UK Radio Stations Have Been Embedded By The Establishment

The majority of the UK’s talk radio shows are fronted these days by men and women with direct ties to the establishment that they are supposed to be holding to account. You may have heard me discuss this on my radio show.

Journalists have been supplanted by current and former politicians, political aides and lobbyists. Tony Blair’s henchman Alistair Campbell has guest hosted Good Morning Britain twice. Nigel Farage has worked for LBC. He’s just been signed by GB News.

LBC has given radio shows to Jacob Rees-Mogg, Rachel Johnson and David Lammy. Iain Dale has tried and failed several times to win a seat for the Tories. He’s written several gushing tributes to his heroine Margaret Thatcher. Dale has a daily show on LBC. He’s not a journalist and he’s a wretched presenter. It matters not. He’s establishment to the bone.

I don’t know if anyone has ever complained to Ofcom, the UK’s broadcasting regulatory authority. It probably wouldn’t make any difference.

UK radio stations have been embedded by the establishment. It began with the broadcasting act of 1990. A year earlier, the EU issued a directive to member states that they should deregulate their broadcasting industries to promote competition.

The directive wasn’t issued to promote competition. Its aim was to destroy it. That might seem counterintuitive. After all, then Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher claimed that the act would lead to the opening of many new regional and commercial stations, ultimately leading to more choice and a greater diversity of opinion.

But the opposite happened. Inevitably, local radio stations which had been providing a vital public service for years, began to flounder. The creation of so many new radio stations led to a sharp decline in advertising revenues. The end was nigh for local radio and local news.

Before the broadcasting act of 1990, local/commercial radio was regulated by the Independent Broadcasting Authority. Broadcasting standards were exemplary across the board. The stations were usually run by local business people. Programmes were produced and presented to an exceptional standard. Local news, sport and community affairs were prioritised by these stations.

Thatcher’s broadcasting act replaced the Independent Broadcasting Authority with the Independent Television Commission and Radio Authority. This meant that technical standards and programme content were no longer being monitored. It also led to a rapid dumbing down of UK radio.

Simply put, local stations which had served their communities for decades were wiped out by deregulation. This was the purpose of the EU’s 1989 directive which led to Thatcher’s 1990 act. Hundreds of stations closed and were hoovered up by holding company’s and international media groups.

Today, two companies own the majority of commercial radio stations in the UK. Global and Bauer between them, control nearly 70% of all local commercial analogue radio stations and 60% of national commercial digital stations.

The establishment has embedded the media. There is no local radio now. Sure, Hallam FM in Sheffield (owned by Bauer) will cover Sheffield United, Sheffield Wednesday and Yorkshire cricket, but the majority of its output is homogenised.

It sounds identical to every other station owned by Bauer. It doesn’t prioritise the issues that are important to the people of Sheffield. It focuses primarily on national and international news.

None of the political party’s in this country attempted to stop it. The print media refused to report it. I don’t need to tell you why. It was a brilliant coup. They deregulated the market to destroy the radio stations of the day. The stations were swallowed up by the very corporations who lobbied the EU to do it.

Now they’re in the process of replacing journalists and presenters with current and former politicians, political aides and lobbyists. Every time I see a shill like Iain Dale, a Tory to the bone, interview a government minister, I have to pinch myself.

At least Dale never made it to Westminster. David Lammy is a sitting MP. If you’d said to me ten years ago, that a member of parliament would be presenting current affairs on national radio, I’d have told you where to get off.

You’ve got to hand it to them. It’s very clever.

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Anwen Appleby

I’ve got a theory about “like calls to like” with these radio presenters. A girl I knew at school LOVES the creature that is James O Brien. But this same girl was in the habit of sobbing in the sixth form common room, saying her boyfriend was trying to kill her. She would allow sympathetic people to say “Well, you better stop seeing him then.” She would then go running to her boyfriend and say ” This person says I should stop seeing you because you are not white”. This was a lie. She would then smirk and sit back and watch the boyfriend start abusing the sympathetic person for their racism. She put the boyfriend through hell, and also there were alot of people who were thought to be “Racists”, due to her carry on – when they weren’t racists at all.
She was so plausible that nobody ever really worked out what was going on.

She grew up to be a lawyer, a born again Christian, (?) and a great fan of James O Brien and people like him. Why? Well, they are cut from the same cloth aren’t they?


Is that a true story ? no fecker loves o’brien

Anwen Appleby

You’re missing the point. James O Brain-ache is a liar, a manipulator, a race-baiter, a man who enjoys the false accusation, and lacks integrity. People who also have those qualities, think he’s the bees knees. Why? Because at some level they know they are twisted, and, if some guy on the radio is twisted too, then that makes it ok.

