UK Hosts First Ever Global Vaccine Confidence Summit Today

UK Vaccine Minister Nadhim Zahawi said yesterday that G7 countries should work together to fight vaccine misinformation. As part of its presidency of the G7, the UK is hosting the first ever Global Vaccine Confidence Summit.

Zahawi said that the summit would set ambitious goals to ensure that “trust in vaccines remains high.” Writing in the Independent yesterday, Zahawi claimed that:

“In our interconnected world, misinformation unfortunately now travels many times faster than the virus, with no respect for borders. Factual inaccuracies, scepticism, lies and full-blown conspiracy theories all undermine the trust necessary to step up and take the jab.”

Today’s summit will feature a host of speakers including World Health Organisation chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock and Anthony Fauci, the chief medical adviser to the US President.

Prof Heidi Larson, founded the Vaccine Confidence Project at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. She believes that building confidence in vaccines should be part of global efforts to prepare for future pandemics. Ahead of today’s summit she said:

“Now is the time to think about building foundational trust to support vaccine confidence for the future.”

Politicians and government advisers will spend much of today bemoaning vaccine misinformation, conspiracy theories, Bill Gates, microchips, nanotechnology and fertility.

It’s misdirection. Given the chance to interview UK Vaccine Minister Nadhim Zahawi at the Global Vaccine Confidence Summit, I would have one question for him and one question only.

“Minister, many of the world’s leading immunologists and virologists are saying that severe illness from Covid-19 is caused by the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein. Your experimental mRNA jab effectively encourages the body to produce the same spike protein.

These scientists believe therefore, that your injections will cause millions of people to become seriously ill due to antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE). This is also known as pathogenic priming. Why hasn’t this information been disclosed to the British public and why won’t you immediately suspend the roll-out of the jabs?”

That’s journalism. But of course I’ll never get within a mile of Nadhim Zahawi. Shame that.

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It isn’t just misinformation they need to address but also adverse reactions from having had the vaccine. Most if not all people I know who have had the Experimental Jab suffer quite bad reactions, from constant headaches to high temperature and some are unable to carry on with their daily routine. This is enough to make me suspect the poison jabs. What are they going to do if people really start dying in large numbers this autumn?


What they are going to do is to blame the deaths on a new variant and not the shot.


They’re getting desperate and are showing signs of cracking.


Maybe they played their hand to quick or did not account for the amount of people who have seen through the scam?


Richie nobody in their right mind would want to be in his proximity, he sheds evil vibes, do not know the creep, evil personified.


I met him at the Arab Chamber of Commerce in London when I attended a seminar on finance and did not get a good feeling about him. An air of superiority if I remember correctly.
The seminar was so boring that I kept dozing off and my mate / work colleague kept nudging me every couple of minutes to wake me up.

Last edited 11 days ago by Jacob

Saddam missed that one…sadly…. The only useful quote I can glean from Ronald Reagan was “trust, but varify”. watching people like Nick Handpenis, Blowjohnson and Zahawi makes me want to revise that maxim. I wouldn’t trust anyone from the House of Cretins as far as I could kick them.


Hear a clip from Tedros say there was no vaccine for global warming and how we must reduce carbon emissions by 40%.
My guess is this jab will help their cause a lot.


Thankfully there is a vaccination for people like him; it’s called execution; sadly, it may come to this in order to deter avoid this happening in the future.

Tony K

Ming the Merciless.


Bob Sinclar – World, Hold On

This beautiful song is so appropriate for where we are right now.


Straight out of event 201 script


That’s great that they are going to stop misinformation. So they’ll be shutting up the mainstream media, the CDC, the WHO, Gavi, Dr Fauci, Bill Gates and others, stopping the PCR testing, will stop lying on death certificates and will no longer be claiming that masks prevent the transmission of infection.

They’ll be suspending the vaccines and having a massive honest inquiry into what has really happened in the last 15 months. They’ll be bringing together the top doctors and scientists in the world, also nurses, health workers and researchers and independent journalists with many years experience and knowledge and of course they will stop all censorship to allow honest debate. If only.

Well I can dream. What they really want to stop of course is not misinformation but true information.

Last edited 12 days ago by Jennie
Urban fox

Well said Jennie,can’t argue with that.

Urban fox

This is a seminar on how to further the spread of propaganda And lies regarding vaccine safety.And how best to deal with those who tell the truth.May I suggest all the delegates are given a copy of a certain book.But C19 is not making anyone ill. It is not real.Never been isolated. Not one sampLe available anywhere in the world. And no need to falsify death certIficate for a real virus. And to further the point and as evidence of what yesterday’s guest was saying. Please Click on the link.


I have a friend whose brother works in the undertaking business here in Ireland and he says that the number of burials and cremations has not risen at all during this so called pandemic.

The only time I saw an increase locally was a sudden rise in the number of new graves in the local cemetery just after the roll out of the vaccines round here which I thought was a strange coincidence.

Urban fox

And if you subtract care home murders,extra deaths from cancer,heart attacks and suicide. Total figures must be well below average.But I fear that is going to seriously change with vaccine deaths. Which will be blamed on more phantom plague.


Absolutely, vaccine deaths will be yet another covid variant.


Yes ” care home murders “, that is what it was and will be this coming winter, yet a lot of people refuse to see it, where does handjobs mother live ?, should we not show her some care home love, after all it’s nice to be nice, sick of talking and useless marches, talk to them in the only language they understand.


