Tory MP: “I’ll Oppose Mandatory Jabs With Last Breath In My Body!”

Conservative MP Andrew Bridgen told Talk Radio this morning that mandatory vaccination is dystopian and that he’ll oppose it after the last breath in his body.

Bridgen was speaking to Talk Radio’s Mike Graham. He acknowledged that compulsory vaccination is currently all the rage in Europe but said that in his opinion, it’ll never come to the UK:

“The situation where the  government could mandate that you have to have forcibly have something injected into you whether you wanted it or not, and your children.

I mean this is something dystopian I’d day. After the last breath in my body, I’ll be opposing anything like that. There’s no plan to bring that into the UK. As bad as it is, it’s a lot worse everywere else from what I’m looking at.”

Bridgen is either lying or he’s incredibly naive.


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They will probably get away with. Let’s be honest, there is no effective opposition. None. The vast majority of people are going along with all of this. As long as they can sun themselves abroad and can carry on maxing out their credit cards, then they aren’t really that interested in much else.


The news showed that the government lied about the parties.
My friend had the news on on the background of a call today.
They told me that they took the booster shot today.
Months ago they had a severe reaction to their first shot and second shot also. They spent weeks in bed.
… I’m lost for words.
I just can’t handle other people anymore.

Urban Fox

Same hear exactly

Urban Fox

Word for word, straight to the point. 100 % bang on the money. And that’s how it all started in the first place and how it continues.


According to government and the msm there has been a rapid rise in the number of ‘cases’ of the Omicron ‘variant’ which just happens, by an amazing coincidence, to have the same symptoms as people have been experiencing for months from the jabs.

Urban Fox shared a brilliant video the other day about the deceit behind these variants. If you haven’t seen it please do watch.

Dr. Andrew Kaufman MD exposes the Omicron hoax.

Please have Dr Andrew Kaufman on your show Richie to talk about the science behind these variants which is so bad it’s a joke.

Urban Fox

Hi Jennie, did you listen to the Richie show we were discussing yet. Where the guest didn’t make the connection between the supposed symptoms and the Jabs.


Not yet but will definitely be listening to it. I have such a backlog of info to catch up on. I watched the interview James Corbett did with Robert Kennedy Jnr which was very interesting. While I don’t agree 100% with RFK he is a very good man and he is standing up and has done for some years to Fauci, big pharma and tyranny in general.

Urban Fox

I read some of book extracts, yes i think your right. Despite his royal / cabal bloodline ancestry. Every US president apart from i think one, is from royal blood and all related. Remarkable yet true. It does happen on occasion, Diana was one of those occasions. I dont believe this covid is bioweapon stuff ,as you know. People are drawing conclusions based on the fact that , such experimentation has taken place, and that these people have been heard talking of such things. But what people need to do, is keep to current facts. There is no science behind covid . And most importantly, no excess deaths 2020. There is no getting round the numbers. And no previous talks, documents, research etc., can explain the no excess deaths. The only bio weapon they need is the fake vaccine, nothing else is needed.


I’ve not heard of the Kennedys being connected to royalty. I think Joe Kennedy used his wealth and somewhat dubious connections to buy the presidency for his son. I do absolutely agree with what you say but I think it’s good that someone with RFK’s clout and influence is on our side and I do like him as a person.

I’ve now listened to the interview with Matt Landman, which I think is the one you meant, although it did freeze right near the end so I didn’t hear the rest of the programme. It was really quite chilling and what he said about Oregon making mask wearing permanent indoors and out was horrendous.You try to tell people what’s coming but with most it’s not even a case of not believing the evidence, they won’t even listen to it. Anyway I thought it was a good interview, chilling but interesting.