Anwen Appleby

I used to listen to Nick Abbott, but the way he spoke to callers was so sinister. Gave me the creeps. Gave up on LBC.


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Scottish John

For years i would give LBC a listen on the weekends to keep up with what’s happening back home. Lately though it’s become unbearable. Two minutes of that dipshit David Bammy Lammy gives me the boak not to mention Ruth the bull dyke Davidson. Last but not least, how the hell do they justify having a sitting prime minister’s sister as a host.Let’s not forget the callers, some of them sound as dumbed down as Amerrykans.

Anwen Appleby

I think they have a team of paid-actors-fake-callers.


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Welsh Gregg

i did my work experience in 1995/6 for the Free Press in pontypool and had an article published. That died around 2000. The local rag now is released by the council.


I find all council publications are nothing more than self-congratulatory self-promoting firelighters. A waste of resources reminding you not to waste resources!!

Anwen Appleby

Spot on Brenda


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Marty Hopkirk

Couldn’t agree more and it’s one of the main reasons I can’t stand listening to the radio these days.

The Broadcasting Act and the deregulation that followed gradually destroyed commercial radio in this country and allowed vast swathes of stations to be swallowed up by a small handful of multinational corporations.

Stations like Hallam (Sheffield) and Radio City (Liverpool) are nothing more than soulless ‘pop & prattle’ stations that bare little or no relevance to the cities and communities they were set up to represent in the first place.


Any free thinker is not welcome in the mainstream, My local station was great up until the “Better music mix” arrived about 1996 and thereafter it was nothing but an empty shell of a station. My favourite show at the time played “Panic” by The Smiths on their last show and said it was the most appropiate song.


How bad is a lie? My step-father was a fair man. I can count my whuppins on one hand. Two of them were for lying to him. As you might understand, I have a reflexive dislike for lies and liars. I simply cannot listen to MSM. It makes me want to hit people. I do my best to ignore politicians for the very same reason. Oddly enough, at the end of the bible in the very last book, one of the things that God warns against is lying.

Karen nicholl

I cannot believe the way James Whale treats his callers what an absolute tosser. Shocking. Total ignorant condescending bellend. Grrrrrrrr made me cross!


Whats the point of the interview when they are both lying politicians ??
They make my skin CRAWL

Jane Edmonds

Utterly saddened that I can no longer listen to Radio though my beloved Roberts Radio. May seem trivial to some but important to me! Indoors I can listen to Richie Allen and if I want music, English909, the Freedom music station free from awful propaganda adds, at least that is a start….

Colin G

try tune in app its free and no propaganda and any genre you want to listen to is there

Jane Edmonds

Thanks but I don’t really do apps, I have Telegram on my desktop PC but other than that I am app free really, nothing on my phone…


Many Roberts Radio’s are also internet radios so you could listen no problem via internet streaming or podcast. Despite there classic appearance (and rather expensive price) they do make some capable devices.

Jane Edmonds

I received a new Digital Roberts Radio for Christmas, must try that but sadly won’t get internet outside, we live in rural Somerset but will see how I go with finding stations indoors, thank you..

Richard Dean

We have a Roberts radio with Bluetooth, which connects to the smartphone for a better sound.

Jane Edmonds

Thanks, I have ditched my smart phone!…..

Urban fox

Regarding you mentioning notifications.

To get notifications of reply’s. If you are using a big screen ,across the top you will see my page tab. On a small screen you will see some lines which is a drop down menu. And again you will see my page. Click on the tab. And you will see a circle with a number inside it. This is your total messages since been on the site. Click on that, and a list of your reply’s comes up. Click on the one you want. And you will be taken directly to the reply.


I agree but I’d much rather have tory twats than those kiddie fiddling radio 1 D.J.s of the 70’s.

Last edited 1 year ago by Abdel
Anwen Appleby

Steady on. Tony Blackburn has not been accused/convicted/investigated of any crime as far as I know.

Tony K

If you don’t know that James o fvckwit is one of the top brass at 77, I don’t know what to tell you.


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Tony K

Everything he’s ever said, or promoted, would be a start.

It’s all there if you can read between lines.

Who owns LBC?

I know.

JOB is well above SAGE and NERVTAG.

Tony K

JOB is the organ grinder. LBC is the monkey.


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Tony K

We’re in the post truth era, as you well know.
If you walk down the street with your mate, point out a tree, and he asks for proof, what do you say? If you point up at the sky on a beautiful clear day and comment that the sky is really blue today, and he asks if you can prove it; what do you say?

Understand yourself, understand what’s happening, and plan for yourself and your family.

