe the crash already happened & covid helped cover that up. The government money printing has effectively kept the banks solvent again. When the music stops there will be no chairs to sit on IMO.
I also believe that Bitcoin is all about removing wealth from the system & dumping part of world debt on those investors (when they ban it’s use). This will happen when reserve banks have their own electronic money. Why the need for electronic money when FIAT is already effectively electronic now?

Urban Fox

Thanks for reply. Its an interesting point, and theoretically possible i suppose. Naturally i believe i am right. I hope for all our sakes iv got it wrong. Have a good weekend, Fox


Those who can, adapt and survive; those who can’t…well, the outcome is obvious. The same is true, on the bodily level, with the jabs.
Concepts like ‘principles’ and ‘integrity’ do not serve the former, but restrict it.
It’s something of a bleak road.

I was going to continue at length. The content was far too depressing. We know how we have got here, so I’ll not belabour the point.

We just have to look at our talking heads and ‘leaders’ and laugh.
At Boris ‘Weener’ Johnson. At ‘Sick’ Starmer. At Carrie ‘Gang Bang Dolly’ Johnson. At ‘Sniffer’ Joe Biden. At ‘Sad’ Javid. At ‘Sad and Icky’ Khan. At ‘Fluffer’ O’Brien. At ‘Nicked-a’ Ferrari. At Nancy ‘Pillowtalk’ Pelosi. At Donald ‘Flump’. At Kate ‘Burlesque’ Burley. At Billy ‘No Mates’ Gates. At President Pooh. At Vlad ‘The Putter’ Putin. At Billy ‘de Blower’ Blasio. At ‘Peas Pudding’ Mogg. At Matt Limpcock. At ‘Tiny’ Tony Blair. At Barack ‘Pizza’ Obama. At Rishi ‘Washi’ Sunak.

Laugh at them all. They’ll hate it.

Last edited 2 months ago by Craig
Aldo Bennedetti

This is all by design. Everything thats happening now and over the next few years has been planned and scripted. Winter is coming.


By your name you must be Italian !!
I married an Italian guy in the 70s, lived in Italy for over 6years, great times
The whole world is a stage, everything is a lie and planned, i believe NOTHING and only 50% of what i see
Love and strength FROM IRELAND xx

Aldo Bennedetti

Edgar allan Poe indeed.

All the worlds a stage. 100%

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