Urban Fox

Yes Burks peerage and the American equivalent have connected by direct ancestry the Kennedys and the rest of them to British royalty, and the British royalty to the other Royals in the world. And all of them can trace there history back to Babylon. The royal bloodline connects with the 12 other bloodlines, that are the cabal cult that have controlled world events since those times. I believe that there may be a handful of them, that are not on the side of evil. Hopefully he is one of them, as i cant see how it fits the agenda saying what he has been saying. But hey, who knows. Crazy times and dealing with the most devious beings on the face of the planet. Most of the world leaders are chosen from birth. And manipulated into power. But the States is Unique in that they are nearly all of Royal blood. In the UK, they have bloodline connections, though not nessaserily by birth. They are brought up through the secret society network. And the majority of them went to Oxford or Cambridge. These university’s are totally controlled by the cult. And have secret society’s on campus. Most people that go to these university’s even now. Have cult family connections, though in most cases will not even be aware of it. I actually knew a girl many years ago, who was pretty much told this at her interview. In her case every family member had been given a place for nearly two hundred years. What they do is they allow a certain number in who are not connected, to throw the public of the scent. The chosen ones become leading figures, and join the big boy secret society’s when they leave. And then the chosen one becomes Prime minister.


Check out UK Column. Article suggests mandatory jabs can be done under the mental health act.


that would not surprise me,

the last say 5 yrs or so there has been a big focus on “mental health” from the state that has pushed advert campaigns including the 2021 “every mind matters” app which supposedly offers advice to people who think they are having mental health difficulties. there has also been a big push by the entertainment and sports industry etc to reinforce this.

Mental health is a weird one in that i fully accept that a small percentage of people are for example clinically psychotic and absolutely need meds. In the UK according to the gov website, in 2017-2018 there were roughly 7.3 million people on anti depressants which I seem to remember has gone up to roughly over 9 million people today, I don’t believe all those people need to be on anti depressants and should be classed as depressed.

I also think proving someone has mental health issues is not always easy and sometimes it relies on a person saying “well I said so” this fits in with the so called virus in that the gov have been saying “take this “test” and we now say you are infected” Even though someone could feel completely well. It therefore would not surprise me if the state conflates someone wishing not to be jabbed as being “mentally unwell” and therefore need meds or in this case the jab, any person could feel well but could potentially be diagnosed with say depression by a GP and its difficult to refute as its difficault in some cases to actually prove it.

I also think young people in particular confuse feeling down with an actual mental illness, life is sometimes very difficult, but that does not mean they are mentally ill and need to build resilience. The every mind matters gov app advert also shows people having say money or stress problems, offering them breathing exercises or say pills will not fix their problems if they are losing their job or house or are in debt etc, and their current circumstances and feelings in the ad is the natural response, does not mean anything is clinically wrong with them.

bit of a long post but I find this interesting.

Last edited 1 month ago by Patrice

Very true what you say about people confusing feeling down with depression. I’ve suffered with clinical depression and I’ve felt sad and down and they are very, very different. So often I’ve heard people say they’ve had depression when what they mean is that they felt unhappy. A lot of people don’t realise that depression is an actual clinical illness not just about feeling blue.

Urban Fox

With respect Jennie, iv suffered from severe depression. But the science on this is as fake as the virus. As spirits we suffer certain things and circumstances that impact on the mind. Which is separate from the brain. And then the mind effects the brain and then the brain effects the body, in that order. It is possible that brain chemistry is altered? Though even the science on this is in doubt. But the important distinction, is that if it is altered, that comes after the feelings. Not as a result of anything clinical. As i may have said before, ‘ Function monitors structure’. Not the other way round. If it was the other way round, then feelings could not impact the body. Psychiatry has deliberately peddled lies, and ruined the lives and taken lives of millions over the last two hundred years. All for profit and control, by keeping the official narrative going. The only difference between what people call depression and feeling down. Is in fact a matter of scale and degree only. Everything in life is on a gradient scale. as was first discovered by Hermetism and Hemetics. At one end of the mental scale there is complete sanity and at the other end of the scale there is total insanity. Only highly developed spiritual beings are at the latter end of the scale. In between these extremes, we have a chronic level. This is where we are as individuals most of the time. And we move up and down the scale from our chronic point. Someone who is feeling just a bit down , has dropped slightly from there chronic point. So that is what they experience. Whereas someone who is experiencing something serious , that is debilitating, has dropped far from the chronic point. So the difference they notice they experience as depression. Along the mental scale, there are different things that people display, according to where they are. Psychiatry labels all of those things for profit. Whereas all that is needed, is to use mental and spiritual processes to move a person back up the scale. Though this is not always easy of course. This knowledge is kept secret by those who control the world and the medical establishment, for power and control like everything else.


