Uni Launches Project To Help Students Cope With Climate Anxiety

The University of East Anglia has launched a project that aims to help students cope with rising climate anxiety. Students told reporters at the launch that they feel “hopelessness anger and despair” about climate change.

According to the BBC:

They worry how they will live in a world with an unpredictable climate and the destruction of nature.

On Thursday a new survey found that 45% of UK students worry about climate change once a week or more.

Literature student Meg Watts, 22, said that she had experienced depression after being overwhelmed by the scale of problems facing the planet. And she sought therapy after developing disordered eating when trying to cut out food packaged with plastic.

The new programme was developed with mental health charity Norfolk and Waveney Mind, who realised young people were coming for counselling about their fears about climate change.

Common worries were about food security and whether or not to have children, explained Ruth Taylor from Mind. “Young people are trying to get ready for what is coming,” she suggests.

The project aims to address taboos around climate anxiety and give students the skills to manage their feelings. The organisers say it’s one of the first university projects in the UK to address the issue.

It includes a series of so-called climate cafes – an informal group session where people discuss their feelings – and an eight-week course that teaches students how to turn feelings of despair and anger into “hopeful action”.

But, temperature doesn’t follow Co2. Co2 follows changes in temperature. The sun is responsible for temperature changes on Earth.

This is irrefutable and also the reason why none of the IPPC climate change models even mention the sun.

Are students aware of this? Apparently not.

What a psyop. If it’s true that students believe that procreation is killing the planet and if it’s true that more and more of them need counselling to prepare them for what is to come, then what a psyop.



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Steven James

First thing in the morning I stick my head out the window.
If it’s raining I take a brolly with me 🤷🏻‍♂️
What’s climate anxious about that?.


GO AND GET A FCKING JOB YOU LAZY DEMENTED CNUTS These BRAINWASHED uni morons all think they can be rocket scientists or brain surgeons THERE IS NO CLIMATE CRISIS

Last edited 18 days ago by toney

They have been sold long list of lies. I believe in God and I am not worried. Even if they oceans raised a little, there would still be enough land to live on if we didn’t have one group trying to control everything and, if people would cooperate with each other instead of beating the hell out of each other.


It’s no wonder they get so depressed. They are fretting about things they have absolutely no control over.
It’s a good job Big Pharma, with their environmentally toxic crap, are there to save the day with drugs…


Yesterday I had a local Labour Party canvasser come to my door looking to drum up votes for an upcoming by-election.
He started with a local issue of potholes. Fair enough. His argument was deeply flawed and based on the usual finger pointing, but I let it slide.
Then he segued into bigger issues. How Putin is an evil aggressor like Hitler. How we have so much institutional racism. How we need to tackle misogyny.
And, inevitably, how we need to address climate change.

I haven’t had so much fun at a canvasser’s expense for years.
He was a nice enough chap, but his arguments were the usual kind of stupid and hardly the kind of thing to get my vote.


Raise Your Voice Not The Sea Level, make it known that Saudi princes are buying up other countries beaches so they can build folly’s off shore to bring in even more money at any cost to others so long as it’s not them. Or Andrew Prince, liking a bit of paedophile on the side because it’s somebody else’s life and he is a prince of pleasure like all fake royalties so these human beings should be proud they have been with a prince, a god king in the making. The salary is mightier than the truth.

As far as I am concerned the salary is mightier than the truth and so the truth is almost dead, in a land of gold, while most people do what they always do, nothing. They hope for a leader to do it for them, then criticise because it soon turns into something they don’t want as people are fickle and only want to be led. You can’t please all the people all of the time, perhaps that is the real issue. All those with leader potential all say to themselves, why bother helping anyone when they won’t even help themselves. I might as well make myself into a king it’s a lot less hassle and then we end up with a game of thrones. Which by the way was just a creative compilation of our past history of mass industrial murder for the position of king in a pile of shit, how depressing. Remember the Night King wasn’t human, I am just saying, to remind those who seen it.

Then perhaps we could create a decentralised block chain to make a voting system that has security which cannot be cheated with any ease and highly likely not at all but you must declare your identity to make sure we all know who, what, why, when, where and how. Then if you do something you shouldn’t, everybody else can know about it too. Yes lets force honesty on ourselves then we won’t be able to lie and get away with it so will not have any need for lies. Yes that is the real problem everybody wants the truth so long as it’s not their truth. Creative, imaginative human beings are very dangerous to everybody else because they are creative, imaginative human beings. The high sparrow might save you lets make the high sparrow king, ha, ha, fucking ha.

Last edited 18 days ago by Nev

Honesty’s the policy but nobody likes the truth.

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