Tory MP: “Tyranny Is Government Controlling Everything You Do!”

Speaking to Talk Radio’s Julia Hartley-Brewer this morning, Conservative MP Steve Baker asked, “What do people think that tyranny is? It’s this total control over what you do!” 

He went on to say that people should write to their MP’s to tell them that they should vote against the introduction of vaccine passports. Baker is the deputy chair of the lockdown-sceptic Covid Recovery Group. He told Brewer this morning:

“….you really do need to ask what’s going on. I’m pretty clear in my own mind that what it is is the government choosing effectively to coerce young people to get vaccinated. 

I would have thought that we could do better surely than threatening vaccine passports. I do think it’s a proper slippery slope this one. We’re now looking at digital ID’s, we’re looking at a social credit system being trialled to get people to deal with obesity.

A central bank digital currency will enable the state to enormously intervene in our lives. And reasonably you can sit back and say wow what is going on with the change in the relationship between the individual and the state? I can see why some people are quite frightened.”

Sadly though, Baker went on to tell Hartley-Brewer that officials mean well. According to Baker, there is no wider agenda and there is no great conspiracy. He believes that the problem lies with good people making bad decisions. Does he know better? I can’t say. I don’t know him.

But this is why people like Baker refuse to come on The Richie Allen Show. I will go further. I will ask the hard questions. Talk Radio is mainstream light. When Brewer asked Baker to tell people what they can do to stop this madness, he said that they should write to their MP’s.



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Has the BBG just had his Twitter account suspended? ❓❓


Yes. I just got restricted for a comment I made on his page. I think I might have gotten Richie kicked off Twitter.


better off twitter to be honest, never had it and glad not to, wonder if the state ordered the removal?


Why people ever bothered with Twitter in the first place is beyond me. Trivial.


I thought the title said Tranny Government controlling everything you do.


Oh now that is a gem Sir! 😉 LMFAO, they’d take great Pride in that!


The way things are going, that many be the next step.


Yet more seemingly well meaning controlled opposition, on Alt Media Light, talking shite! MPs dont even answer letters now personally, they just send a blanket “covid means we are busy” response! Serve em all with Notices of Hanging them soon and they’ll also ignore that. Beleive me, I’ve tried, from Shamed Cressheaded Twit down and upwards, to every chief copper in the land and intel agencies and they don’t fecking care! Something has to give soon, and it wont be any faked lawsuits or Nuremburg trials, and winter will see protests under lockdown and crap weather, whilst food shortages etc kick in and make it, trap, game, set, and match! Mark my words! We need to arise somehow, way beyond any whisk drive, car boot sale, interesting t-shirts, or controlled opposition protests filled with aktours and staged events/provs to discredit and we need to do it fast!

Meanwhile as Rimmer once said, I think we are getting away from the main issue, which is “What are we going to call ourselves?”… “For me I think it comes down to “The Covid Recovery Group”, (when no covid is proven and no pandemic even occurred to recover from), or my own personal favourite, “The Conned Lame Idiots Transformation Organisation & their Realisation of Idiocracies Tyranny” with the one drawback being I could not quite put my finger on the abbreviation, which isn’t quite CLITORIS!


Just for old times sake! BRILLIANCE and yes folks, time to hit them hard and fast, with that major and I mean major, Leaflet Campaign!

We are screwed!


It doesn’t matter how *blatant* the control is.
People have allowed this for neigh on *500 days*.
I’m disgusted with everyone.


We (speaking collectively) have placed the noose around our own necks and are about to step onto the gallows. Whilst walking home yesterday I spotted an old woman walking toward me; she darted behind a hedge until I passed by. Covid may not be real; but the fear generated by this behavioural science experiment is real and seemingly as strong as ever.

Stephen Sampford

The Government producing their own opposition is like the Police Policing themselves. To say there is no great agenda insults the people’s intelligence.

These crooks need to be forced to undergo proper questioning by proper journalists, very quickly

Baker is either a disingenuous prick or extremely naive. I have interviewed him on the subject of TTIP and the NHS myself, at a time when they were still running the NHS into the ground, so I know for a fact that he is not stupid.

Far too cowardly to be interviewed by the likes of you though – clearly. I only did it for the craic of it, at election time when they’ll talk to absolutely anyone


id love to see james corbett, Witney webb, richie allan, mike yeadon all questioning each person on TV, that would be both fun to watch and send the tv ratings through the roof.


James Corbett is surgical in his research and analysis.


Whatever trust existed between the the Parliamentary Petri Dish known as the House of Commons/cretins and the electorate has evaporated by the heat of the lies generated by the hot air that emanates from that building. Nuff said?


No please continue, as that was beautifully put Sir/Madam! 😉


Thank you Sir/ madam. I suppose that my point was that too many people still believe in the ‘Punch & Judy Show’ of politics in most countries; these people may just be the Maskholes and Covidiots who’s face coverings are considered a virtue signalling fashion statement. It was quite pathetic, but is now frightening due to the ‘doubling down’ of those in Whitehall.


