Tory MP Says He Understands The Protesters Who Chased Michael Gove

Tory MP Steve Baker advised people not to turn to anger after footage showed government minister Michael Gove being followed and heckled by anti-lockdown activists. However, Baker said he understands the protesters.

The Tory MP for Wycombe was speaking to Talk Radio’s Julia Hartley-Brewer. He said:

“People shouting at you on the street, mobbing you, at the moment is a slightly frightening thing. I would encourage people to bear in mind we’re all only human.

Equally, people are entitled to protest so I think what happened to Michael is most unfortunate and I would encourage people not to do it.

But equally, I think we have to recognise as politicians, it doesn’t matter how courteous we are, if we’re implementing something which people regard as tyrannical, various policies which fundamentally change the relationship between the individual and the state, which fundamentally transform our long-term prospects for prosperity happiness and freedom…well…we are going to meet with protests and disquiet from the public.”

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Tim in Brazil

Let’s call a spade a spade. This is a war against evil.
“if we’re implementing something…tyrannical, various policies which fundamentally change the relationship between the individual and the state, which fundamentally transform our long-term prospects for prosperity happiness and freedom…well…”
What do you evil bastards expect?


Julia looking a bit under the weather there, but give the lass her due she always makes a couple of great points. As has been said, according to satellite images the most prominent features on earth viewed from space are, no 1 the great pyramid of Egypt, no2 mark Zuckerbergs forehead, and Julias weapons of mass destruction or distraction depends on your point of view. William Shatner confirmed this last week.


Everything in our society is bullshit, the legal system is there to protect the rich from the poor you have to know that. I don’t [ay their fines and i don’t pay their taxes either. Fuck em.


Once you fully wake up and realize that their end goal is a much reduced population and for those to be controlled completely, do you then decide to let them kill you? Jesus told John, 1/3 of the earth’s population would be killed.

Ronald Templeman

Steve Baker as with all MPs should take a long hard look at their actions with regards to this so called covid. Yesterday they were all meant to be in the House of commons to debate and then vote on extending the covid bill.
What we had was a few MPs and a deputy Speaker who thought things were just funny and no actual vote took place, not funny to a lot of people.
I therefor consider that if the MPs decided not to turn up and vote to extend the bill then the bill is finished. One can not just say the ayes have it and wave it through, as that is no way to run a Parliament. “I WILL NOT COMPLY” “SIMPLES”


Nice to hear the MPs talking about a culture of kindness that we need. Presumably it just applies to them though. I mean are they going to stop voting for wars and mass murder? That’s a bit unkind isn’t it. Or just carry on doing what they are told, with us being kind to them for it. Are they going to stop taking money from the poorest and crooked deals for the richest? Are they going to stop voting to take more repressive powers unto themselves and the police? Will they still vote for lockdowns, vaccine passports, disrupting liberties etc but just with us being kind to them?

Urban Fox

This is not just a protest against Tyrannical policies that effect our chance of freedom and happiness. But a fight against an unimaginable evil, that wants to exterminate most of the population. And transform the very nature of what it means to be human. For those unlucky enough to be left alive. In this sick ” Brave New World”, slave planet.


Brave new world is where they want the ones left standing to be, spot on fox.


They want the Chinese communist society here and everywhere else.


Yep just total control mate that is the endgame, if they get their way. The thing is in my opinion the Chinese leadership, not all of them, but where the power lies are in bed with the globalist scum regarding the covid scam. All that nonsense footage of people dropping in the street, guys spraying down whole streets in hazmat suits, trucks driving about through the night spraying stuff, utter fecking nonsense, how people could believe that is or was a worry to say the least. This is global they are all in in on it, not sure why but they are all in, and if I am correct about the chinese being a part of it, they must have agreed to do away with a large amount of their own people.

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