TuneIn.com Has Deleted The Richie Allen Show

The Richie Allen Show was deleted by tunein.com today. The show had been broadcasting on the platform since 2014. TuneIn streams thousands of radio shows, mainstream and independent. It has more than 75 million monthly users.

The Richie Allen Show had tens of thousands of followers on TuneIn. Earlier this afternoon, I was made informed by a friend that the show had been deleted from TuneIn’s directory. It was the first I had heard of it. The company hasn’t contacted me.

A listener tweeted the company to complain. TuneIn responded by confirming the show had been deleted because of a complaint and suggested that she contact me. I have no idea who complained or why.

These are tyrannical and terrifying times. Last year, PayPal deleted the show’s account. PayPal said it had received a complaint. The company wouldn’t tell me what the nature of the complaint was, let alone who made it.

The show goes on of course. It can be heard on this very website. However, time is running out for it. Keep an eye on the Online Harms Bill which is progressing through the British parliament.

I’m tired. I’ve been producing, editing and presenting the show for nearly eight years. Alone, might I add. I have no help and it’s an eighteen hour a day gig. Yes, I still love doing it, but the external pressures are relentless.

There’s so much I could say about the threats I (and my partner Caroline) have received but I wouldn’t give the fuckers the satisfaction.

They’re determined to get rid of The Richie Allen Show. I’m not planning on making it easy for them, but ultimately I am powerless to stop them.

To the various lobbies who are rejoicing at this news, I pity you. You are so short-sighted. In your desperate attempts to cancel everything and everyone you don’t like, you can’t see the blindingly obvious.

They’re coming for you too.

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Richie says he has no help. I support the show financially twice a month and am happy to continue doing so.
Is there anything else we can do to help?

I’ve one stared tune in on play. I am writing a note to them.


I think you might be incorrect on this occasion Tune in were forced to delete thousands of radio stations this week due to Music legislation and licencing. They’ve done this without any notice to the Stations. Your music content on the show is the sole reasoning.


it would not surprise me if the state had the show removed from the tunin site, afterall after just one complaint it seems to be a big over reaction, unless that one complaint came from someone in power.


Fuck ’em with their spying apps. Best to listen live using an Internet Radio set, LEMEGA, HARVARD and AUNA sets work well, not expensive and you can leave it running in the background like an old school radio.

Patricia Deakin

I’m so sorry that you have been removed from tune in. I always listen to you on your website and Richie I’m not as sure as you that people who enjoy your show won’t try and find you on your website. I love your show and would be so sorry if it was no longer able to broadcast. I appreciate how difficult this must be for you and yes we are in tyrannical times but we have to fight. It’s a crazy crazy world but it can’t go on like this for ever. I never heard of you till covid and I know I’ve talked to people about your show and they are now avid listeners. Looking forward to Sunday morning melodies and your great picks and stories. Keep the faith, we love ya.

ian heaver

I salute you Richie for continuing to stand up against this outright fascism that you (and others) are facing. I don’t know how you keep producing such great content and so many amazing guests that you have on the show but yes I can see how much work it must be for you. You have no idea what you mean to so many of us, it’s about the only bit of sanity I get (apart from Ickonic and a couple others) from Monday to Thursday listening to your show !


I just left a 1-star review on the play store.. mentioned Tune in’s support of censorship and the way they handled the complaint etc.. I’ve deleted the app from my phone.


Disgusting but predictable.
Keep your chin up Ritchie, for every one of those idiots there are tens of thousands behind you and the other heroes out there.

Clare Rehill

I’ve deleted this app now. Used to listen to your show on here regularly. I will now listen on your website instead. Unbelievably pathetic on Tune-In s part. As adults, most of us are more than capable of making our own minds up on all issues.

Sara D

It is pathetic really. Rather like children in the playground excluding others from playing. I would like to just say that throughout this nightmare your show has been a great source of truthful information. It truly stands out in the crowd. Your many listeners value and support you immeasurably. Thank you for all your hard work and continuing dedication. My greatest respect to both you and Caroline. Just thought I would underline how valued you are to us all.


I’d never actually heard of them until now but their behaviour is dreadful. Clearly all these organisations are being leant on by powerful forces and hardly any of them have the guts to stand up to it. It’s shocking that you and Caroline are being threatened for daring to have a different opinion. You always say that you don’t really do anything but you do. You’ve a lot of guts. Bless you and thank you.


Cancelled my TuneIn sub immediately…sometimes I wonder if life would be simpler and happier if I was a Starbucks and sushi instagrammer who never looks up and thinks about what’s going on…ignorance must be bliss.


Let’s flood them with complaints. You’ve got a huge following, I know they will get right on their cases!


this news just pissed me off so much i had to create an account to login and say my piece! these vile, degenerate, disgusting, weak woke dumb FUCKS need to fuck right off with this censoring, woke bullshit. for the love of christ, is there not one fucking person with any BALLS left on this miserable, weak fucking wasted earth?!!?!! i know we’re not gonna win until it comes to blows with these communistic wannabe totalitarian shitbags… they’re parasites, infested in every single institution on earth, slowly saturating everything with their vile piss… infecting everyone around them. it’s gonna come down to tthe people forming fucking military brigades and taking these piece of shits out! they’re starving us, censoring us, locking us up in our own homes, etc. etc. etc…. ill just keep rambling and ranting with no end , idk wtf to say anymore other than it’s soon time for some guerrilla action or we’re Fucked with a Capitol ‘F’

Tim in Brazil

Richie. I can’t easily access the site via the Chrome browser. It told me that the site security status was “Not Secure”
Access has been slow (or sometimes impossible) for several days.
I now have access and the security status is secure.

Last edited 12 days ago by Tim in Brazil

Fucking Criminals Richie. But Good Will Always Triumph and you are a Very Good Man! Cheers my friend. William (Florida)


I hadn’t even been aware of tunein until today.
I listen to the show via the website. Initially I found you via pootube.
I realise that to keep a website up and running can be a costly project so I can only urge the listeners to support you financially when they can to keep the show on the road.
A few quid here and there benefits us all in the long run x

Karen m

I can only begin to imagine what all this must take out of you, and what it must take for you to carry on, yet you do. Amazing strength and courage. We all have so much to thank you for, and so do all the idiots that want people like you cancelled. If only they were not too thick to realise it.

Tim @OlliesGrandad

Fuk tunein. Those listeners will find you just as we did via your website baldy. Trust 👍💙

john de calonge

Richie, it’s becoming a minefield out there trying to discern truth from disinformation/ misinformation/ propaganda…and more.
Thank you for all what you do. I put you up there with the people I have really learned from. Alan Watt from “cutting through the matrix” opened my eyes back in 2006.
All he projected has come to be.
Awful times we are in now.
Keep going my friend, your efforts and love for humanity are shinning bright. Our creator is with you.


I have had some experience of trying to produce and publish online content, no where near as much as The Richie Allen Show but even so I still know it’s an awful lot of work. 18 hours a day is questionable because it has to be on your mind in one way or another all the time in my experience. I have heard it being stated quite recently that Richie doesn’t remember his dreams, it’s a good job he doesn’t because you dream about it as well in my experience. All the very best Richie you are doing a vital job in this dumb down space.


So much for democracy and freedom of expression. This is outrageous, but why am I not surprised. What we’re seeing now is a a perverse form of liberal fascism which has been creeping up on us for years.

Urban Fox

Agreed Adam, how are you doing.?


Hanging in there pal. Angry about the political scene but otherwise okay. You?

Urban Fox

About the same i guess. Just watched the film Hinch with Tom Hanks. Was pretty good.

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