Anwen Appleby

We are in a post truth era. I was watching re-runs of the sitcom “Friends” during lockdown, and it was fascinating to see that at the start of the series, they were truthful to each other, but as time went on, each episode was full of them telling lies to each other.


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I used to love my local radio station, stopped listening when Heart took over. Mind you, it had Cesar the Boogeyman and Barry Bethell, so my judgement probably wasn’t that good 😄


Absolutely spot on about local radio. I find it difficult to listen to radio now. Got round to cancelling my TV licence should’ve done ages ago. Great show last night thought your interview with Kate Shermiani was robust but fair, you definitely had to call her out on the things you did . Will check out James Perloff. Really enjoy listening to the show and the variety of guests.

Urban fox

Hi, i did some research a couple of years ago. And there are only a handful of successful prosecutions every year. And all of them were cases where a television could be seen turned on through a window. Or where someone answered the door and either let them in, or got into an argument and admitted they didn’t have one. And basically said ,come on then what you gonna do.

I don’t believe the concept of the license is ethical, even before the covid propaganda.

If you fill in an exception form. And get creative with what you put on it. Then you are exempt for 2 years as well. Not that the urban fox would ever advocate breaking the law of course. So I’m only speaking hypothetically..

Urban fox

Just one more point. Hypothetically again. You could let it lapse, wait till you have received a couple of letters off them, And then they will ask if you want an exemption form. That way it looks genuine. But of course i could never advocate such a thing.


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Ronald Templeman

Good article Richie, they may be quite clever but only because the general public at large as now were asleep, I just can not get my head round how so many have just rolled over.

We have not watched main stream television for more than a year now and rarely news many years before that. Stopped listening to any radio stations long ago and it was great to find the BBG as there was so much crap out there well before covid. Just received my letter from the BBC and told I will get a visit, as I don’t have a licence and I am looking forward to a nice little chat on the doorstep about the crap the BBC turns out.

I was really pleased that Kate Shemirani was given a chance to give her side of things and lets face it, Doris and his lot, SAGE and their lot plus all the Doctors and nurses that go along with sending the old on their way sooner than later, plus injecting people who do not have a clew what they are being given, need to be tried for crimes against humanity in my book.


So why are you here?


Excellent dissection Richie. Then Big Tech got heavily invested in Big Pharma and both bought off any independence from any MSM, knowing prior scamdemics had been busted by investigative journos priorly, so they could not allow that this time, in their push for End Game!


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Richie, I was cringing at the start of the Shemirani chat. Then I was shouting “Go on Richie” towards the end!

Yes you gave her a hard time, but then shes said some questionable things in the past, you called her out, you wasn’t rude, you let her give her account. I’m not sure how it could have gone better. So I call that a professional job done, I did chuckle at the LACK of “you’ll have to come on again some time, please do keep in touch” though I must admit.

Box ticked, keep doing what youre doing I say!

Urban fox

Yesterdays show


Good to hear Kate Shepirani on yesterdays show. I still like her and thinks she makes some good points
.Regarding no evidence of covid. I don’t believe this is speculation. I know I’m a stuck record but, as i keep saying “the numbers tell the whole story”. Meaning i believe that the statistics regarding excess deaths etc. ,show there can not be any new virus, even before anything else is considered .Also almost every country in the world now, has had requests for evidence, samples etc. of covid 19. At least 2 country’s have come out and said there is non. And every other country, has either said “we cant produce any samples there are non to hand.” Or ” that information is not in the public interest.” So i know what i believe.

And regarding 5G, i would also say i don’t believe conjecture either. In as much as there is ample evidence regarding the harm of all electro magnetic radiation. And also evidence that mild radiation poisoning causes symptoms identical to the flue.

I also think it is important for people to say what they believe regardless of what people may think. Just like David Icke has done for 30 years.

Does she have an ego and see herself as a crusader. Absolutely! Just like David and all the others. How can they possibly do what they do, without that being the case. Quite wall flowers are not going to end this tyranny. If it wasn’t for these people who spoke on Saturday and were able to draw crowds of thousands. Then we truly would be finished, as there would be no movement.

So i say, thank God for big egos and crusaders everywhere.


This comment is currently unavailable

Anwen Appleby

The are master-manipulators out there.

If you want to discredit a movement that threatens to expose wrong-doing, then the best thing to do is plant a “leader” of that movement, who can influence people away from the truth of what the movement stands for.
It’s been done before.
They planted a character called “Anne Atkins” but that’s a whole other story.


This comment is currently unavailable

Urban fox

Hi Ame, From getting pinged. Yes good point.


Do you actually get a text message or does the app just pop up a message?

