UK Doctors Tell MHRA: “Don’t Vaccinate Children!”

Dozens of doctors, scientists and medics have written to the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA, to say that it is “irresponsible, unethical and unnecessary” to vaccinate children against covid-19.

The letter was organised by Dr. Ros Jones (pictured), a retired paediatrician. Incredibly, the letter warns the MHRA of the dangers of vaccines which are “rushed to market”. It was signed by over 40 medics, scientists and doctors including Prof Karol Sikora, dean of medicine at Buckingham University, and Lord Moonie, a former consultant in Public Health Medicine.

The letter states:

“Extreme caution has been exercised over many aspects of the pandemic, but surely now is the most important time to exercise true caution. We must not be the generation of adults that, through unnecessary haste and fear, risks the health of children.”

All medical interventions carry a risk of harm, so we have a duty to act with caution and proportionality. This is particularly the case when considering mass intervention in a healthy population, in which situation there must be firm evidence of benefits far greater than harms.”

A spokesperson for the MHRA told The Telegraph:

“We will provide a response to the issues raised in the letter regarding Covid-19 vaccines in children following full consideration. We rigorously review clinical data in support of applications for any vaccine. A Covid-19 vaccine would only be authorised for younger age groups once the expected standards of safety, quality and effectiveness have been met.”

This is very good news, but the letter goes on to say that the doctors do support the roll-out of the vaccine for the elderly and clinically vulnerable. There’s a glaring contradiction. If the vaccines are unsafe for children because they were “rushed to market,” how could they be safe for anyone, whatever their age?

Don’t have a covid injection, whatever your age. 40 prominent UK doctors and scientists have sounded the alarm. You can’t possibly know what to expect after you’ve had one of these jabs.

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Spot on Richie, great article, I will never have that experimental gene therapy, and if folk want to take very serious and deadly risks over a cold, then God help them.

Mark Hilton

Hey Richie, I laughed so much at Juan’s Spanish translation, it was brilliant radio – 18 May podcast. BTW the way people are starting to attack ‘unvaxxed’ shows just how easily the Nazi’s party came to power.  

If you haven’t seen it yet – Dr Peter McCullough recently startled Tucker Carlson (Fox News) with lots of information as to what is NOT being done to treat covid – see link below



Hello Mark!
I can’t speak for Richie…

But I’ve just seen it…

And I can assure you, this one is about to be circulated far and wide!

My only fear is that the video itself will be taken down by the gestapo tube, so it’s vital that it gets circulated quickly before it does!

This is one of the best, ‘if not the best’ I’ve seen delivered by Tucker Carlson in relation to questioning the pandemic insanity.

Thanks for sharing.



The medical profession/business has been financially incentivised to complete the covid vaccine rollout. Over £12 per jab which is double the normal going rate. Many GP practices will have made £100k+ in additional revenues by end of this year if boosters commence in autumn. The doctors generally only oversee the process, the additional burden being placed on the admin staff and practice nurse – rarely do they realise any commensurate renumeration. The doctors are raking it in! Many doctors have vaccine company shares, ditto other pharmaceutical companies in their investment portfolios; for the majority this is a driving force behind prescribing practices. It is a long-established culture. This is openly marketed by the BMA at conference etc. Always question what and why you are being prescribed any medication/intervention.

Melanie Howd

If any doctors were worth their salt they should’ve halted the roll out for everyone…of course children shouldn’t be put at risk but all lives have the same value, young and old! It’s not ok to carry out experiments on elderly people either many of whom are very frail. I listened to the Delingpod this morning featuring a doctors receptionist and it confirmed my worst fears that harm is widespread and this is on the doctors and nurses ‘following orders’!!!

Harry Derriere

This all wreaks of mass depopulation.


They have no idea how it affects fertility yet and they’re using it on the next (maybe last) generation.

Hermione Granger

This comment is currently unavailable


It bears mentioning again, I don’t know anyone who died from Covid but last week a cousin of mine died after having one of the jabs. Not instantly but within a week. Brain aneurism. My family has no history of family illnesses. Anyone threatens me with a needle and it’s attempted murder.

Urban fox

Hi Kevin,my step mum who has never had a day in hospital before. Nearly died with one of billy’s blood clots. And not one in family made any connection!Drs say don’t know the cause.

Shoe Hurley

come ANYWHERE near me brandishing a needle
and needles to say THE SHOES ARE COMIN’ ORF!!



So, the MHRA will ‘consider’. That smacks of consulting.
When they are done ‘considering’, I wonder how many of those doctors and scientists will be getting their P45?


Given that the CDC have already approved vaccinating the 12 to 15 year old age group I really can see the MHRA rocking the boat by saying no. They are simply waiting for an opportunity to slip it out under the cover of another news story or a further Covid outbreak scare.


Of course. Those doctors, etc are either naive, trying their luck or giving credence to the theory of ‘controlled opposition’.


They KNOW that the 3rd wave WILL be caused by “THE VACCINE” and WILL use it to implement compulsory vaccination. This needs to be spread far and wide.


It is a contradiction, but also a compromise – without which the message won’t get out to the general public.
The problem with compromising with people who have all the power, is that they will always gain ground.

Gene Hunt

As you say Richie, a glaring contradiction. Surely it’s either safe or not…….and we can clearly see it’s not. If you’re lucky, and have the jab, you may escape having any short or long term side effects, but if you’re not lucky, you’re in trouble. It’s not like you can reverse it!

I know highly unlikely, but it would be great if the legendry Eric Clapton came on the show and talked about his experience with having the jab, and the lack of information he says the government gave out before he had it……….before he’s “got at” and made to retract everything!


Very true, if it’s not safe for children then how is it safe for anyone? Let’s hope at least this works to protect younger children but I’m not holding my breath.

Gene Hunt

And of course, even if they say they consider the vax 99% ok to take……that still doesn’t make it safe!!


I have the belief that the ‘vaccines’ will make the children infertile, why ? why not, why else would they want to force the children to get a ‘Jab Shot’ that in no way benefits them whatsoever.

Alex Romero

Depopulation at the point of a syringe, achieved by death and of course infertility.


Assisted by mainstream media hacks.
Makes me wonder where all the good, anti-establishment hackers went.


The tenacious (often over the top) and very independent Fleet Street (renowned around the world) we once had has now completely disappeared. If it still existed they would destroy this pandemic scam in a week.

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