Just trying to cover his backside for when the righteous recriminations begin. Claims to be a practising Christian.
The support group, Christians in Parliament – where are they exactly???

Many will say to me on that day, Lord, Lord, ……….And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.

Matthew 7:22-23


am i right in saying steve baker was the person who backed limiting the right to protest via the new piece of legislation, if so then he has backed tyranny.


Seems so He is pro jab, quarantine, travel traffic light list and a multitude of other covidian BS and all for the government offering up BS to justify total nonsense and tyranny! Whilst claiming to be opposition. He is not! Or it does not look so for real! Another Fake Saviour like Hitchens, Walker, Swayne etc, that all cannot wait for their lovely pricks, when not too busy playing tea boy with the missing milk carton, or jabbing off abroad!

Alex Romero

The real gamechanger will be the ‘quarantine camps’ for the unvaccinated. Complete with guards and barbed wire to keep the jabbed safe from the unclean. This Covid fraud won’t end well, for any of us.


That day is rolling very near! Those sudden pop up prisons, despite decades of crumbling, overflowing ones, is no coincidence! Its gonna be Castle Doctrine and Right of No Retreat time soon and a choice of knees or feet, to exit very gracefully!


It’s really going to be ugly. I can see people actually being killed even when they roll out the armed forces; they can’t possibly cover every dissenter.


To make it easy for them the Department of Health has written a template letter for every MP to copy and paste a reply to their pain in the arse tin foil hat wearing constituents. Writing a letter will in most cases simply solicit the same sneering Government approved fob off reply.


That is exactly what happens…”Sorry but given the terrible Pandemic, we are all busy!” 😉 Just a fob off! They are running amok as bio-terrorists that took over the paedophile asylum!


You know the situation is dire when these computer generated responses sound more empathetically human than the actual MPs!!


Until there is a coordinated response to this tyranny nothing will change and it will just get worse. The hundreds of thousands out marching peacefully aren’t changing anything. We should be grinding the country to a halt, it’s the only way they will listen. The time has definitely come to ACT before it is too late…
Writing to your local MP isn’t going to do anything, they are all part of the SAME FASCIST GOVERNMENT.

Last edited 1 month ago by Kay

Agreed. If people put those phones away for two weeks, the A.I. would eat itself. Non-compliance is the only way.

Cheers Kay


That sounds like a winning idea Bill; but what are YOU going to do?


Agreed. I’ve written to my MP three times during all this nonsense. Complete waste of time as I knew it would be (though you always hope otherwise). Won’t be doing it again though. Wouldn’t trust Baker any more than the others. Not one MP in Parliament standing up for the people, contempt for all of them.


This is the response I ALWAYS receive from my MP…. Thank you for contacting me. Please accept this as an acknowledgement of your email. 
As you can appreciate, I am experiencing a large increase in correspondence due to COVID-19.
Please check the latest Government guidance at You can find local updates at
Please note the following:


Sick of the tyranny? Fed up with your pleb status? Send an email or letter to your nearest representative of Tyranny Inc. He or she can have a chuckle at your expense. We are here to help. You are welcome.


Dear Gerald,
Well said. Had to laugh at the contact your MP by letter/email nonsense that MP Steve Baker was recommending. Utterly farcical.
May have to plagiarise your excellent summation of writing to an MP as it is very astute.


They may be running out of lavatory paper.

Hermione Granger

Ivermectin a pound a pill
HCQ a few pennies a pill 

Experimental Gene therapy = £30 a clot$hot

Ok i see


IF you can get hold of either without a prescription; it won’t be a £1 per pill.


Britain is run on the neoplantation model of created debt slavery. The debtors are forced to work the fields of usury, passing around constantly debased paper debts and picking interest for the owners at the BofE’s Temple of Usury. These debasers destroy not only the purchasing power of the currency, they corrupt morally and spiritually, defiling everything good, so their victims wander lost in the lonely desert of eternal despair.


More simply, every nation (especially all of the ‘developed’ ones) are run on the centralised feudal model. There are some variations depending on culture, and the language/words used may differ, but that’s it.
The feudal system serves the state, not the workers. It never has.
The Industrial Revolution in western Europe industrialised and centralised feudal power. The Marxist revolutions in the East achieved the same ends.
America was founded on non-Feudal principles, but since their civil war have been gradually brought back under the feudal system.


A nation passing around constantly debased created debts is a slave of lust, greed, cunning and treachery. A country held in suffocating debt bondage isn’t free, it’s being sucked dry by parasites.


The fact is, she gave it the big one saying, ‘it stops when you say it does’ and ‘enough is enough’, Then, with an open goal of having to isolate when she has the jib jab and a negative test, she then contnues to follow the rules and has the affront to call it madness whilst doing it. Absolutely useless and no credibility.

Last edited 1 month ago by Chris
Alex Romero

They’re all at it. Neil Oliver’s another one, and Peter Hitchens.


Never trust any presenter who won’t deliver the c^m sh*t. The frippery and glib speeches are both annoying an insulting. Hitchens is a fraction of his brother RIP Christopher.

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