UK Government Funds Vaccine Passport Firm Despite Saying There Were No Plans For Passports!

If you receive a Covid-19 vaccination this month and please God you won’t, chances are you’ll be offered a vaccination passport as part of a new trial. Yes, despite any number of government ministers claiming that there were no plans to introduce vaccine or health passports, Whitehall’s science and research funding agency Innovate UK has already pumped £75,000 into wait for it, trialling vaccine passports! Shock horror! Politicians lied!

According to the Daily Mail, and I checked myself of course, The passport, created by biometrics firm iProov and cybersecurity firm Mvine, will be issued as a free app and will allow users to prove digitally if they have had their first or second jab – or no jab at all. Hmmm…prove digitally eh? Methinks it’s likely that we’ll need to prove a lot by digital means in the very near future.

Last month Nadhim Zahawi, the recently appointed Secretary of State for Vaccine Deployment, acknowledged in an interview on SKY News, that it was very likely that businesses and venues, pubs, clubs and restaurants, would want to know a persons Covid status before admitting them. Zahawi isn’t the only one pushing that idea. It’s deliciously Dystopian isn’t it?
And it’s got so many possibilities! At least it does for those who would medicate us by way of coercion. I mean, it’s not going to stop with the coronavirus vaccine is it? Next winter, when they’re pushing the latest useless flu vaccine, who’s to say you won’t be asked for your vaccine passport to demonstrate you’ve had that?
I’m a 46 year old guy. I’m as fit as the proverbial fiddle. There’s more meat on a butchers pencil as it were. I’m 6ft 6ins tall and weigh 13st 12lbs. I have absolutely no intention of taking this or any other vaccine. Of course the more I look at the experimental mRNA vaccine, the more it doesn’t look like a vaccine at all.

The great Dr. Vernon Coleman has been documenting adverse reactions to the new Covid vaccines and they’re disturbingly easy to find. And if this is the first time you’ve ever read me, or you’re new to The Richie Allen Show, please look up Professor Dolores Cahill, a brilliant Irish academic, who has been looking into the vaccine and how it can potentially (I said potentially) cause the recipient serious harm.
My concert going days are over then. I’ll be honest, it saddens me greatly. My favourite thing to do is throw on a nice shirt and jeans, slap on a bit of aftershave and take my baby out on the town for dinner and a show. But those days are over, soon to be a distant memory. Unless of course, we find a way to put a stop to it all.

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Brilliant piece Richie


We will then create pubs, restaurants, cafes, shops etc. vaccine free venues. People will hug, dine, laugh with like minded people and enjoy a healthy life.

Nigel Fogarty

Great idea Perin, I remember when smoking in pubs was allowed , one pub in Salisbury banned smoking, and it was packed every night ,so you might be onto something there.

Jennifer Dainty

I won’t take the vaccine , I am 70and have been hospitalised with Covid . I also have asthma and allergies and carry an epipen . I really hope the allergies are enough to save me if it becomes mandatory

Rufus Middleton

Excellently put Richie and the new look of page is great. Looking forward to your report on legal challenges to Mask Nazis.

Stephen Parker

Stay positive Richie, hopefully your concert days are not over. I am like you, I enjoy my footie and concerts and also felt those days may be over, but listening to your interview with Peter Ebdon has given me a lot more positivity.
All the best.

nicholas fowler

Superb. journalism.. love the fact you’ve branched out like this, the show is beyond excellent and with UK column news and 21century wire is one of the few real journalism outlets we have left

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