Today’s Show Is Cancelled – Back Tomorrow Thursday May 30th

Hi folks,

A thousand apologies but a minor domestic emergency means I won’t be on-air this afternoon. I’ve had to pull the show this very minute.  I’ve apologised to my guests for the short notice and hope to reschedule them soon.

It’s a messy week with the bank holiday and me crying off today, therefore there will be a show this coming Friday afternoon at 4pm to make up for it. Thanks for understanding. This is part and parcel of being a one man enterprise broadcasting from a home studio.

There isn’t anyone who can cover me. Speak tomorrow.


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jay joffe

you must be doing something useless or harmful to have gotten that.

Nick Neachtain

Bad Ham man, just bad all round


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Nae bother big man.


Hope all is ok Richie. Looking forward to Friday’s show so I can listen live whilst in Night duty here in Australia. Keep up the good work.

Urban Fox

Thats fine Richie, I’ve got lots to be getting on with in the lair. Hope you get whatever you need to do sorted, and look forward to the show tomorrow. Must be nearly time for another brew here i think.?

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