Trudeau Wants Freeze On Handgun Ownership

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wants to introduce a total ban on the buying and selling of al handguns. He has proposed a new law that would freeze private ownership of all short-barrelled firearms.

According to The BBC:

The legislation would not ban the ownership of handguns outright – but would make it illegal to buy them.

Mr Trudeau’s proposal comes days after a deadly shooting at a Texas primary school, in the neighbouring US, killed 21 people.

The bill, which was presented to Canada’s parliament on Monday, makes it impossible to buy, sell, transfer or import handguns anywhere in the country.

“Other than using firearms for sport shooting and hunting, there is no reason anyone in Canada should need guns in their everyday lives,” Mr Trudeau told reporters.

“As we see gun violence continue to rise, it is our duty to keep taking action,” he said.

It marks the most ambitious attempt yet by his government to restrict access to firearms.

The bill would also require rifle magazines to be reconfigured so they can hold no more than five rounds at a time.

And it would take away firearms licences from gun owners involved in domestic violence or criminal harassment.

Unlike in the US, gun ownership is not enshrined in Canada’s constitution, but firearms are still popular, especially in rural parts of the country.

Canada already has stricter rules on gun ownership than its southern neighbour and records fewer firearm incidents every year.

For example, all guns must be kept locked and unloaded and anyone wishing to buy a firearm must undergo extensive background checks.

For years, American listeners have been telling me why the 2nd amendment is so important. “Our government is tyrannical,” they tell me. “We have to be able to defend ourselves,” they insist.

I understand them. I have no time for guns or any other weapons, but I understand why they feel so strongly about their right to bear arms.

The problem is of course, if the government ever does come for them, their guns and rifles will be useless.

The government has bigger guns.



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Robert Klinck

Trudeau tried to activate the gun possession debate after the April 2020 massacre of 23 people in Nova Scotia, allegedly by a man driving around the province in an RCMP cruiser (purportedly a perfect replica, but possibly real–the RCMP knew of its existence) and wearing an authentic RCMP uniform. You can’t believe anything the controlled media have reported about what happened, but a lot of people were shot in their homes and vehicles, with much of the evidence being destroyed by the burning down of houses and incineration of vehicles. The guns and ammunition had been acquired illegally by the killer, who had no permits, so if the RCMP had applied the law they would have forestalled this slaughter. It went on for 13 hours in two days over a limited geographical area. The RCMP have admittedly destroyed evidence and told multiple falsehoods about the case. A few officers have behaved professionally, but it appears as if the majority are more Orc-like than human. A commission is sitting now to report on what happened. All three of the commissioners have conflict-of-interest issues and great care is being taken to manage the proceedings to prevent any inconvenient evidence from coming out. And get this: at the outset a psychologist actually argued before the commission that no RCMP personnel should be subject to questioning because it could traumatize them to relive what they had gone through that weekend! One of the things “gone through” was officers laying a shot woman under a blanket on the highway (in April in Canada) and letting her die over an eight-hour period while the valiant carabine-toting “protectors of the public” stopped helicopter and ambulance care from coming to her aid. This scandal (one of many in the handling of this horror) would not have been known had the woman not been wearing a Fitbit that recorded the continuous beating of her heart. Unsurprisingly, the overall narrative the RCMP have been creating for the “incident” is PC all the way: it’s very reminiscent of the way police developed the phoney story of Canadian serial killers Karla Homulka and Paul Bernardo.


Just thought I’d share my thoughts. Whenever I see Turdeau I think of this little gif. That is all. Click it to see it 😁

Last edited 28 days ago by Jo26

Repeatedly, ha, ha, ha.


Yep 👍🏻😄


Yes, the right to bear arms only had value when agents of the government only had access to the same weapons as the average citizen.
However, gun laws have never stopped criminal elements (like gangs) getting their mitts on weapons, and were the social order ever to break down completely it is those elements in our midst that would present a far greater risk to the average citizen who doesn’t have the means to defend themselves.

Personally, I don’t like guns. I also don’t like the ugly side of human nature.
And it is that ugliness, in my opinion, which is the greater problem. Not poverty, not wealth, not video nasties, not heavy metal, not computer games, not porn, not even guns.
America has something like 540 million registered guns in circulation. The vast, vast majority of these are not used in criminal activity.
Besides, our medical establishments (including abortion clinics) are responsible for far more deaths and subtle brutality than any gun or street gang.
But because those facilities don’t have the shock value, few notice.


I would argue no laws have ever stopped many if any at all from doing anything wrong, criminal, immoral or otherwise.The law only tries to tidy up after the event if we are lucky.

“I also don’t like the ugly side of human nature” I would be tempted to discuss but it is pointless as the nature, nurture debate has gone on, possibly for the whole of our existence.

All the best.

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