UK Government Draws Up Plans For October Lockdown

It is being reported this morning that the UK government has drawn up plans for a so-called “firebreak lockdown” should covid cases continue to rise. Speaking to LBC Radio presenter Nick Ferrari, vaccine minister Nadhim Zahawi said:

“I haven’t seen any erm plans around this. I think the really important thing to really say to your listeners and your viewers, is that it is the booster programme, that will I hope allow us to protect the most vulnerable, so massive, we will probably break the records that we set in the first phase of the vaccination programme.

 Because we’ll be boosting probably around 35 million people. That’s the interim advice. Let’s wait for the final advice from the JCVI…..That’s how we continue I hope on a one way street of keeping the economy open without having to regress into other non-pharmaceutical interventions. 

My focus is very much on delivering that booster programme……and we will begin that later this month.”

Zahawi stuttered and stammered because Zahawi is a pathological liar. He couldn’t say that there were no plans to lockdown the economy again as there are of course plans for more lockdowns. Rather than flat out lie, he claimed not to have seen any plans.

This from the man who stated on several occasions last year that his government would not introduce vaccine passports or covid certificates. He has form. It’s going to be a long and depressing Winter.

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Michael Benjamin

I don’t no why people think that this government gives a damn about them, their kids, their livelihoods. This is all planned. I had a conversation with a friend i hadn’t heard from in a while and I told him that there would be another lockdown in October this was 2 days ago. He could not see it and asked me what made me say that, he told me had his double jabs and he thinks things seem to be going okay. Many people believe that what the government is doing is for their safety and that they care. Boris is a agent of chaos and destruction His dad Stanley wrote a book called the Virus about government releasing a deadly virus as a cover for population control. Nothing is happening by chance but by design. Boosters on top of Boosters then in pill form twice a day it just won’t end until they end us. We are officially enemies of the state and they are treating us like that


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Last edited 12 days ago by jgvxecx

that zahawi is a bastard.


A Cnut.
Met him only once and I didn’t like him.


just looks evil Jacob, my God you met the runt, a scary dude, fecking michael myers on steroids.


Yes, at the Arab Chamber Of Commerce. (sent by my boss)
An event on Islamic Finance which was a full event.
I kept falling asleep because it was so boring and my work colleague nudged my every few minutes to keep me awake.


Off course the lockdowns’ will continue. Did anyone who is not involved in this mass delusion think any differently?




No enough people “Vaccinated!”

The Great Reset Demands Firing All Unvaccinated Employees.
The idea of the Great Reset may feel like a conspiracy theory, especially if life as you know it where you live has not dramatically changed. You still go to work, buy food, go to the gym, go out to eat and attend events. There may be people wearing masks, and you may see or hear news reports about vaccine mandates and vaccine passports, but it hasn’t reached your employer and you may not be personally affected … yet.

But, make no mistake, unless we all do our part to peacefully protest the changes being planned, write to our legislatures, and talk to our neighbors and friends, what is happening in New York, France, Germany and Israel, will soon be knocking on your front door.

(please download the pdf version of this story before it is deleted)

Last edited 18 days ago by Jacob

People need to archive the articles as soon as they go up:


Are we still getting mutations of a ‘virus’ that was never isolated? Ever since I stopped reading newspapers and stopped watching the TV, I’ve felt a lot less stressed.


Today and about 6 weeks back (Scotland) Measures to protect private tenants in Northern Ireland from eviction extended to 4 May 2022
it’s quite apparent what is being forecast.

Mask nazi double jabbed triple jabbed and the flu shotters must surely feel slightly robbed !?

I going to enjoy the discussions with them in the coming month!

97% effective

Last edited 18 days ago by ame

Lord Archers apprentice, we’ll say no more

Hermione Granger

My girl x

Hermione Granger

what Virus i still CANNOT find any evidence of anyone who has. The SARS 2 isolate in their labs. No one has it. But loads of scientists some interviewed by reiner Fuellmich saying its a bio weapon only patented as such since 1999

Last edited 18 days ago by Hermione Granger

well I am shocked,


Tony K

What wiki says about this horrible cvnt.

And that’s the best wiki can do, even though they’re CIA.

If that’s 1% of what the cvnt is admittedly responsible for, then we can only imagine the true depth of the demon’s atrocities.

Take him out folks.

Tony K

Remove the cvnt’s head with a dull razor blade.


Oh what a surprise, none of us saw that coming did we?! This is to push the booster jab and of course to destroy even more small and medium sized businesses. Sadly most will comply if it happens.

Urban fox

Absolutely. By the way, I have left you a private message.


It’s going to be a very predictable winter, if nothing else.


Red Faced LIAR


I see a number of small businesses opening up based on food and I feel sorry for them as another full lockdown will shut them down.


The sheer amount of compliance to this insanity is what is enabling these evil psychopaths to continue with this never ending nightmare. We, the people run the World, we always have held the power, if we all said enough, it would end, and there is not a damn thing these fruit & nut cakes can do. Mass non-compliance is the only way forward, it’s peaceful and easy, all we have to do is say no.


last year it a circuit breaker then before that flatten the curve.! they may even do it on Halloween like they did last year whilst the full moon was rising

Alex Romero

These psychopaths are running riot and nobody is doing a thing to remove them. Insanity.


People have been programmed to view a psychopath as some raving madman with a gun or knife; not a calm politician or business leader.

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