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One of the many parts of shamanic practice is the treatment of pain. The Western medicine approach to pain is that it is something to retreat from – to numb out of existence and then carry on life as normal. Of course, this method means that the pain and the cause of the pain are never truly dealt with. Instead they are just masked and the sufferer is fooled into thinking that the problem has gone away – the internal conversation they have with their self goes like this: “If I no longer feel the pain then there is no pain, I am therefore 100% healthy and everything is back to normal and working in perfect order”.

Now think about this question: What is the reason for pain?
Pain is an energetic manifestation that communicates an important message to us. It is using the sensation of discomfort to tell us that something isn’t right and needs healing. How absurd it is then that we take a pill to make the pain go away and forget about the problem. It’s like someone knocking at your front door telling you your house is on fire and you saying thanks very much but you’ve got a more important TV programme that you’re halfway through watching and you really want to get back to it.

The shamanic approach to pain is to embrace it. Pain is after all, just another sensation, albeit an uncomfortable one. By embracing pain you come to know it and more importantly you come to understand it. You can talk to your pain and ask it questions. You can ask it why it is manifesting in your physical body. You can also ask it what you need to do in order to heal the situation causing the discomfort. What I’ve written here may sound ludicrous to you, but ask yourself why do you consider it ludicrous? The answer is because your mind has been indoctrinated to believe that such things are ridiculous and impossible. They’re not. Change your thinking and you will change your life. Try it. It works.

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