Watched a video by a undertaker in Canada who said the exact same thing Jennie, and all the other people in that line of work said the same, no excess cremations or burials, basically called out the Canadian government as liars.


Same lies everywhere. If I could find somewhere to be free I’d be off tomorrow.


I was day dreaming today and looked at properties in the Greek Islands – bliss for half an hour 🙂


So true fox, fecking sick of people saying ” oh i am not anti vaccine’ but “, total B.S., anti vax I be and proud of it, prove to me they work, I might change my mind, until then, no thanks.

Urban fox

Thanks Martin. Richie seems to be believing the escaped virus take now. This is obviously bollocks. He was saying so himself befor. Don’t get it? Evidence very clear, no Virus! Wuhan lab is cover story,just like David said


Agree fox, just my opinion, and one you seem to share, no new virus, U.K., Canada, U,S., and more countries response’s to F.O.I. requests, have you, could you show proof of the novel covid 19 virus, they don’t have it, how much clearer does it have to be, they cannot prove it exists, they have no proof, which should lead anyone with half a brain to conclude, maybe it does not exist.

Urban fox

Since Xmas new year, my mantra has been, ” the numbers tell the real story” The total death stats when comparing 2020 to previous years were all published. I watched David and Alex Jones go through them on camera. Then we have total disappearance of flue. And now all the stats are being published from undertakers. Did you see Devon and Birmingham figures. On link I posted.


Never seen figure’s fox, is the link on this thread, is it mortality all year ?.

Urban fox

They are the numbers of burials and cremations.I response to freedom of information requests. There are dozens due to be published. Link is on my post on this page. Have quick look.


will have a look, cheers.

Urban fox

It is true for many years they have talked about possibly releasing a virus. It was mentioned in the ” illuminate protocols ” But you have to look at current evidence,as was telling my friend. Why release a virus,that is clearly not killing anyone?. The wepon is the vaccine,not the virus. Add to that the lock downs and face And the damage is done.


big pharma is the virus, there are no fecking viruses, aids ?, remember that, much the same script.

Urban fox

Re member well,was there. they were wanting healthy people to get tested. Then giving them drugs which killed them.

Urban fox

Face mask,should read.


Love Richie fox, but like a lot of other people who are up there to be shot down, unlike us to be fair, they go by the ” oh I am not anti vaxx “, it’s a cover in a way, feck knows they might believe it, but if they don’t, stop fucking saying it, anti vaxx and proud me, fuck them.

Urban fox

Just been advert on radio. Holiday company said only people who have both vaccines welcome. Charming!


I can’t even get a hairdresser to do my hair including my regular one because I can’t wear a mask, even though I have an official exemption.

Urban fox

Near the very beginning of this. When I thought maybe was real. ( though never agreed with any of the measures,as knew was an agenda) I tried putting a bandana on my face briefly in a shop. This was before Vernon and David started printing the truth regarding them. Within couple of minutes my nose was streaming and I was touching my face. And I realised with my own common sense. That,all it was doing was spreading germs around.And that was the end of it. I to have been cutting my own hair,with various degrees of success. I haven’t traveled anywhere since began and don’t drive. So not had that to face yet. Been challenged once in shop by customer,big argument. And in 2 banks. You are doing the right thing.Be maskless and proud.


Thanks for the reply. I’m the same I don’t drive which never mattered until all this started.

Even if masks worked you’d only have to stand for 10 mins on the corner of the street and watch how people use them to see that they would be no use at all. Notice they never give instructions about how they should be used because they aren’t about health but about compliance.

Haven’t tried to cut my own hair yet but it will probably come to that.

Anyway thanks for responding, hope things aren’t too bad for you.


In other words, after this summit we can expect more censorship and probably changes to the online communications acts across multiple nations.


Spot on.


Bill c 10 in Canada gives gov control over the internet. Who can guess how long that’s been in the pipe for?


Surprise me. How long?


‘Tonight on the BBC, Richie Allen interviews Nadim Zahawi’.
I’d tune in for that. It would be the most entertaining thing on the Beeb for years.


Just look at the guest list of the names attending, you really couldn’t get a more shifty and disreputable bunch. A conference of pseudo medical grifters out to make a fast buck on the side as the masterplan unfolds. They should have held the conference in Berlin at the beautiful suburb of Wannsee just like they did in 1942. The rather splendid house by the lake still exists.

Mark Griff

If they want to stop the spread of ‘misinformation’ they should have a live debate with the top experts from both camps. I’d pay good money to see Kaufman/Yeadon etc VS Whitty/Vallance


Interesting but disturbing article. These so called elites really do think they are so superior to the rest of us, not that they’d know because they only mix with each other. Ryan Christian (The Last American Vagabond) reported that a whistleblower from Davos has said that they refer to humanity (apart from themselves) as rats and they say that they have to have all the power or the rats will get it. Charming bunch aren’t they?


Or ‘useless eaters’ Jennie.
A charming bunch indeed.


No surprise as far as i’m concerned, they want us and our children gone, in no way directed at you Jennie, but some people on this platform still say violence or any kind of uprising is not the way !, well tell what is the way, they are cowards, take it to them in a lot of ways, hancock, whitty, johnson, the rat ferguson, are these people men ?, how many of the guys on here would say they would go for a beer with any of these wretches, they are wimps and cowards who have murdered our old people, terrorised our young, and laugh at us, given the chance I would fucking kill any of these satanic scumbags.


I understand how you feel but violence can lead to something even worse as happened in France, China, Russia etc. Non compliance is the answer but how on earth we are going to get that I can’t imagine.

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