Thank you, that’s interesting. I haven’t heard of Hemetics, I’ll have to look into that. Well it’s true that the anti-depressants made me feel worse and after a year I went against my doctor and I refused to take them any more but what did help me was meditation. This goes along with what you say. I’ve read quite a few books on depression and no-one can really say what causes it as sometimes it seems to be linked to life events and sometimes it doesn’t.

Medicine like everything else has just become about money and power. How on earth are we going to get our world back from these psychopaths?
Anyway thank you for your interesting reflections and I just got up a site on Hermetics and it looks very interesting so I’ll have a read of that later.

I’m just off now to watch today’s old tv series, a number of which I’m working my way through, which is Seinfeld. I haven’t seen it in years but I am finding it funny. I have about eight TV series which I’m alternating watching one, of which I’m watching for the second time around in just a few months but I really enjoy them.

Urban Fox

Iv got to get back to watching my DALLAS DVDs. Iv found a fantastic website recently, that’s got hundreds of free films and series on there old and new. Some films are new releases. i even found the six million dollar man on there which has never been repeated on TV. So I’m going to watch at some stage i hope.

Look up the Seven principles of Hermetism. Or Hermetics. Forgive my spelling, think its off. Its basically the foundation principles of how the universe and the world works. And ties in with every other spiritual practice. Speak soon


Can you give me a link to that website please as there are a few series I can’t find anywhere including the library or else they only have the first season. I haven’t seen Dallas in years. At least there are a few from that still alive, some of the series I watch everyone in them is dead.

Urban Fox

I was looking for something specific few weeks ago when i came across it. And thought would take a chance. Iv never used any of these sites before. As years ago they had to be downloaded and often had viruses. But there is no download or sign in required with this. And touch wood, its been great so far, and watched about a dozen things. I didn’t put a direct link, as when i have done its gone somewhere totally different. Just type the whole address There should be a black background. With big pictures of films on the home page.


The gullible fools taking the experimental gene treatment have the full protection of tons of U.K. law they just need to refuse and wait


It’s illegal in the U.K. to inject anyone without informed consent – its wounding as we’ve been saying for ages Re anna de buisseret
totally cant happen in the uK.


“forcibly” jabbed may not be happening anywhere at this stage , but heavy fines are planned across Europe for Vaccine refusers. We all know where this is intended to go.


“Conservative MP Andrew Bridgen says mandatory vaccinations are “dystopian.”

as opposed to the last 18 months which have been completely fine apparently 🤷‍♂️


In Australia they are hunting down and forcibly vaccinating aboriginal people, absolutely obscene.

Stew Peters What’s Happening in Australia


Thanks for the link, this is truly obscene. How the compliance which I feel is the main culprit in this, has got us this deep in this convid nightmare. Lets see how many ‘celebrities’ come to the aid of these people, none, as they are all disgusting money grabbing me, me, me shills. We can only fight back with the tools we have, which is non-compliance, but for these poor souls, the non-compliance will only go so far, this video is very good though, it’s raw and show’s the virus/jab for what is is, a power grab and to control the population!!!


Those poor indigenous peoples – where are the Woke crowd when they’re needed?


How much more evidence is needed before this madness is stopped. None because the ‘Shots’ are doing a perfect job of culling!

120 Teens Hospitalized, 3 Dead Following Pfizer Vaccine Rollout for 15- to 17-Year-Olds in Vietnam
The Vietnamese province of Thanh Hoa suspended a batch of Pfizer’s COVID vaccine after more than 120 teens were hospitalised after being vaccinated. According to news reports, three Vietnamese teens have died after getting the Pfizer vaccine.


He doesn’t nail it for me because he says that the ‘vaccines’ are fine for most people. How can he know what they will do to people over the next two or three years? He also accepts that ‘Covid’ exists and makes people really ill. I’m not sure i agree with that either so i was disappointed.


Robert, I dont agree with everything he says. When I say nails it, it’s in the context of it’s balanced which in turn will get some of the naysayers thinking. If he had said “I dont believe in Covid” wrighly or wrongly, it would be dead in the water.


What does one expect from someone who’s (to a certain extent) beholden to a multi national media machine like spotify? I’m not knocking the guy for signed a deal worth over $100 million; but the cost of this has already become apparent.

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