UK Police Forces Preparing For “Summer Of Disorder”

Every police force in England and Wales has been ordered to gather intelligence on groups that may be planning protests in the coming weeks, according to The Times. The order, which comes from The Home Office, was prompted by the riot in Bristol on Sunday evening.

The government confirmed yesterday, that the temporary ban on protests, which was brought in to stop the spread of coronavirus, will be lifted on Monday. As a result of this, The Home Office is expecting a surge in protests around the country.

Police sources told The Times, that warmer weather, a growing resentment towards the police and proposed new laws that would restrict protests, will create a “wave of trouble.”

Police believe that more protests are planned for Bristol and London. Tensions are high in Brighton too. Speaking to The BBC, Clifford Stott, who chairs a sub-group of the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage) which advises the government on security threats said:

“The next few weeks will be the most challenging of the pandemic. The warmer weather, the duration of the lockdown, increasing dissatisfaction among sections of the community about the imposing of control measures will all feed into situations where public assembly is going to be more likely.”

Following the events in Bristol, The Home Office told all police forces in England and Wales to gather information on planned protests in their area.

The government wants to impose severe restrictions on protests and hand unprecedented powers to police forces to enable them to shut them down.

The Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill, if it passes, would allow the police,

  • Impose a start and finish time
  • Set noise limits
  • Apply these rules to a demonstration by just one person

It will also be a crime (if the bill passes), to fail to follow restrictions the protesters “ought” to have known about, even if they haven’t received a direct order from an officer.

Mercifully, the Labour Party has indicated that it will vote against the bill. Tory backbenchers have said they’ll rebel and vote against it too.




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And how it’s done:

Now spice it up with 5G and ‘biometric health passports’ that the sheeple people are only too happy to flock to!!

Hey presto!!

“Full spectrum dominance”

We got you Suckas!!!



and we now own you too…



Here’s a thing for lockdown train and plane spotters or interested parties to do, *1) next time you see a Police car take the reg Number and when you get home, do a search on the Gov’s MOT History site. A point is awarded for every month that the vehicle is out of MOT, ie upto one month =1pt, 1 to 2months = 2pts. Month = the calender Month since the expiry of the MOT, for an example if it includes the Month of February even though it only has 28 days it counts.

*1) I may have over-thought this.

Last edited 1 year ago by sven
Caroline Fealy

I am pretty sure they already have been doing this. On Saturday in London we went to the protest in Piccadilly the police were filming the marchers of which there were only about 100 this crowd were in my opinion very rowdy firing fireworks and there were much more police there than the march we joined in Oxford street. I think the Piccadilly one was a set up.

Last edited 1 year ago by Caroline Fealy

That’s incorrect Caroline. I was there photographing the march and I nearly got taken out by the police sergeant throwing the bike across the road who was in an obvious rage. 

The march went from Oxford St to Chancery Lane, Embankment, Whitehall, The Mall, through Green Park and then on to Piccadilly. There was a heavy police presence in Piccadilly and the TSG were racing through in their vans, stopping and starting and being generally intimidating. 

When they got to the Eros statue they rushed the crowd and the speakers on loudhailers on Eros to attempt to disperse them but with little effect. They all got called back to their vans by the same sergeant who told them to run (with their tails between their legs I might add) and the crowd that witnessed their antics jeered and booed them and stood in the road to prevent the vans from moving forward despite being nudged aggressively by the vans.

That’s when some of the senior officers got out of the vans and started pushing and threatening the crowd who in turn pushed back verbally, not physically. The police officers were clearly incensed and continued threatening people and pointing fingers out of their vans. 

It was tense but not riotous and I didn’t see or hear any fireworks but to be fair, I was dodging flying bikes at the time! 

I will say that overall the police were great on Saturday whilst in a difficult compromising position but the TSG were particularly aggressive, especially the higher ranking officers in the yellow and white hat in the attached pictures. Hope you can see them but I’m only able to upload one photo so I montaged them.

Freedom March Montage copy.jpg
Last edited 1 year ago by MadMax
Caroline Fealy

Sounds very intense MadMax. But this is what i saw.
As i said i think the Piccadilly one was nothing to do with the Oxford Street one. There was 2 very loud bangs there i do not have a camera or phone so i do not have any video or picture’s. ” people also got arrested there. But people on the side of the street were saying that they were actors. To me it was very different to the huge amount of peaceful people who walked up Oxford Street. In my opinion the one we saw going up Piccadilly was staged as the police was filming them and the uniform of the police was riot gear. Possibly to do with the new crime bill they are trying to put in place.
It was good to see so many people going up Oxford street. 🙂


How long, I wonder, before protestors against the government are categorised as ‘domestic terrorists’?
It’s just a thought, and may not happen; but if there is enough violent outbreaks in the coming months, I think there is a risk.


I thought we were already!


At the moment we’re just troublemakers and scum.

Tom Phillips

This comment is currently unavailable


I don’t get the reference to ‘Martin’.


Setting the anti establishment table against the general public is yet another step toward marshall law. We CANNOT stand still for this. The Metropolitan (Police) Collection agency is collusion with the government are engaged in a psyop that would make the CIA proud; they are placing (possibly police) agitators within the crowds in order to supply the behaviour they require to pass the directives and statutes they desire.

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