“Congratulations you have Covid. You must now isolate for 10 ten days and immediately transfer all of the money in your bank account(s) to Boris Johnson c/o Coutts Bank, 440 Strand, London, WC2. Remember to Protect the NHS and save lives”

Last edited 1 year ago by Mark

The data of others exposed, could you possibly redirect these funds just as readily??

Seriously I have felt for a number of years that government has their own teams in boiler rooms to screw people over. How many are currently catfishing for similar siphoning of their citizens’ finances? Only an unproven theory but if I was of their mindset it is exactly what I would organise.

Governments in organised crime – how novel lol!!!

Jane Edmonds

Yes, I agree!

Urban fox

Hi Jane. Thanks glad some one does. The thing is, David,Vernon,Pierce,Gareth etc ,have all at one time or another said similar things. So people then have to consider, where would we be without these people. Whether one agrees with everything they say or not. The answer, the point i was trying to make. Is there would be no movement. Most people in Trafalgar square must have known what they were gonna get. And yet the square was packed to capacity. I know as i was standing in the middle all day. And when it started 1 pm. I got there bang on time for the first time in my life. It was only about a third full. And i could easily move around. By 2pm 2.30 i could not move at all. I could have done if i had said excuse me, i have to get to my friend. As it was the politest crowd iv ever been in. And it was like that till the end. Shepy was comparing ,as she has before, introducing the guests. The reason she is doing that, is because she is dam good at getting the crowd going. She has natural talent for it. She did her main speech about half way through and got big applause as everyone did. And no one went home in disgust. If you take what Richie has been saying to its natural conclusion, then David Icke would not have been at the event. Iv thought about this a lot. Where would we be if David had held back from what he believed the last 30 years.
I think March 2020 no one at all almost. Would have even raised an eyebrow. As before David kicked off around 1990 there was no conspiracy movement, exposing these things. And yet look how accurate he has been. Nearly all the stuff people are now looking at, was kicked off by him. So i think it is a bit late, to be saying David should not say this ,and should be careful not to say that. The horse bolted long ago. People should ,speak what they believe, as should Shepy.

Anwen Appleby

Just because a person “sees” themself as a crusader, it doesn’t mean that they are. Part of Narcissistic Personality Disorder is something called “Grandiosity”.

Urban fox

All of these different ,so called disorders, are just labels put on things. In order to prescribe people more brain damaging psychotropic drugs. And make everyone think they are mad.

I stand by every word i said. Without David Icke, non of the truth about what’s been going on behind the sceans the last 30 years would ever have come out at all. Including the truth about covid. And without all of these people including Shepy, Icke etc ,that some people seem to love to slag off, and try and put down, there would be no worthwhile resistance movement at all. And regards the nonsense I hear about controversial figures splitting the movement. They are the movement! The only ones causing damage to any movement, are the people that keep attempting to pull down and undermine these well known figures. And the medical staff and scientists, who are so up there own backsides and so arrogant, that they want to organize separate small rally’s. And refuse to appear or attend rally’s with the likes of Icke and Shepy. As they think they are to good.

But if you think you can put on a rally, that will pack out Trafalgar Square and inspire 30 000 people, please don’t let me stop you.

Anwen Appleby

Is it really about putting in a rally that reaches 30,000 people?

Or is it about the right to evaluate a person and say “Hmm… something about you does not add up”

Urban Fox, you appear to object to this basic human right, to use instinct, to listen, to observe and then to reject if need be.

I don’t think you’re on to a winner there.
Even dogs and cats regard each other,( and also humans they don’t know,) with their instincts, observations and they certainly reject the wrong-uns.

I do think that Shepy came over as a person who suffers from Narcisstic Personality Disorder, with religious gradiosity.
I do think that she is highly manipulative.

And I also think that such people can ALSO be charismatic enough to hold the attention of a crowd – especially if they have been trained in NLP persusion techniques. I believe she has been trained in NLP. She ticked all the boxes in her interview with Richie Allen. First attempt to dominate, second appear to acquiese, third, appear to be full of humility, fourth, set up your own ” legend” status for the listener.

Oh she’s been trained all right.

Lastly, I am pretty sure that she is a member of the Charismatic movement, and they are trained in the art of deception/manipulation – because Charismania is well documented as the instigator of many crimes that involve grooming and abuse.
Abuse that is sexual, financial, spiritual and emotional.
They are a dangerous group of people and they always excuse their carry on with the words “I’m a Christian”.
In reality, the charismatic movement is a self-worship occult inspired idea, based on “Getting God to do what we want Him to do for us.”
Just because she believes she’s on a mission from God – just because 30,000 who listen to her believe it – just because you believe it…. does not make it the truth.


I wish people would boycott MSM media.


This comment is currently unavailable


Still a good way to vent for me – saves me from doing the proverbial to my 2 cats…..sometimes they join in!!

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