Un-Jabbed Players Have Officially Been Banned From Australian Open

Tennis players who have refused a covid-19 jab will not be allowed enter the forthcoming Australian Open tournament. According to BBC Online this morning:

Unvaccinated players will not be allowed to compete at the 2022 Australian Open, says tournament director Craig Tiley.

There had been confusion over the issue in recent months with contradictory statements from leading Australian politicians.

Defending men’s champion Novak Djokovic has said he does not want to publicly reveal his vaccination status.

“Novak knows he will have to be vaccinated to play,” Tiley said.

“We would love to have him here.”

Tiley also confirmed that the tournament, which runs from 17-30 January in Melbourne, would be played in front of capacity crowds.

According to the ATP Tour, 80 of the top 100 men’s players have now been vaccinated against Covid-19. The WTA, which governs the women’s game, has yet to release the figures.

Every player, whether vaccinated or not, should now withdraw from the tournament to support their fellow competitors right to bodily autonomy, but also to stand up to tyranny. I won’t hold my breath though.

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Richard Dean

This will merely condemn the 2022 event, like all others suffering political interference, to the Asterisked Australian Open. I agree with Richie – a mass player & sponsor boycott is in order.


Let’s hope the public don’t turn up to watch too.


It wont be much of a party without the guest of honour,


Just heard Fred Perry has said he will not be competing, but he might send some merchandise.


Wonder if any of the ‘Experimental Gene therapy test subjects’ will keel over whilst paying?

Christopher Young@X_YankSweden

I ‘requested’ a…deletion of my account here.
Appears to be totally a…big waste of my time.


You alright Chris. For what it’s worth I love you brother, what’s up.

Aldo Bennedetti

It renders the Open as void on a sportsmanship level as the winner never competed amongst the entire spreadsheet of his peers.

The winner is not the best of the best upon said victory.

Simply a vaccinated placeholder winner until all 100 compete again.


An interesting article from Paul Craig Roberts.

Novak gets referenced.

I find it interesting that he mentions there are reports of cancer cases exploding.

This is something I’ve recently learned of from someone who is injected.


Last edited 16 days ago by Gerry

A little bit more on the cancer explosion issue.
Yes , there is some conspiratorial theory here.. but is it all that theoretical when considering all that has gone before now?? 🤔



It is worth considering that cancer cases may only be perceived as exploding because they have not been addressed properly for nearly two years.


Agreed. But that article is discussing another theory entirely, so equally as viable.


It doesn’t need a nuclear bomb, either (though that should not be entirely ruled out). The acknowledged skin and lymph cancer risk of 5G will do the job far more effectively while simultaneously allowing denial.


Excellent point Craig.

I’d forgotten about that.


TheHighWire had a section on this yopic a few weeks ago.


Multiple sources in The HighWire’s network of Frontline Physicians, have reported an alarming uptick in aggressive cancers post-Covid vaccination. Could there be a link? Pathologist Ryan Cole, MD, discusses the available science and his lab’s findings.



Cheers Jake.
I shall be going to this link next!


I just watched it again and it explains the increase in Cancer issues very well.
A family friend last week passed away from Cancer and I have been wondering if they had got had gotten “Jabbed”?


Would you believe, I haven’t gotten to it yet Jake, so thanks a million for giving me another reminder!

I shall watch it today..

Meanwhile, may I recommend you watch this next (Chris posted it this morning in the Medazolam thread!!)

It’s simply a must watch/share, for I believe it has real potential for ending the entire global deception once and for all!!

Cheers J…

And “Let’s go Brandon!!”



I wonder what will happen when they put all these smart meters in place.


They just help with stitching up the smart grid Jennie.

“Full spectrum dominance”

All of this and I mean “”ALL OF THIS”” is about achieving this full spectrum dominance..

And they won’t stop with smart meters, smart phones and smart tech..

The ultimate goal of this dominance will be to control and manipulate our thoughts and the very essence of our souls through “direct” brain computer interfacing…

They can do this now..

So… How might they get this technology into every man woman and child on the planet without their knowledge or consent???


Think very seriously about this one!



They will find a way to do it, if they haven’t already, through food, water and the air we breathe I’m sure.

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