Sensational headline. The question is, can I back it up? The policies of austerity have resulted in 4 million of my fellow citizens going to a food bank to stave off starvation. So is it the result of bad planning, bad politics or is destitution, degradation and widespread poverty the agenda itself? I've come to understand that it most certainly is the agenda and I'm not alone. This week, The Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) labelled the government's social security policy changes as "destitution by design." By design eh? People are starting to wake up to it. They are deliberately marginalising, impoverishing and starving millions of people out of existence.

The Independent newspaper, please take a bow. Your article yesterday, which laid bare the horrifying reality faced by millions of Britons, deserves a Pulitzer. Social affairs correspondent May Bulman wrote: An exclusive poll commissioned by The Independent reveals one in 14 Britons has had to use a food bank, with similar numbers also forced to skip meals and borrow money as austerity measures leave them “penniless with nowhere to turn”.The findings come as a major report by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) shows more than 1.5 million people were destitute in the UK last year alone, a figure higher than the populations of Liverpool and Birmingham combined. This includes 365,000 children, with experts warning that social security policy changes under the Tory government were leading to “destitution by design”. Destitution is defined as people lacking two “essential needs”, such as food or housing.

I wonder what the real figure is, because I have no doubt that stubborn pride will keep many folks from walking in to a food bank, no matter how bad things have gotten for them. The Independent found that one million people have have had to reduce the portion size of their child’s meal due to financial constraints. We learned in April didn't we, that the number of emergency meals handed out at food banks has risen exponentially, going up by 13 per cent in a year, with more than 1.3 million three-day emergency food supplies given to people in crisis in the 12 months to March 2018. This isn't Ethiopia or Somalia folks, this is the UK! But we're getting there slowly but surely. The UK now has nine out of ten of the poorest regions in Northern Europe! Somebody call Geldof and Bono. On second thoughts don't. I'd rather starve myself to death than sit through a ten hour benefit concert hosted by those mythomaniac virtue signallers!

Benefit sanctions are going through the roof as Universal Credit is rolled out across the UK.  Universal Credit merges six different benefits into a single payment. It has confused people (It was meant to), resulting in them having their life giving payments stopped, dragging them deeper and deeper into poverty. As bad as it has become, it's great to see that leading charities are now beginning to see it for what it is. It's part of a long term plan to reduce the population (see Agenda 21/30). For many, that's a step too far, a taboo even. Sure they couldn't be doing that right? They are doing it, they're doing it in plain sight. And while they're starving our own here, they are killing millions of people overseas in proxy wars in Yemen Syria and all the rest. It aint' conspiracy folks. It's a fact. Maybe, just maybe, as newspaper circulations dwindle, resulting in some broadsheets going out of print, editors will see the benefit in telling readers the truth for a change, horrifying and all as it is.

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